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Week 10: Up for Eviction (VOTE to EVICT!)

Open Poll. Anybody can vote



LOL these bitches want me and Jameslu out so bad cuz we are "spam threats" yet they waited this long to get both of us up.
Me and Daphne actually played the game while Honeybunch did not do much. So plz keep me and Jameslu in :)



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Biggest regret now is definitely turning against my friend Adelaide. She was loyal 100% and I wasn’t as loyal. Wish I stuck with her and got those fake asses Honey and a Kyle out.
Please vote HoneyBunch1 ———>



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  1. PoohSnap-102 votes cast-
  2. myielsaved honey
  3. Mario23Have to save Honey is my friend and evictecijng adele I love jameslu too
  4. Mattedone, gl
  5. adeleadeleNothing wrong with being Loyal Yandere
  6. Yandereboy12Evicted Adele for being to loyal
  7. gumball221520don't worry adele I would do anything u told me too so i evicted who u wanted I LOVE YOU!!
  8. scooby0000Evicted James
  9. woeismeevicted someone other than adele
  10. dandoevoting honey
  11. Alexitohoney out
  12. honeybunch1who you calling Fake James you as Fake as they come
  13. adeleadeleAnd Sandra Diaz Twiane won twice, u all did not nominate me till week fucking 9 its ur faults not mine
  14. honeybunch1Adele already won one
  15. Catch_a_falling_starSaved Adele :)
  16. RedsKantoTbf you did this to me in Code Red Daphne.
  17. JamesluEvicted Honey, fake hoe!
  18. Carriexoxo24xovoted!
  19. IMongl
  20. adamgrantEvicted Adele as requested
  21. masquisomeone askd me
  22. mbarnish1sorry to who I evicted
  23. MsLeasaved adele
  24. paul028vOTED!
  25. boicam77Was asked to vote Honey so I voted Honey.
  26. BrainJakEvicted Adele she already won gl honey and james ❤️
  27. andalarew_2231I mean Honey made it unnomed so Saved her...
  28. SharonMaItemsevicted honey
  29. mbarnish1evicted james sorry don't know you
  30. honeybunch1you the one they want out
  31. honeybunch1evicted Adele
  32. adeleadeleEvicted Honey
  33. adamslater19Evict Adele!!!!!!
  34. PoohSnapThis is the FINAL vote to evict! Adelaide (adeleadele), Daphne (Jameslu), & Honey (honeybunch1) have been nominated by their housemates for eviction. Vote for who you'd like to LEAVE!
  35. hellocatEvict Adele because she already won

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