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Week 9: The Public's Choice

Open Poll. Anybody can vote


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  1. PoohSnap-89 votes cast-
  2. ParvatiSChance <3
  3. Caddenkindred and systrix queens
  4. wildboy12Chance
  5. cheritaisdeliciousChance <3
  6. Kelly2722Chance
  7. JamesluPissed***
  8. Jamesluvvvvvv someone’s plussed they got evicted LOOOOOL
  9. XxLoveWakizaxXKindred or sys need to go next , trifling ass hoes better watch their backs
  10. MudkipzFTWLike a LOT of these people but I’m gonna have to go with... My Mississippi Bro: Mo’Wanna
  11. BadGirlsClubfanwanna
  12. myielDone
  13. FireXEek nop your FAKE
  14. NopalitoLegend01Let’s go Sys!!
  15. woeismeI like 3 of them, but have to vote the one I'm closet to. (Kindreds) gl all !!
  16. Emmett4Took a chance on my boy chance
  17. WannaBeeFriendsLOL
  18. krissinDone
  19. turkeyloverVoted Kindred becasuse she's a baddie
  20. Kelly04122 queens on the right
  21. JasoiVoted Kindred becuase she was the sweetest person in this game :)
  22. Caddenvoted for kindred <3
  23. sportsgeek12Christian because I don't care for the other three
  24. PoohSnapVote for who you'd like to make the finals! The top vote-getter WILL be a finalist.

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