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Lyon's Group Games - VL

Welcome to the Viewers' Lounge for Lyon's Group games! The hub for all the latest gossip and information from Lyon's Big Brother and more!

This is the official Viewers' Lounge for:

~ Lyon's Big Brother
~ Lyon's Big Brother UK [COMING SOON]
~ and all future group games hosted by LyonRecharged!
Membership criteria:

~ Be a former player of any of Lyon's Group Games. (You are not permitted to join if you were expelled from that game)
~ Be a trustworthy friend of either LyonRecharged or jayhawk123

You will be removed if:

~ You are currently playing one of Lyon's Group Games. (You will be re-added once that game is over)
~ If you are caught leaking information to current players. (This results in a permanent ban from the VL and any future games).
Basic VL rules/etiquette:

~ Participate in the VL. You will be removed if you show no signs in caring about the games at all.
~ Contestants will be given the opportunity to opt out of having their confessionals posted here. Please be mindful of their decision.
~ As per above, you will be removed and given a permanent ban from both the VL and future games of mine if you are caught leaking information posted here to players. This should go without saying.
~ If someone playing asks you for information from the VL, tell me and provide proof (A screenshot in a browser other than Chrome would be ideal). For players, this is a rule break worthy of expulsion.
~ We reserve the right to remove members temporarily from the VL if we think they have a close connection to a current player. The reason is obvious, we don't want any chance of VL leaks. If you are removed from the VL because of this, you will be added back as soon as the player in question is eliminated from the game.

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Lyon's Group Games - VL

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