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293 days 18 hours ago
293 days 18 hours ago
The name of this Jungle is “Point Me To Victory”.

In this competition, you have one simple mission in mind, to get as many points as possible. Each team will mail me how many points you want to add to your score. Naturally, you would want to pick a number as high as possible, however whoever picks the highest number will NOT receive their points, they will get a 0 for the round. Meaning, you need to predict how greedy or selfless your opponent will be before mailing me how many points you want.

Please keep in mind the following stipulations:
There will be only 8 Rounds of this game.

Each of the point values have been divided into brackets, you may use each bracket twice and you CANNOT use the same amount of points from a previous round. So for example, if I used 81 in Round 5, then I could still use the [76-100] bracket but I could not use 81 again for this Jungle.

The brackets are: [1-25], [26-50], [51-75], [76-100]

You will need to mail me all 8 of your selected point total for the round. Once you mail me a total, you CANNOT change the amount.

The first two teams to get to 100 points or the person with the most points at the end of 8 rounds if no one gets to 100 points will win this Jungle and remain in the game. Loser goes home.

This Jungle starts now and will end when all teams send me their points or when it becomes 6 pm est tomorrow.
293 days 13 hours ago

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