Nat's Survivor 6: Bhutan

Congratulations to Bubba (Duffybutt11) - Winner of Nat's Survivor 5: Puerto Rico!

Welcome to Nat's Survivor Season Series

For the 6th season of Nat's Survivor we are traveling to the land of the takin, red rice and the Bhutanese. In a country that boarders India and China, and is known to have fought for their independence for over 100 years, it fits the perfect setting for our 18 castaways to do their share of battling. They will endure 39 days of Bhutanese jungles and fight for the title of Sole Survivor. Who will win and claim the prize? Find out in this season's of Nat's Survivor 6: Bhutan.

39 days
18 castaways
1 Survivor


#Bumthang (Yellow buffs) 7/7
- Bobbi S. (topazisqueen)
- Chris D. (IRandomal123)
- Isaac S. (Lassidoggy)
- Ismail A. (Walkerbait27)
- Jesse A. (Catwomen)
- Justin T. (BeastBoy)
- Rob G. (robulusjgreisonne)

#Dagana (Red Buffs) 6/7
- Ahmir R. (Ahmir99)
- Andie P. (Andie3Palmer)
- Brian A. (KOKidd)
- Max C. (maxcrosby2419)
- Will J. (WANJ)

18th - Daniel T. (Texty) 4-1-1 #Dagana
17th - Lynette B. (Lynette) (Medically Evacuated) #Mongar
16th - Seth O. (Survivorseth) 4-2 #Bumthang
15th - Jack W. (Libanz00) 3-1-1 #Monger
14th - Natalie V. (Zuelke) 6-1 #Dagana #Dagana
13th - Kylie B. (SummerRae101) 4-1-1 #Bumthang #Dagana

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