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Week 11: Vote for the Winner

Open Poll. Anybody can vote














  1. PoohSnap-264 votes cast-
  2. KrissteaJames :-)
  3. FireXYea i am not spamming for anyone here... But i did vote jameslu.... Bish your lucky we so close. Anyway GL everyone and Grats on finals
  4. Vlad21James asked
  5. MitoJames
  6. Mattegg
  7. Minieakshar
  8. Monaguillo_1jameslu win
  9. PencepenceJames she spammed first
  10. ryan5676voted adele
  11. onemanarmyvoted RedsKanto
  12. RedsKantoMe when i just spammed NikoTime lmao
  13. NikoTimeVoted James
  14. RedsKantoAnd everyone knows about my rivalries with X and Lorenzo!
  15. RedsKantoThat was Nicole and Chanelle i thought this whole time
  16. Yandereboy12I didn't lmfao
  17. JamesluYes lets spill the tea Yandere!
  19. Yandereboy12Me and Daphne spilling tea also it be Aimee or Megan
  20. RedsKantoI didnt know you had a rivalry with Chanelle. But it makes sense you didnt know about lorenzo because you didnt really pay attention in that game
  21. JamesluKyle legit no one remember who your rivalries are with. You are just known for your Showmances lol.
  22. RedsKantoWell that to. Either you love me or you cant stand me. Theres no in between!
  23. Yandereboy12Jk he isn't look at my comment below kyle
  24. Yandereboy12No your known for the women you slept with
  25. RedsKantoIts not as iconic as my rivalries tho!
  26. JamesluSo am I! And I am known for the longest ever rivalry against Chanelle!
  27. RedsKantoI want this so bad! This season was made fir me. I am literally known fir my vendettas!
  28. JamesluLmao Kyle you’re spamming your ass off! I just woke up and I’m lazy rn, will get back to spamming later!
  29. RedsKantoIm spamming to get second now
  30. RedsKantoAll night. And they vote for you lmao
  31. RedsKantoFuck loyalty. Its only a way for him to gain power
  32. JamesluKyle lmao how long have you been spamming???
  33. JamesluNo he messaged me because he saw my speech and was upset that I wasn’t loyal to him and said he wouldn’t vote me to win Bc he doesn’t respect disloyalty. 🙄
  34. RedsKantoHed spam for Aimee
  35. RedsKantoOh hey daphne’s awake! SHIT!
  36. Yandereboy12Oof OK but I think when he realises were in the finale ( if he does) hell spam or he got over it which is so unlike him
  37. JamesluX is currently mad at me lol @Yandere so no he’s not spamming for me. I’m spamming by myself.
  38. Yandereboy12What shit
  39. honeybunch1Yander i wasnt even online when i saw that shit you go take a look
  40. underwzcReds
  41. maturoI’m so fortunate I only know/like one person in this poll and they all know better than to spam me
  42. cereal222Jameslu!!!
  43. Yandereboy12Spamming
  44. Yandereboy12I'm calling it x is roaming Daphne to win but I voted Daphne cause she played best game
  45. Diva1Voted for Jameslu
  47. adamslater19VOTE FOR ME!!!!
  48. AntonBAdele
  49. KateN7766Voted for the icon
  50. chris2peiJamessss
  51. Amnesia_Where’s my voters? (Vote for Aimee!)
  52. josiahsurvivorI am not spamming u shud vote for me, im not a thirsty bitch like the rest of these dumb hoez
  53. tryandbeatme16Jamessss
  54. Rperduex11James
  55. DavidM7James
  56. Chandlerp1996James because he asked
  57. bbfan1074Voted James bc he asked
  58. dragonldy640James
  59. Katherinee_jamess
  60. woeismevoted the one I've known longest. glll
  61. Atom1cEvanVoted for Adele <333
  62. JamieSayQuaxVoted Adeladele
  63. Ari_Jameslu
  64. top20fan33locked in
  65. danyyboy67James
  66. tonyalbrightJames asked :)
  67. honeybunch1RedsKanto to win
  68. gagaluvJames
  69. tennisplayer963GL!
  70. RedsKantoI love how some of the people i spammed went and voted for Daphne lmao
  71. DracoMalfoyJames
  72. s73100James
  73. YoundAndRecklessVoted for James
  74. TaurusMoonVoted
  75. KeystonVoted for James, but amnesia's crown is life.
  76. countrysavagevored RedsKanto
  77. gumball221520votes for _____ to win<3
  78. SaskiaRaeI love all but that trash bag Adele asked first 🤢
  79. adamgrantJames to win <333
  80. 1001gamesjames
  81. rozlynVoted Kyle.
  82. Icarus_MarkVoted whoever I wanted
  83. J2999Kyle asked
  84. Minniemax34
  85. SpiderBoomI was asked. GL
  86. paul028voted Anonymously because I like 4/6 finalists ily Adelaide, Aimee, Daphne & Kyle.
  87. CalebDaBossReds asked first
  88. CoachWadeKyle
  89. MoneyShotVoted Adele ftw gl
  90. Tailslover13Adele was the only one to ask a random loser like me for a save, so I'm voting her to win.
  91. hellocatvoted
  92. aria_grandecan i say this is a very hard vote. Aimee, Adele and daphne have all played a huge and great game
  93. maturoEasy vote
  94. mbarnish1Adele
  95. RedsKantoPlease vote for me to win BBUK Bad Blood. This is MY season! I am known for my vendettas, so me winning this season would just truly be iconic. I want you to vote me to win, and so smdoes Uncle Sam! Please vote me to win!
  96. IMonGl
  97. BrainJakJames he earned it so hardcore
  98. Cromatiqueadele
  99. SharonMaItemsJameslu
  100. boicam77Adele asked me, so I voted her.

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