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Future Survey Ideas

Topic » Future Survey Ideas

786 days 1 hour ago
Here is where you can post some of your ideas for questions that can be implemented into future surveys.

Please try to limit your entries if possible (make sure everyone has a chance to post their ideas).

Thanks to everyone who contributes!
755 days 11 hours ago
Could you implement a survey based on gifts received on a user who is permanently banned, almost like an auction style or yard sale if you will. That way their items aren鈥檛 wasted. Plus, it would allow users another avenue to change their avatar.

I hope that makes some sort of sense 馃憤
755 days 11 hours ago
I like the idea Jussy! It'll be interesting if that's something that can be implemented.

I'm not sure how i'll form that into a survey, but it's definitely something i'll be thinking about when making new surveys.

Thanks for the feedback, I hope that idea can be brought up again sometime soon. :)
754 days 15 hours ago
Could you do a survey on the banning times and asking the tengaged public about if they agree banning time should be increased/decrease
754 days 6 hours ago
Jokes on Tengaged should be taken seriously even if they are offensive.
(relates to the wildboy situation, and possibly some situations in the past I don't know about.)
754 days ago
Releasing the new game you left half finished (Rando). Bring back the old challenges.... Just make them so you cant cheat. The new challenges suck.
718 days 10 hours ago
White levels should be allowed PM freely? Just a suggestion
713 days 2 hours ago
1.) Old Challenges vs New Challenges
2.) Is the multi epidemic getting too bad? (For main reasons to see how many people think its becoming a problem again.)
3.) Should new games be added to join the castings and rookies family? (Hope this one makes some sense xD)
4.) What types of group games are more popular? (More for those who wanna host)
5.) Should their be a longer period of time before you can play Stars?
6.) Would a poll blog be a beneficial change to blogs?
7.)Since T$ is given out based mostly around comments, should Karma be given out in a similar fashion with the points? (Like for every 50 points it give out 1 karma or however it be done)
8.) Should the prices/required karma of color levels be lowered or stay the same?
9.) Do you think that shops should be allowed more stock?
10.) How often do you check in with Tengaged? (To see how much users traffic the site)
377 days 22 hours ago
Credit to @InstantFame for these ideas:

1. Bringing Back old challenges - I feel like that's something a lot of people talk about anyway.
2. Do people prefer slow games over fast games? / Would they rather play a week long game with better prizes or a short game with smaller prizes.
3. (Thinking of randomize's comment) Do you prefer games with less participants (like rookies) or games with many participants (like slow castings and Hunger Games)
377 days 22 hours ago
Credit to @pizzawithcookirs:

Polls about new color levels. Should they be a thing?

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