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Week 12: Up for Eviction (VOTE to EVICT!)

Open Poll. Anybody can vote



LMFAO I tried to get the numbers for a big plan for a pawn but a RAT had to spill the beans. I know I’m not surviving this poll, but it doesn’t matter because I was LOYAL and I actually tried despite laying low. GL Honey and Malachi! Stay pressed Nicole!



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I tried my best this season to get far. I never faced the public vote before so this is new for me. I survived a house vote so I hope that you can help me survive a public vote.

Gl Cam and Honey<3



  1. PoohSnap-45 votes cast-
  2. nojokewe a know honey is really sweet so save her for later
  3. RoseMariasaved honey
  4. adamgrantSaved honey
  5. Yonakasaved honey
  6. nojokesaved honey now
  7. TesterSavbed Cam and Honey
  8. JasoiVOTED!
  9. Gay_Horse_I voted Malachi. Soz bro, nothing personal.
  10. honeybunch1Ditzy Dizzy lmfao lmfao that suits your fat dumbass
  11. honeybunch1sleezy assed Bitch shut it
  12. honeybunch1i dont do crack but i suppose you do since you seem to know all about i
  13. honeybunch1look slut put a lid on it
  14. bigdizzleyomamaGo do fucking crack you simple whore
  15. honeybunch1fat ass Bitch
  16. honeybunch1dizzly shut the fuck up your a pain in the ass
  17. GrrrImABearVoted!
  18. bigdizzleyomamaGet honey out dumb ass bitch
  19. Jamesluhappily evicted Cam :)
  20. nojokehoney is only girl left I think she should be saved
  21. lhooper902976I even see a couple of life jackets on y'all . Now what was that word again? Oh right its floaters
  22. lhooper902976Watch a bunch of boring noms. Wish this was a triple eviction poll but, I guess one coward is making finals.
  23. paul028funny way of spelling SHEEP cam! Evicted.
  24. honeybunch1Baaaaa fucking follow the leader
  25. boicam77Maybe if you tried to contact me on Skype the story would be different but go off.
  26. honeybunch1i worked my ass off to be where i am while you two have basically done not a damn thing
  27. honeybunch1Malachi just a follow the leader sheep
  28. honeybunch1and havent done a damn thing on page whole game you dont deserve to be in Finals
  29. boicam77Lmfao okay there honey, weren’t you the one flip flopping?
  30. honeybunch1calling you out on that shit
  31. honeybunch1you not loyal to anybody but yoursel tell fucking lies on people
  32. PoohSnapThe TWO housemates with the most votes will be cut right before the final!
  33. PoohSnapThis is the FINAL nomset of the season, and it's a DOUBLE EVICTION! Cam, Honey, & Malachi have been nominated by their fellow housemates for eviction. Vote for who you'd like to LEAVE!

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