Winter BBUK 2018: Bad Blood


🔴⚔ Winter Big Brother UK 2018: Bad Blood ⚔🔴

**Meant for people who enjoy RPing and contributing to house dynamics-- while strategy comes into play, much of the game is for the fun, drama, and outrageous personalities.

Get ready for a winter of






This season, past histories will affect the game more than ever before!

This Big Brother UK will be full of never-before-seen twists that change the game, and interactive challenges that will bring the fireworks and drama to a boiling point.

Structured like the Channel 5 Big Brother in the United Kingdom. The PUBLIC will decide who goes (usually) and housemates will each nominate each other every week! The twists, however, may slightly alter the way that the game is played.

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Housemate #1: Madison (MadisonViolet312)
Housemate #2: Tris (TMAN54445)
Housemate #3: James (J2999)
Housemate #4: Rodrigo (rodrigueseve)
Housemate #5: Lorenzo (kingLiam)
Housemate #6: Yandere (Yandereboy12)
Housemate #7: Daphne (Jameslu)
Housemate #8: Praskovya (hellocat)
Housemate #9: Jayson (BrainJak)
Housemate #10: Kyle (RedsKanto)
Housemate #11: Chanelle (MIchelle990)
Housemate #12: Adelaide (adeleadele)
Housemate #13: Honey (honeybunch1)
Housemate #14: X (FireX)
Housemate #15: Aimee (Amnesia_)
Housemate #16: Megan (adamslater19)
Housemate #17: Emily (josiahsurvivor)

Unpicked Safety: Chanelle
Challenge #1 Winner: Team 3
MVPs: Aimee & Daphne
Challenge #2 Winner: Team 1
MVPs: Adelaide & X
Aimee's Double Cross: Megan
Daphne's Double Cross: Rodrigo
Adelaide's Double Cross: Praskovya
X's Double Cross: Kyle
Nominees: Megan, Rodrigo, Praskovya, & Kyle
Evicted: Rodrigo

Extra Nom Advantage: Adelaide
Nominees: Chanelle, Emily, & Madison
Evicted: Chanelle

Pt. 1
Double Cross Demons: Adelaide & Yandere
Evicted: Madison
Pt. 2
Nominees: Emily, Kyle, & Yandere
Evicted: Emily

Shopping Task Winner: Adelaide (chose Kyle to share reward)
Nominations Nullified: X & Yandere
Nominees: James & X
Evicted: James

Nominees: X & Yandere
Returning player: Emily
Evicted: X

Nominees: Lorenzo & Yandere
Evicted: Lorenzo

*Drink some nog and open some gifts*

Double Cross Power: Daphne
Double Crossed: Yandere
The Benevolent Ruler: Daphne
The Condemned: Praskovya & Yandere
Evicted: Yandere

Double Eviction Week
Face-to-Face Nominations
Nominees: Jayson, Kyle, Megan, & Tris
Pt. 1
Evicted: Jayson
Pt. 2
Remaining Nominees: Megan & Tris
Evicted: Tris [5-2]

Nominees: Adelaide & Praskovya
Evicted: Praskovya

WEEK 10:
Final Nominations (Face-to-Face)
Nominees: Adelaide, Daphne, & Honey
Evicted: Honey

WEEK 11:
Finalists: Adelaide, Aimee, Daphne, Emily, Kyle, & Megan
Sixth place: Emily
Fifth place: Megan
Fourth place: Aimee
Third place: Kyle
Runner-Up: Adelaide
Winner: Daphne

17th- Rodrigo (Evicted Day 2)
16th- Chanelle (Evicted Day 4)
15th- Madison (Evicted Day 4)
14th- James (Evicted Day 8)
13th- X (Evicted Day 10)
12th- Lorenzo (Evicted Day 12)
11th- Yandere (Evicted Day 16)
10th- Jayson (Evicted Day 18)
9th- Tris (Evicted Day 19)
8th- Praskovya (Evicted Day 21)
7th- Honey (Evicted Day 22)
6th- Emily (Evicted Day 24)
5th- Megan (Evicted Day 24)
4th- Aimee (Evicted Day 24)
3rd- Kyle (Evicted Day 24)
2nd- Adelaide (Runner-Up)
1st- Daphne (Winner)


~Season 1: Summer of Secrets~
Winner: Tom (solesurvivor11)
Runner-Up: Nicole (paul028)

~Season 2: Kingdom of Ice~
Winner: Kyle K. (kgamer2218)
Runner-Up: Nicole (paul028)

~Season 3: Code Red~
Winner: Scott (Piddu)
Runner-Up: Dylan (RavenWhiteFeather)

~Season 4: Fresh Meat~
Winner: Adelaide (adeleadele)
Runner-Up: Jayson (BrainJak)

~Season 5: Bad Blood~
Winner: Daphne (Jameslu)
Runner-Up: Adelaide (adeleadele)

Featured Players 16 playing

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