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Total Drama World Tour *Episode 18*

Total Drama World Tour is a cartoon reality game show now brought onto Tengaged. It all happens when 18 contestants picked onto the show visit locations to do various challenges based on that location they're in. Split into 3 teams of 6, there will be two teams that win immunity. As for the other team, they will be forced to go to the elimination ceremony and vote to eliminate one of their fellow teammates. After all the votes are casted, the ceremony will be held, and bags full of airline peanuts will be presented to the safe contestants. They will be given to all of them, but one who got the most vote. That person will leave the game through the Drop of Shame. This process will continue until the teams merge and everyone will compete for themselves. This will go on for 20 episodes of drama, alliances, friendships, and betrayls, until there is one person left standing. That person will be the winner of the season.


Day 168 ( did not know it would last this long )

TDWT Host: Chris MClean (SurvivorMan101)

Co-Host(s): ? (RawrrImaZombie)
                  Mike (cheese98)

Final 2:
Gwen (Missalice3) [Replacement for Bridgette]
Owen (LiukBB)

People who were eliminated/left the game:
19: cordon1 (Quit)
18: Sadie/LockerAmi [Fiesty Chinchillas] (Eliminated)
17: Duncan/MicklePickle20 [Thunderous Titans] (Eliminated)
Bridgette/NatilieCopter [Swaggy Bitches] (Disqualified for ban in the game)
16: LeShawna/bigdizzleyomama [Swaggy Bitches L] (Eliminated)
15: Sierra/jayjet [Thunderous Titans] (Eliminated)
14: Courtney/JoJoyleen [Thunderous Titans] (Eliminated)
13: Sam/SammyBrierley [Thunderous Titans] (Eliminated)
12: Heather/kaylee21 [Swaggy Bitches] (Eliminated)
11: Geoff/Jared242 [Swaggy Bitches] (Eliminated)
10: Lightning/BDreezy15 [Feisty Chinchillas] (Disqualifed)
9: Noah/AndThenThereWsOne [SB] (Eliminated)
8: Zoey/tads [FC L] (Eliminated in a tie-breaker)
7: Brick/Bnowlin [SB] (Disqualified)
6. Lindsay/Guigi [FC] (Eliminated)
5. Alejandro/KingKitKat [TT] (Eliminated by Gwen)
4. Ezekiel/Survivornerd [TT] (Eliminated by Gwen
3. Trent/DuncanSurferBoy [FC] (Eliminated by Gwen)

Runner-Up: LiukBB
TDWT Champion: Missalice3

Eligible for Total Drama All-Stars:


Episode List:
Episode 0: Toronto, Canada
Challenge: Passport Pickup

Episode 1: Wiltshire County, UK
Challenge: Team Rocks

Episode 2: Highand, Scotland
Challenges: Loch Ness Report, The Race to Cherry Island

Episode 3: Denmark
Challenge: None

Episode 4: Baffin Island, Canada
Challenge: Physical Copycat

Episode 5: Northern Ontario, Canada
Challenge: The TD Super Fan Game

Episode 6: Washington, DC, USA
Challenge: Represenatives for the Win

Episode 7: White Cliffs of Dover
Challenge: Plane Building 101, Dogfight!!!

Episode 8: Hollywood, CA
Challenge: Movie Makers

Episode 9: Paris, France
Challenge: City of Love, Challlenge of Love

Episode 10: Bennelong Point, Sydney
Callenge: Spot it: Music Edition

Episode 11: Petra, Jordan
Challenge: Treasure Hunters

Episode 12: Washington D.C., United States
Challenge: The Total Drama Election

Episode 13: China
Challenge: The Great Race

Episode 14: Rome, Italy [FF]
Challenge: Gladiators

Episode 15: Alcatraz Island
Challenge: Escape the Prison!!!

Episode 16: Scotland Yard, UK
Challenges: The Family Turnabout, The Culprit's Conclusion

Episode 17: The Scene Room
Challenge: Get a Load Off

Episode 18: Berlin, Germany
Challenges: A Soldiers Steps, The AWESOME MEGA Battle of Berlin!!!


Live challenges/episodes: Saturdays and Sundays at 1:00 P.M. P.S.T. 4:00 P.

Featured Players 7 playing

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I am STILL victorious <3
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Episode 18: Berlin, Germany *FINALE*!!!
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