Reality Roulette: Season 2

Welcome to Reality Roulette where every round you could be playing a new game! One spin of the Roulette can completely change the game either saving you from close elimination or being the reason why you're eliminated!

We're back for an exciting Season 2 with new rules, new twists, and a new co-host! Who has what it takes to survive the Reality Roulette and make it to the end to win THE GIFT PRIZE!


Season 2

Roulette of Fate Twist

Each of you have the opportunity to face the "Roulette of Fate". This Roulette has 10 sections on it. 4 of the sections are IMMUNITY in that round you choose to go to the Roulette of Fate. Another 4 are NOTHING which is quite self explanatory but that means you get nothing. And 2 of the sections are Mystery Spots. If you hit the Mystery Spot something good, or bad, will happen to either you or the game as a whole.

1st- Rawr121 (#TeamBlack)
2nd- Boots22 (#TeamRed)
3rd- Noah_Kondon (#TeamBlack)
4th- Leanna (#TeamRed) (The Ruins)
5th- DanielzSnooz (#TeamRed) (Survivor)
6th- CanCanPiano (#TeamRed) (The Ruins)
7th- LoopyCoco1 (#TeamBlack) (The Duel)
8th- Tunertin (#TeamBlack) (Pirate Master)
9th- Arthan (#TeamBlack) (The Glass House)
10th- Snowgirl57 (#TeamBlack) (The Amazing Race)
12th- TheLogic (#TeamBlack) (Fresh Meat)
12th- Timster (#TeamRed) (Fresh Meat)
14th- Awwsum11 (#TeamRed) (Fresh Meat)
14th- Ghrocky100 (#TeamBlack) (Fresh Meat)
15th- Connor_ (#TeamRed) (I Love Money)
16th- Weetmaster (#TeamRed) (Survivor)
17th- Wuau (#TeamRed) (The Gauntlet)
18th- Duffybutt11 (#TeamBlack) (Survivor)
19th- Tommy123 (#TeamBlack) (Survivor)
20th- RohanChaubey (#TeamRed) (The Gauntlet)


Season 1 - Aiwfwyattroh
Season 2 - Rawr121

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