Horizon- Season 1 [Revamped]

Horizon takes place in the small fictional town of Greystone, which would be located in Colorado. It follows a group of young adults, on their journey through struggles with addiction, lust, disability, disease, and the good and bad times that follow.

Throughout their lives, this group of young adults has always been there for one another, and that has helped them to become closer as friends. However that always comes with the exception of some enemies, and their fair share of issues with one another. Now with the issues that this group of people has been dealing with escalating, they will have to work to maintain their friendships, and hope that when push comes to shove, they can manage to stick together.

Episode List-
Series Premiere- We All Fall Down- [Completed] 447 Posts
Episode 2- The Truth Always Comes Out- [Completed] 1788 Posts
Episode 3- Breaking Point- [Completed] 1753 Posts
Episode 4- Fairytales And Fables- [Completed] 672 Posts
Episode 5- Build Me Back Up- [Completed] 918 Posts
Episode 6- Diagnose My Destiny {Finale}- [Completed] 1034 Posts
- Luna Shades- Waitress
- Serah Nolen- Dog-Walker
- Rebecca Cabello- Waitress
- Juliet Goldd- Secretary At Small Business
- Julie Adams- Bartender
- Kate Evans- Bookstore Worker
- Leo White- Newspaper Editor
- Sean Weslin- Shop-Worker
- Cameron Mason- Cook
- Geo Cali- Shop Owner
- Zyler- Assistant Football Coach
- Thomas "TK" Kent- Bartender
- Kasey Jones- Newspaper Deliverer
Theme Song- Time Mikky Ekko

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Season Finale- "Diagnose My Destiny"
1034 postsCreated by kkoster001 on 1617 days 19 hours ago
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1616 days 10 hours ago
Episode Five- "Build Me Back Up"
919 postsCreated by kkoster001 on 1619 days 15 hours ago
Last post by Rain848
1618 days 8 hours ago
Episode Four- "Fairytales And Fables"
672 postsCreated by kkoster001 on 1622 days 13 hours ago
Last post by kkoster001
1621 days 7 hours ago
Episode Three- "Breaking Point"
1753 postsCreated by kkoster001 on 1627 days 14 hours ago
Last post by kkoster001
1625 days 5 hours ago
Episode 2- "The Truth Always Comes Out"
1793 postsCreated by kkoster001 on 1634 days 11 hours ago
Last post by kkoster001
1631 days 7 hours ago

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Horizon- Season 1 [Revamped]

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