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What change would you most like to see in BBUK?

Open Poll. Anybody can vote


CHANGE 1: A jury deciding the winner

? %


CHANGE 2: Less people in the final

? %


CHANGE 3: A "duel" to determine the eviction after nominations are made instead of polls

? %



? %



? %



? %


  1. Amnesia_Change 1 and 3 tbh
  2. Yandereboy12Tbh number 1 is the best option but I do like the second option aswell
  3. FireXLauren stfu i just realized your whole reasoning is based on yo ass being bitter AF that you lost this season
  4. gumball221520#1 I choose<3
  5. gumball221520oof good question
  6. iichaoskimmy#4
  7. Jasoitbh number 2
  8. Jameslu#4
  9. Gay_Horse_#1 because then if someone made shit decisions and made tons of enemies but are carried by the public it's predictable that they're gonna win. The jury made friends inside the house and made enemies so I think it would be a total surprise on who would win. Less people in the final would be great too, let's say cutting it down to 3, I think, would bring in more voters because if people like two people out of the five, they might be indecisive and decide not to vote.
  10. adeleadeleI picked 4, i think that would make people play more strategically than just relying on spamming to win. Change 2 would be nice, like a final 3 or something!
  11. FireXFair enough. I mean i voted number 1 cause some ppl dont get a fair chance cause endgame is a poll and others get taken out cause they know the winner is decided by polls so ppl turn on them.
  12. PoohSnapI'm toying with changes, not saying any of these will happen but this is just what i've been considering
  13. FireXNone of the above BUT it seem like u want to change something so #1 i guees.
  14. PoohSnapI didn't include an all of the above so if that's your option just... comment it lol

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