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3 days 14 hours ago

The backyard has been transformed into pure Hell.
3 days 14 hours ago
In case you’ve been paying attention to the clues sprinkled throughout the house, this might be more of a confirmation of your worst fears.

This week is Hell Week!

And it is also the FINAL WEEK that will not involve a poll. You have all participated in at least 1 Hell Week, so you should know how it goes. This season, we will be completely transparent with you.
3 days 14 hours ago
Whoever wins the comp will get to nominate 2 housemates. The house will then vote to evict one of those housemates.

BAM. That simple.

We have seen predictable Hell Weeks, shocking Hell Weeks, and everything in between. But Hell Week is always the turning point in the game, and especially with a jury this season, we are sure that they will be watching closely to see what you do next. Will this week make or break your game? The comp is sure to reveal all of your cards, because…
3 days 14 hours ago
We are doing “Crack My Eggs”, a comp most of you have participated in before. This is going to be LIVE on Sunday. Send me a list ahead of time if you think you won’t be online for most or all of the competition.

Everyone will get to “crack” eggs every 3 minutes. The non-live participants will receive the right to crack every 3 minutes, and start 30 seconds after the competition starts (they will not be —on the dot— right after the comp starts, because part of this competition is being quick with your cracks, and chances are, other housemates will be delayed in their cracking).
3 days 14 hours ago
Hell Week

“Crack My Eggs”

Returning to Hell week is the infamous “Crack My Eggs” competition. This season, it will be live, but non-live participants are allowed to completely participate by sending me lists ahead of time (see below).

The competition starts at 5 PM EST on Sunday, and immediately following the winner, nominations will be made and house votes will be due by 5:30 PM EST on Monday.


-Part 1-

All housemates have 10 eggs:

CHANELLE 0000000000
HONEY 0000000000
KYLE 0000000000
LOGAN 0000000000
LORENZO 0000000000
MEGAN 0000000000
NICOLE 0000000000
SCOTT 0000000000
X 0000000000

Your goal in this competition is to be the final housemate with one egg left. You can make a hit on your housemates by “cracking” somebody’s egg.


You will fill out 50 “cracks”. If you would like to participate without being online for the entire duration of Hell Week, you MUST PM ME the first 50 cracks that you would like to make on your housemates! I will use these to determine which housemates get “cracked” each round.

If you send me a list, you may change your cracks each round, or gun for one housemate multiple times in a row, but you MAY NOT crack one housemate more than 10 times.



1. Adelaide
2. Daphne
3. Daphne
4. Daphne
5. Adelaide
6. Adelaide
7. Tom
8. Kyle K
9. Daphne
10. Adelaide
11. Tom
12. Tom
13. Tom
14. Kyle K
15. Adelaide
16. Tom
17. Tom
18. Adelaide
19. Adelaide
20. Daphne
21. Daphne
22. Daphne
23. Daphne
24. Daphne
25. Daphne
26. Kyle K
27. Tom
28. Kyle K
29. Kyle K
30. Adelaide
31. Kyle K
32. Kyle K
33. Tom
34. Adelaide
35. Kyle K
36. Adelaide
37. Tom
38. Tom
39. Kyle K
40. Kyle K
41. Emily
42. Emily
43. Emily
44. Emily
45. Emily
46. Emily
47. Emily
48. Emily
49. Emily
50. Emily

Note that I did not crack a particular housemate more than 10 times. You may want to be strategic with how you order your cracks, because if you crack a housemate’s egg and they are no longer in the competition, your crack will not count.

HOWEVER— your cracks will continue to count even if you’ve been eliminated.

If there is more than one housemate remaining at the end of this game, we will go into a tiebreaker round (non-live).

Post any questions below and I will answer ASAP. This is due before the competition on Sunday if you will not be attending live.
1 day 19 hours ago
Comp is today! See you in about 5 hours everyone.

Also, just noticed Nicole is on that list— she obvi isn’t competing in this comp 😂
1 day 16 hours ago
PSA: Stop Sheeping X!

X literally decided to boot order for this comp and told you guys who to target first, second, third, etc. and some of you really out here being like "yes master." Stop playing X's game and play your own. Stop doing what is best for X, and start doing what is best for you!

I saved FIVE of yall, so you FIVE have CONCRETE PROOF that I am NOT AFTER YOU. I am AFTER X. Stop protecting him.

X is the best spammer in the entire series and all season, you guys said "we'll get him out during Hell Week" and now it's Hell Week and you people still are too scared to make a move? The jury had said multiple times we are all X's sheep.

Given that he's the best spammer and will not lose a poll vote, if he makes it past this round, he WILL be in the f2. Good luck trying to explain to a jury that has stated we are all just sheeping him why you deserve to win over him.

Thank you.
1 day 16 hours ago
X is the best spammer in the entire series

Iv legit never beat paul EVER and also iv 3-2 on polls 😂😂
But yep im the totally the best spammer with 2 loses
1 day 16 hours ago
And ill have that same thing happen this season as it happened in my first poll. So again im not as big a poll threat at scott who BEAT paul and will have NO 1 spamming him out.
1 day 14 hours ago
Hell week starts in 15, slightly delayed! I will be home soon.
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1 day 14 hours ago
omg hi Liam
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Check in:

Post in this forum if you are ONLINE
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I’m not online

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