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The backyard has been transformed into pure Hell.
329 days 11 hours ago
*pushes sports into the backyard*
329 days 11 hours ago
Final 7 :0
329 days 11 hours ago
329 days 11 hours ago
Chance gets to deal with me for another round, this Hell Week shouldn't be a problem for Chance because he already has to deal with me this week
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329 days 10 hours ago
So original
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Hell Week

“Crack My Eggs”

Returning to Hell week is the infamous “Crack My Eggs” competition. This season, it will be completely different, because it’s non-live.


-Part 1-

All housemates have 10 eggs:

CHANCE 0000000000
CHRISTIAN 0000000000
JOEY 0000000000
JOHNNY 0000000000
KINDRED 0000000000
SYSTRIX 0000000000
WAKIZA 0000000000

Your goal in this competition is to be the final housemate with one egg left. You can make a hit on your housemates by “cracking” somebody’s egg. ALL HOUSEMATES will receive 40 “cracks”. You MUST PM ME the first 40 cracks that you would like to make on your housemates! I will use these to determine which housemates get “cracked” each round.

You may change your cracks each round, or gun for one housemate multiple times in a row, but you MAY NOT crack one housemate more than 10 times.



1. Adelaide
2. Daphne
3. Daphne
4. Daphne
5. Adelaide
6. Adelaide
7. X
8. Kyle
9. Daphne
10. Adelaide
11. X
12. X
13. X
14. Kyle
15. Adelaide
16. X
17. X
18. Adelaide
19. Adelaide
20. Daphne
21. Daphne
22. Daphne
23. Daphne
24. Daphne
25. Daphne
26. Kyle
27. X
28. Kyle
29. Kyle
30. Adelaide
31. Kyle
32. Kyle
33. X
34. Adelaide
35. Kyle
36. Adelaide
37. X
38. X
39. Kyle
40. Kyle

Note that I did not crack a particular housemate more than 10 times. You may want to be strategic with how you order your cracks, because if you crack a housemate’s egg and they are no longer in the competition, your crack will not count.

HOWEVER— your cracks will continue to count even if you’ve been eliminated.

If there is more than one housemate remaining at the end of this game, we will go into another non-live round 2.

Post any questions below and I will answer ASAP. This is due at 7 PM EST/12 AM GMT tomorrow.

Counselors may not crack any eggs.

-Part 2-

I am posting a poll to determine the crack order for this competition. The results WILL be made public. The housemate with the highest percentage will get to crack first each round, followed by the next highest percentage, and so forth, until the housemate with the lowest percentage goes last each round. THIS IS THE ONLY INTERACTION THAT THE PUBLIC WILL HAVE WITH THIS SEASON'S HELL WEEK!

Here is the poll:
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323 days 13 hours ago
Welcome to my nightmare. This competition is called the haunting of dylan raven and here's how it works:
323 days 13 hours ago
Botch you know damn well I got evicted over you on hell week in Code Red. It’s my nightmare too
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201 days 5 hours ago
Hello, housemates! And welcome back to BBUK! It’s been a hot sec, right?

Here’s a recap of the season and some things to know:

1. Where we left off, your Counselors are now longer able to impact the game through powers/voting of any sort. They’re now only here in the house as sources of guidance to help you get the the end/manage the jury/win it all.

2. This week is HELL WEEK! We WILL continue with the Hell week "Crack My Eggs" comp. Go to this thread for a recap on the comp and the rules, because it’s kind of complicated:

The crack order currently has two ties, so I posted tiebreaker polls that will close tomorrow for CHRISTIAN/JOEY and CHANCE/WAKIZA. If you’re trying to get the best placement in the crack order, spam/campaign for the most votes in these polls.

The CHRISTIAN/JOEY poll is here:

And the CHANCE/WAKIZA poll is here:

I will already use your first 40 cracks for this comp that you submitted months ago, but you will likely need to resubmit for round 2 of the cracking.

3. I have yet to hear from KINDRED or WAKIZA, but everyone else (campers and counselors) are confirmed to return for part 2 of this season. If any of you are friends with KINDRED/WAKIZA or know their Skype, please try to convince them to comeback! I’d hate to see anyone else walk from the game.

I’ll be posting in this Hell week forum after I hear whether or not Kindred/Wakiza are returning. It’ll probably be 1-2 days after Xmas. For now, feel free to post in the house forums and start reconnecting with your fellow housemates/counselors, because one of you WILL be the seventh winner of BBUK!
199 days 13 hours ago
The Hell Week tiebreakers have been closed! Christian scored higher than Joey, meaning that he'll be higher in the crack order.

Chance and Wakiza tied AGAIN, so we'll to determine their pick order.
199 days 13 hours ago
There were 2 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

Timestamp: 2019-12-25 16:12:05 UTC


Wakiza will be ahead of Chance in the cracking order!
199 days 13 hours ago
This is the official crack order for Hell week:

Hell Week Crack Order
1. Johnny
2. Kindred
3. Wakiza
4. Chance
5. Christian
6. Joey
7. Systrix

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