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Week 9: Up for Eviction (VOTE to EVICT!)

Open Poll. Anybody can vote



As a former winner i expected this. I made it all the way here and went unnommed. Plz Evict Hellocat so i can stay and take down the snake duo of Daphne and Aimee <3




Expected as Much, I'm so happy to play this game but i can't believe i have been betrayed. but I'm forgiving. I would appreciate if you saved me. Expect TO leave but SAVE ME FOR THE KITTEN. GL QUEEN




  1. PoohSnap-176 votes cast-
  2. hellocatTEA XX :P GL Queen
  3. adeleadeleYes :( We were robbed, it was fun spamming against each other well its boring, but the drama :P
  4. hellocatwe spammed everyone on tengaged
  5. hellocati don't want on eof us to go :(
  6. adeleadeleThank you as well to everyone who voted me and also the silent voters <3 i think it will be close between both of us prask
  7. hellocatI think i've lost this battle
  8. hellocatThank you to everyone who voted me to stay in, i also would like to thank all the silent voters. Good luck my G xx
  9. hellocat-1600 votes cast-
  10. JacadeuxSaved Adele.
  11. LittleMixsaved the 1 that spammed me srry
  12. ItsAlexiaevicted adele!!:)
  13. Icarus_MarkDun
  14. noobsmoke13hellocat sent spam, sorry adele. I evicted ya
  15. SweetBlossomrose1Dun
  16. SpicoliVoted
  17. CodyyVoted
  18. jmctwinI just got spammed by both of them
  19. YoundAndRecklesssaved hello
  20. MoneyShotVoted but yall know who ;)
  21. koolness234saved hello
  22. gumball221520I vote to will find out :)
  23. 12375ivoted
  24. angkororvoted :)
  25. k4r4kvoted
  26. smuguy2012Evicted adele
  27. Paige54Saved Adele!
  28. adamslater19EVICT ADELE!!!!
  29. hellocatSAVE ME FOR THE KITTEN
  30. IMon THANK YOU!!
  31. IMonDONE
  32. RedsKantoSave Hellocat. She has a fucking kitten in her picture!
  33. ToxicPussysave hellocat
  34. Sloth_RomanEvicting hellocat xo
  35. DanielleDonatospammed to evict adele so i saved him
  36. Yandereboy12Evicted Adele cause haters gonna hate hate hate
  37. chris2peisaved my friend hellocat, gl! :)
  38. Jacko308hard, both are amazing friends. am going to go with hellocat because the comments are saying Adele.
  39. PencepenceEVICTED ADELE <3
  40. AntonBSaved Adele!! :D
  41. Cromatiquesaved adele
  42. Silver09Saved Adele Queen 馃憫
  43. SAWCHUK55Saved Adele
  44. NotNicky333saved adeleadele
  45. maturosaved adele since jonathan lipnicki and jameslu are spamming people to save him
  46. AlanDuncansaved adele
  47. woeismesaved adele
  48. SharonMaItemssaved adeleadele.
  49. Tailslover13Easily saved Cat.
  50. raiinbownersSaved adele
  51. Amnesia_Voted Adele
  52. C_Shizz96saved adele
  53. Catch_a_falling_starSaved Adele
  54. bigdizzleyomamaEvicted adele for spamming me
  55. PaulaDeensaved adele
  56. spikedcurleyEvicted hellocat
  57. sandym89adele
  58. JamesluVoted adeleadele x
  59. adamslater19Voted Adeleadele
  60. RedsKantoVoted Adeleadele
  61. Brandonh1Adele
  62. PoohSnapAdelaide (adeleadele) & Praskovya (hellocat) have been nominated by their housemates for eviction! Vote for who you鈥檇 like to LEAVE!

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