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106 days 4 hours ago
Throw out the strategy and the over-niceties.

Now, you've done all you can do, save for campaigning in your final poll to win.

Here's where finalists can post tributes, final thoughts, and campaign speeches as to why they should win, that they want me to also post in the blog that I'll spam out to get Tengageders to vote.
106 days 4 hours ago
Finale will be at 5 PM EST/10 PM GMT on Tuesday.

I am making a blog that will link all of the final speeches and the poll and I'll be doing spamming of my own for users to vote in this poll.

So BB recommends you post something here, finalists!

Also-- CONGRATS! Drink, eat, and party df up.
106 days 4 hours ago
Well i came in as the biggest threat in this game but i won IMMUNITY for the first 7/8 weeks in this game. I went up 1 time during that phase and i could have saved myself if i wanted to nom an alliance member but i aint like that. The rest of the game i was apart of main plans and back up plans so that way i would be safe no matter what. My social game was on point ad i was able to get people to flip as well as come back to a side that they wanted to flip on.

Now there are 5 ppl here who want to win and 3 of them are gonna talk about being unnommed but it aint all that great when there is 3 of you. The other can say they took my advice at the right time. Now i like all my finalists and i wish them the best of luck in this poll

I worked my ass off this season to get here and everyone who left NAMED ME as the BIGGEST threat left yet i STILL made it to FINALS. everyone was well aware and warned i would make finals but did NOTHING about it. On top of that the alliance that i created called #Boyritos stayed in power this whole game and we took names and sent them packing. I may have had a partnership alliance but i feel my social connection and agressive gameplay played a HUGE part in why we are here. I was always doing my best to relate with my fellow contestants and help them when they helped me. Loyalty for loyalty. Then its everyone for themselves. Some players might be bitter but they cant denie that when they came at me i took them out and made a example of why you should NOT come after me.  This is a historic SEASON as its the first ALL MALE and ALL GENDER finals. I think i have done more then enough to WIN but i need YOU TENGAGED. so plz help me out amd i will help you

Also side note i want to thank Honey, Logan, Billy, Matt, And Yandere for the help that they had given me at any point in this season. It actually ment a lot and im srry yall did kot make finals like you wanted. Its def a tough game but i think we all chose the path we thought would get us in finals or as close to it as possible.
106 days 4 hours ago
Well first off I wanna say congrats to all the players who made finals this was a long grueling season with a lot of bumps in the road I played a super strong game I was never targeted i only received a total of 2 noms I think lol I made a strong bond with X day one and when boyritos became a thing it brought more of a friend shop vibe it wasn’t just a alliance there was weeks when I didn’t think boyritos wasn’t the way to go but at the end of the day it got me to finals there would be nights where me and my fellow finals aside from malichi would be on Skype call making strategy and planning our next move all I really gotta say is good luck finalists we all deserve to be here no matter what anyone says and I hope any of our former housemates don’t have and type of grudges towards us
106 days 4 hours ago
jayson- We didn't talk and you were the unfortunate victim of the 1st boot :(

Batya- we also didn't talk besided one time you were chilled and unfortunatley the 2nd to go :(

Billy- I still miss you!! you left way too early, I felt like you were A great personality to the game and I enjoyed your genuineness and loyalty you are A fallen Hero. <3

Parick- your very down to earth cool and easy to talk to I thought we were going to be besties when we talked about bgc but ended up on different sides and barley talked. you played a great game and I do wish we cud of kept our bond growing.

Nicole- you looked out for me in the 1st comp, and we had good conversation to begin with and then we kinda grew apart and two sides emerged and we stopped speaking. you are def A force to be reckoned with and even tho we were on diffrent sides I respect you so much as a strong player.

Dylan- we started off strong, and bonded and then when you turned on us, it broke my heart and I did not like having to go against you. I tried to look out for you as much as I cud have and you know that. regardless of us being on opposite sides. I respect that you stuck to your guns and you took a big swing and tried to flip the house upside down I respect that.

Lauren- we also didn't talk  so I don't really know anything about you, but you did get pretty far in the game and played a fair game and I can truly say that.

Yandere- you are A very intelligent player and social player, your amazing in polls and you were a force to be reckoned with, I enjoyed all of our conversations and even tho we didn't see eye to eye in most of our decisions in this game I can say you were A top player in this game with trying to shake this house up. <3

Aimee- I've never spoken to you so Idk what to say other than you seem nice and sweet and you made it pretty far.

Chanelle- my showmance!!!! I had so much fun with you in this game it's been a wild storm with us lots of ups and downs but overall I did enjoy my time with you in the game and you did put up A great fight and I can def say I command you for that love ya<3

Logan- we've worked together this entire game, even tho we didn't talk that much I def thought your gameplay was diverse and entertaining and you tried to make some moves and tried to flip this game around and that's more than enough for you to be remembered as a great player I enjoyed you in this game and I know u prob don't but I consider you a friend <3

Honey- Miss Honey I def had trust with you in the game  was it 100% no, but I did trust you then a lot more other people and it sucked that I did have to break my word to you so many times and that I was against you so many times, But the cards were just dealt bad for us this game. And I do really like you as a person and think your a lot of fun<#

Cam- cam oh cam, we barley talked at all, but I always knew I could count on you and that we were going to ride this thing out, And then you tried to get me up before finals and I understand it you have to try to make moves in this game. I still adore you and think your a great guy. And don't let anyone tell you difference because i know people have been hard on you this game and I want you to just block it out because you really are A amazing person.

(Final Thoughts): This was my very 1st group game ever playing on Tengaged,  and yes I may have not been the most cut throat, mastermind or craftiest in this game. But two things I've learned throughout this experienced is I had heart and fight. this game has been tough on me because I've had to learn and adapt to how A group game works I wasn't A vet I was A rookie who had never played in A group game before and I stopped, listen and learned  and took what I learned and spined it to my advantage into becoming A better player. I've met some incredible people made some incredible bonds and I'll never forget the experience I have. I might not be the strongest or smartest but I'm well rounded and scrappy and I hope you can see that Tengaged and vote for me  thank you <3

(Campaign Speech): I think you guys should vote for me because I was apart of almost every group decisions like every single member was in the Boyritos on who to nominate. the only times I was not apart of the majority is when I refused to put Dylan up and Logan on the 1st time her went up. I also  participated strongly in this game 3 Elite comp wins, Most popular with 3 positive votes and I won the winners talk and I did all of this while being Unominated which a lot of people can't say in this game. I was apart of a dominating alliance while making some solid connections on the outside. I did all of this with staying Loyal and Honest to my side of the house unti it came down to the wire.  everyone has been talking about getting X out while I made it clear in my Confessionals that I wanted to go against him in Finals because im not afraid to go against the best and If I lose it's because I didn't push myself hard enough not because I had to rely on anyone else. I am strong Fiery and Bold and I hope you guys can see that and vote for me thank you all and gl boys I love you!!!<3
105 days 23 hours ago
Of ty Yoshi XD see guys!!! I can play strategic and socially!! Oof I've been wanting to do that since season 5 glad I got to show it ty jae for hosting and I'll see y'all for season 8!! (If it isn't a rookie season or I'm not invited ;( )
105 days 22 hours ago
Good luck finalists!
103 days 6 hours ago
Good evening to everyone! Fellow housemates, so nice to see y'all again.

I feel like many of y'all think of me as a "fake @ss lying bish" who doesn't deserve to be here, and maybe y'all are right, but just like everyone else in this cast, I have my right to sit where I am right now.

I came in as one of the few rookies in this game and my gameplay changed in a radical way once I saw the veterans outnumbered us newbies. I started as being a social butterfly week one and from there I started making more connections with people to the point I positioned myself in the middle. And even after letting people know I was playing both sides of the house, people would still rely on me because of my strong social game and because of the information and vote I could provide to both sides. Unfortunately, I made the early decision that I was staying loyal to the "Boyritos" alliance formed days into the game.

As time went on I proved to be a strong, strategic player, being able to win competitions, make some moves and get myself out of sticky situations. I do admit I lied a lot to certain people and I made people believe I would flip on Boyritos, that's why certain decisions I did were against the alliance to keep people guessing, but ultimately I was playing for the benefit of Cam, Logan, John, Yoshi, X and myself. I made shocking moves like using veto on X to keep a big threat in the game and winning the Hell Week Dictatorship Power in a social/strategic comp. These moves did put a target on my back, but I had to play it strategic and smart to make sure the target was never on my back and to ensure not to get a single nom against me.

In the end, I made it to finals and I am proud of that. This accomplishment was done partially by my effort and hard work, but I ALSO have to give credit to the people who had my back in this game and to everyone for being a part of this amazing season and my first BBUK experience. I feel there were a lot of people having my back and who helped me cover my bases and stay away from the block each week. And I DO APOLOGIZE to everyone I lied to or said something uncalled for. At the end of the day it was just a game, but there are some things I said that I regret but helped me get to this point. I would like to make TRIBUTES:

Jayson- You were one of my OG allies coming into the game. We connected so well and I liked how feisty and savage you were. Never change, such an honor playing with U and sad u had to go.

Batya- U were not the target that week, u were completely robbed because u didn't submit noms, but I think we left with a good relationship. I honestly didn't have anything against u, and u were one of the rookies I felt close to.

Billy- My dude!! We had a rough journey back on BBB, but as you said in your interview, we bonded again and I'm glad we did. We probs didn't talk the most, but I didn't have anything against u and I hope I'm  making u proud for getting to finals.

Kiara- I didn't talk to you at all and I think you were ejected from the game, but your avi is cute and your personality was kind and sweet cos u reminded me of Kiki from BBCAN7.

Patrick- You were sent packing in a house vote!!! So sorry, I had to save my boy and rookie bro Malachi. During that week I feel you would have stayed safe if u had been against one of the people saved by veto, you never know. But u played a good game.

Nicole- In Burger Big Brother we've been closest allies and ride-or-dies, in BBUK I saw a different side of U!! You are such a strong, competitive person and I think you've proven time after time that you deserve going to finals. It did hurt me lying to you sometimes because of BBB, but it's just a game and I was genuine about my goodbye message. U did go down as a Queen and a BBUK legend. GL

Matt- It was fun talking to you, you sadly got ejected, but you were cool and I was looking out for you. The good thing, and not to sound cruel, but you getting ejected made it easier for Boyritos to have to cut one less person to make finals. So sorry, dude, but u did a great job while being active. GL

Dylan- SO SORRY, DUDE!! I was working with you since the beginning of the game and I wanted to be loyal to you, but once you left to the other side I had promised my allegiance to Boyritos and I sadly had to play you so you wouldn't come after me. I felt embarrassed and sad everytime you saw my lie to you, and I feel this is not how I wanted to play the game with you. I am truly sorry, and I'm hoping we can play the game as actual ride or dies in the future. Best of luck, man, so sorry.

Lauren- The last female rookie! We didn't talk much, but I never really had anything against you. You were a nice character and I'm glad that you decided to support me and John for the final poll. Love ya, girl! 3 rookies in the end, hoping we can get some good placements.

Yandere- Yandere, guuuuurl, u are hella crazy!! Some days you'd come to me, wanting to sit on my lap, and other days you wanted to hit me with pots and pans. I know you left thinking of me as a "sheep", but I hope u can understand that it is hard coming out as a rookie, as a first time player and not getting judged by others. Believe me that if things had gone differently and I had kept you safe in Hell Week, other people would have thought of me as a "sheep", I would always be criticized for my decision. On a personal level I have nothing against you, and on a game level we were on different sides, but at the end of the day I hope you can respect where I'm coming from because u calling out people "sheep" is such a stress and makes people feel attacked. I played my own game, made some moves of my own, and I hope you can respect that, even if u were taken out cos of my Hell Week power. Best of luck on the outside, you are a great player, and nothing personal, it was all strategic.

Aimee- I was shipping you and X(AimeeX) since weeks ago. I have nothing but love and respect for you, girl. You are so nice, so kind and you carry a heart of gold. It was sad to see you go, but I do hope X can win it for y'alls showmance or I can win it for you. GL

Chanelle- Guuuuurl, I lied to you the most and I backstabbed you every week, I admit it, but I was genuine about wanting to be your friend, cos at the end of the day it's just a game and everything I did was just for strategy. I know you think of me as a "sheep" and "fake @ss lying bish", and I take those titles with pride cos I deserve them, but just know I think of you as a strong, social, LOVED and amazing Queen of BBUK. You beasted those comps, you came back from the dead even when your back was against the wall, but at the end of the day I was more loyal to "Boyritos" and I had to take you out, but I am grateful for all our convos and everytime we talked. You went down as ONE of the BEST and I hope we can play together again in a future game.

Logan- The OG player, DUDE!! I didn't have nothing against you, man, you were my BBUK mentor and a great support in this game, but U TOLD ME about your deals with Chanelle and I WAS worried about you winning the Dictatorship power in Hell Week, that's why we put you up as a pawn before nominating you as the target. I just felt you wanted to make a move against Boyritos, but you did play a great game, I honestly wouldn't have seen it coming from you if you hadn't told me about your plans, and I hope next time we can have the same level of trust and maybe even go further into the game. Best of luck, man, ur the OG player.

Honey- So it turns out you were honest to me and I apologize for thinking you lied to me in the game. You were always kind and sweet to me and I DO consider you my "BBUK showmance". I know we didn't always talk, but I'm glad I got to know you and I wish you the best of luck. And glad you were the last female standing! Well done!

Cam- Sorry, dude, we wanted you to be the pawn for the Double Eviction but it didn't work out. You were so close to finals, but I am glad we played the game and u should be proud of getting this far. U said u wanted to give up on the game, but you remained active and I can just wish you the best of luck, man, hoping I can do good in finals for the two of us. lol
103 days 6 hours ago
i was honest with all the boys and flipped on the girls but i made it far doing what i had to do
its just a game win or lose so may the best man win and no grudges agaisnt anybody
103 days 6 hours ago
To my fellow finalists, LET'S GO!!!

John- I know we had certain conflicts regarding "flipping the script" and "making a move against the alliance", and I shouldn't have lied to you. Those are some of the moments I felt lying was uncalled for and yet I did it and you deserve a huge apology. After talking to you, I did want to be more honest to you but I felt we were on thin ice, that's why I admit it was hard to decide whether to save you or Malachi at Hell Week. Ultimately you survived Hell Week and afterwards I've tried to be more honest to you and I did want us to go to finals. Once again, so sorry for everything I made you go through, but I hope you can eventually forgive me cos your friendship was always genuine and you opened ur heart to me. Best of luck, man, I know you'll do great. :)

Malachi- ROOKIES BRO!! I know we didn't talk much in this game, but I am so glad you, Yoshi and I came to finals. 3/5 chances rookies might take the win lol. I think it's such a great honor to represent the rookies this season and I am happy we took the time to know each other these past few weeks. Best of luck, man, after surviving that intense DE I know you are going to be someone tough to beat. GL :)

Yoshi- I think of you as one of the nicest and most genuine person I have ever met on this site. I'm so glad we got the chance to know each other and I fell in love with ur character and personality. You're so nice, social, selfless and you have a huge heart. I know there were times where we doubted the allegiance towards each other, and I do admit there were chances where we could have gun for each other, but I'm so glad we stayed true to each other and we got here as fellow rookies. I wish you the best of luck, you were one of the best, if not THE BEST, among the rookies and you deserve great things in life. Best of luck Yoshi!! :)

X- Oh wow, dude!! I can't believe we made finals!!
When I entered the game, I wanted to start as a new person, giving everyone a fair chance to talk to me, but I feel we connected the first week because we were both classified as "outcast" or "outsiders", and I am so thankful we were placed on the outs cos it gave us the chance to work together, make new connections and alliances in the game. I liked my relationship with Logan, John, Cam, Billy and Yoshi, but playing the game with you was such an honor... and some people said "we were close" of BBB, but I think this game gave us the chance to reconnect and establish a relationship with more respect and trust towards one another. I think we have both been called "sheeps" in this game, but I feel we "sheeped" each other at one point or another. My dude, you are an amazing person: intelligent, hilarious, kind, trustworthy, accessible, active, dedicate, determined and a MASTERMIND. Coming into the game I knew it'd be hard for me to beat anyone at a poll or at a spamming contest, so I'm grateful to have come to finals with you and I wish you the best of luck, so proud if you win BBUK. And from this group game I hope we remain close and you know you'll always be my BAD BUNNY. I love you, man! :)

This was such an amazing season and I wish my fellow finalists the best of luck!
103 days 5 hours ago
I already knew u guys were allies the moment I saw u both enter you didn't really trick any of the girls mostly just shocked chanelle at the housevote

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