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Bigg Boss! Season 6!

Bigg Boss is the Indian Version of Big Brother.

Current Season: Season 5

Gameplay Basics:

>All housemates each vote for one of their fellow housemates that they would like to be crowned House Captain, the housemate with the most votes then became House Captain.

>All housemates then nominate two housemates of their choice for eviction(excluding the captain), the two or more housemates with the most nominations faced the public vote.

>After the nomination results are revealed the House Captain picks another housemate, excluding the nominated housemates, to face the public vote along with the already nominated housemates.

>The three(or more) housemates then face the public vote to SAVE, the housemate with the least amount of votes was evicted.

Season Overview ~
• Season 1:
-Winner: Ryan_Jambe
-First runner up: Billybo10000/SomebodyAwesome
-Second runner up: Ericdiz2134

• Season 2:
  -Billybo10000 - also the runner up of Bigg Boss season 1 (And is super amazing and awesome!!! ... Totally not Billybo editing this)
-Winner: NJKoda1998
-First runner up: Ticofernandez
-Second runner up: Beautyliciousinsider

• Season 3:
  -Winner: Yr_2007
  -First runner up: JamieN8954
  -Second runner up: Striky
  -Fourth: Mradamman12

• Season 4:
  -Winner: RohanChaubey
  -First runner up: JamieN8954

• Season 5:

>>House Captain<<

#TeamNJ (NJKoda1998)
- DontVoteMePlease
- m7md26
- survivorfan007 - Evicted: 12th
- WitZ

#TeamRyan (Ryan_Jambe)
- Argai
- Darriusdabest
- me2013
- Sackeshi
- MrJordan - Evicted: 13th

#TeamRohan (rohanchaubey)
- Caliboy
- losangelesgirl
- neme81
- tylercj1998


Bigg Boss Wiki page:!_Wiki

Season 4 Wiki page:

Season 3 Wiki page:

Season 2 Wiki page:

Season 1 Wiki Page:

note: the '*(star)' below a housemate indicates that the following housemate has submitted his votes/has nominated..!

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