114 days 6 hours ago
Name: Xander thorn
Age (21-50): 25
Gender:  male
Sexuality: bi-curious
Bio:Xander was mainly a introvert in life he never really liked meeting people,but his Friend Ava who he met in highschool  after he was the only boy in school  who never had their mouth drop open when she walked past.Then she is trying to make him meet new people.That never works out well and she wants his to just find someone to care about except his pet snail ,her and his mother of course.He runs a coffee business in Manhattan but just doesn't like it their at all,maybe because he wants to do something bigger.
Give 3 character traits for your character: introvert, quirky, trustworthy
Face Claim: Nicholas hoult

Name: Jessica Hanson
Age (21-50): 22
Gender:  female
Sexuality:  straight
Bio: Jessica is that girl in high school who thought she would make it to the big leagues.That quickly went away after high school her mother kicked her out and said make your own money.She ended up in Manhattan it was a wild ride but she made it using men as her source of money of course. She was the ultimate hustler she would do anything for money even if it was 1 dollar she didn't care all she wanted was money hunny.
Give 3 character traits for your character: charming, evil, money hungry
Face Claim:Gabriella Wilde
113 days 20 hours ago
Name: Zyler Saint
Age (21-50): 24
Gender: M
Sexuality: Straight
Bio: Zyler, along with his sister Aurora, didn't grow up poor. Their father ran a very successful cosmetics company (Saint) and he always wanted his kids to takeover when he died or retired. Their mother was a surgeon who also wanted them to follow in her footsteps. Zyler was always the popular kid as well as Soccer star in high school but he was always humble and kind. He was granted a full ride scholarship to a college for soccer and is currently undecided between business (dad) and medicine (mom)
Give 3 character traits for your character: Funny, Humble, Athletic
Face Claim: Cody Christian

Name: Aurora Saint
Age (21-50): 23
Gender: F
Sexuality: Straight (Was once Bi)
Bio: Aurora grew up in the same household as Zyler and they've always been able to tell each other secrets no one else knows. Aurora was bisexual in high school but mostly leaned more towards girls. After too many heartbreaks she gave up on girls and became solely attracted to guys (tho her female love pops up every now and then). She wasn't an athlete in high school and she was semi-popular. After high school, she decided to not go straight into college and is currently a bartender and waitress at 2 different locations. Similar to Zyler, she is unsure as to whether she wants to follow in her mom or dad's footsteps.
Give 3 character traits for your character: Funny, Nice, Outspoken
Face Claim: Ariana Grande
113 days 19 hours ago
Name: Riannon Masters
Age (21-50): 23
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Bio: Riannon is a clever girl who enjoys everything about space. She is the first in her family to make a thing for herself. She has everything going for her. However her ego can get in the way of her making friends.
Give 3 character traits for your character: Clever, Egotistic imaginative
Face Claim: Leona Vaughan

Name: Zaylor Blair
Age (21-50): 34
Gender: male
Sexuality: straight
Bio: Zaylor is a very imaginative person who loves to sing. SHe is not yet signed with anyone but tried to get onto a tv talent show. SHe wishes that she could get better but she hasn't got much confidence.
Give 3 character traits for your character: shy, modest loving
Face Claim: Victoria Baldeserra
113 days 19 hours ago
113 days 16 hours ago
Name:Eleanor Hillcrest
Age (21-50): 23
Gender: female
Sexuality: straight
Bio: Eleanor is super loyal to her friends and super bitchy to anyone not in her group, Eleanor is a Broadway up and comer, Elle is her nickname and shes loves being the center of attention. Elle is looking for love but it may be right in front of her
Give 3 character traits for your character: funny, hot, coniving
Face Claim:becca tobin
100 days 13 hours ago
Daniela "Dani" Grenada
Dani is the new girl because she moved to New York from Somerdale,New Jersey to pursue her dancing career. She has been a dancer since she was 10 years old because she loves dancing and wearing cute costumes. Dani has a twin brother named Michael but they don't talk because when she was 21, they had a fight and never spoke again.
FC: Cierra Ramirez
90 days 16 hours ago
Name : Gus Rawlings
Age (21-50): 24
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi
Bio: Gus is a Olympic Gold Medalist and Model for an up and coming brand. Gus recently moved to Manhattan from Atlanta Georgia to train more and further his modeling career. Gus recently announced he was Bisexual which made him a little nervous as an athlete. Gus is best friends of none other then London and Liam Harris. Gus is ready to take over the modeling scene in New York and begin his Olympics trials for the upcoming games.
Give 3 character traits for your character: ——-
Face Claim: Gus Kenworthy

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