Survival of the Fittest

20 humans will be put into a simulator which eliminates 19 of them. However, the one and only fittest of the bunch will thrive. Will you be the fittest or will you be just another of the losers who bites the dust? Apply below to find out!

I’ll try to make a chart for the game, although I’ve never made one before.

Point system: each test (which are usually non-live challenges), every human will get a certain amount of points based on how they performed compared to others. No participation results in 0 points. Points help keep you safe from eliminations. Here is the usual chart:

20th: 0 pts
19th: 1 pt
18th: 2 pts
17th: 3 pts
16th: 4 pts
15th: 6 pts
14th: 7 pts
13th: 8 pts
12th: 9 pts
11th: 10 pts
10th: 13 pts
9th: 14 pts
8th: 15 pts
7th: 16 pts
6th: 17 pts
5th: 20 pts
4th: 21 pts
3rd: 25 pts
2nd: 30 pts
1st: 40 pts

20th: Caleb (CalebDaBoss) - 1 pt... 11-4 vs Radjon
19th: Bloody Shot (twostep) - 3 pts... 9-5 vs Olly
18th: Levy (levvy) - 7 pts... 6-6 vs Olly
17th: Alex (ghrocky100) - 14 pts... auto elimination vs Olly
16th: Slothy (Sloth_Roman) - 23 pts... auto elimination vs Jayden
15th: Devan (Gleality) - 49 pts... Quit
14th: Debbie (Deborah101) - 33 pts... public elimination vs Jayden
13th: Rishi (rishabkumar) - 47 pts... 8-1 vs Star
12th: Star (YellowPenguin) - 63 pts... 8-1 vs Sheila
11th: Sheila (FoxyWinters) - 57 pts... 4-3 vs Kimmy
10th: Kimmy (iichaoskimmy) - 86 pts... out 4-4 vs Radjon.
Radjon replaced by Nicole. 5-3 against Nicole
9th: Radjon (Radjon) - 58 pts... 16-8 public elimination vs Z
8th: Z (MJFJUNE) - 93 pts... auto elimination vs Jayden
7th: Olly (ollyjay202) - 150 pts... Jayden was eliminated, switched with Olly by a twist
6th: Aidan (Aidan0621) - 152 pts... 3-1 vs Jayden
5th: Aimee (Amnesia_) - 232 pts... 3-0 vs Jayden
4th: Dylan (RavenWhiteFeather) - 223 pts... 18-16 public elimination vs Jayden
3rd: Tdub (tdubsurvivor) - 382 pts... 1-0 vs Jayden
2rd: Jayden - 182 pts
1st: Nicole - 453 pts

~this is just for me~
tdubsurvivor jjvawesomeness0511 paul028

Dylan (RavenWhiteFeather)
Tdub (tdubsurvivor)
Nicole (paul028)
Jayden (jjvawesomeness0511)
~ok keep reading~

Each time a human is eliminated, the chart will be updated or altered. There are some situations where the chart will be completely changed for the certain test.

Types of eliminations:

Note: eliminations usually consist of 2 people with the lowest points. It is possible that there will be more than 2 people on the block, but only one will be eliminated each time. Ties will be a blog where the first vote will determine the outcome

VE aka Voting Elimination: the other humans will vote on who should leave between two humans. (Common)
PE aka Public Elimination: the public gets to vote on who should leave between two humans. (Uncommon)
AE aka Automatic Elimination: the person with the least number of points is automatically eliminated. (Uncommon)

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