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1756 days 4 hours ago
At the start of the season, all contestants will compete in a challenge to determine the teams. One or more players will not be selected for a team and be eliminated immediately.

Each round, both teams will select a Team Captain by a vote. If a contestant fails to vote for a Team Captain in any round, their team will receive a penalty in the challenge that week. A contestant cannot be selected for Team Captain in consecutive episodes, and players are allowed to vote for themselves.

Then both teams will compete in a challenge. The winning team will be granted safety for the episode, and their Team Captain will become the Paymaster. The losing team will be forced to vote three of their members into the Strongbox for potential elimination. Each team member can vote for up to three team members, but is required to vote for at least one (meaning you can vote for either 1-3 people each round). If a player fails to vote, they will receive 2 self-votes against them. Failure to vote in any three votes (team captain or elimination, doesn't matter) throughout the season will result in automatic ejection from the game.

The three people who receive the most votes will be up for elimination. It is the responsibility of the Paymaster to eliminate one of the three players up for elimination. Each episode will follow this pattern until a specific point in the game, where the teams will "merge".

When the teams merge, the format remains the same except for the aspect of Team Captains. Instead of a vote each episode for a captain, the person who comes in 1st place at the challenge will become Paymaster. Also, the player who comes in last at the challenge will become the Dead Last Loser. The Dead Last Loser will automatically be up for elimination that episode. Everyone but the Paymaster will vote for the other two players for the Strongbox (meaning the Dead Last Loser can still vote, and instead of having three possible votes each episode, all players will only have two).

Players eliminated after a specific point in the game will form a Jury. When only three contestants remain, the jury will vote to eliminate one of the Final Three from the competition. Then the Final Two will go head-to-head in a final challenge to determine the winner of the season.

-All votes throughout the season will be public.
-Challenges will be a mixture of live, non-live, and semi-live. Live challenges will happen at 6pm EST, unless otherwise stated by the host (24 hour notice of challenge times will always be given if there is a change).
-There will be twists throughout the season, such as but not limited to, team swaps, instant elimination at challenges, and double/triple eliminations. Be prepared to deal with them as they come.

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