WitZ's Crime Scene S1 - APPS OPEN

This show will require keen deduction skills and an intuitive mind. Based on the Korean show of the same name, 6 players will take the role each round of 5 potential suspects or the detective and will be tasked in deciding who the killer was! This will require an active cast, a bit of imagination and a lot of cooperation but those who can deduce the best and solve the crimes will proceed whilst those that can't keep up will fall between seasons!

Mike (Pieguy555) - since season one case one
Cedric (TeamJacz) - since season one case one
Brian (Brainjak) - since season one case one
Max (Novamax243) - since season one case one
Rabby (Rabbaj) - since season one case two

Current Score (after Case #1)
Max - 2
Mike - 0.5
Cedric - 0
Brian - 0
Rabby - 0

On the night of 25th of April between about 11.30-1.30am personal trainer Anthony Potter was found dead in the Men's Changing Rooms of the gym his family owned.

There are five suspects in this case...

Lisa Hemings, 23, Client of Anthony’s, Nurse from Wellness Health Clinic
Brian Peters, 26, Colleague of Anthony’s, Worked with the victim as a Personal Trainer
Mike Forrester, 22, Working at the Front Desk at the Gym
Kyle Potter, 51, Anthony’s Father and Owner of the Gym
Hannah Zeal, 24, Client of Anthony’s, Reporter from ‘the STEAL’ gossip media company

Eliminated Cast
Jeremy (Wuau) - Removed after Case #1 for being inactive

Main Group : http://www.tengaged.com/group/5896
Viewer's Lounge : http://www.tengaged.com/group/6081

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