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Here is where the hosts will post confessionals from castaways.
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- JayBirdNifty
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Ben: I don't know anyone on my tribe and im going home first bc of it good day
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Josh Z (Koolness):

Literally digusting tribe who are these people
Anyways my dumb ass decided to try to hustle for my 6th Stars win and the cast is so messy and horrible and I dont want to get to know any of them. Then I have all these randos messaging me from this game and I do not know if they are talking stars or Survivor and it is overwhelming. Lets hope I slay the challenge tomorrow, if any inactives are on our tribe they will have to go first

Because if i can pull through and make it happen they better be able to
510 days 10 hours ago

Ok first off, thanks for accepting me! Stoked to play :D

I'll be basic and start off with a quick tribe assessment:
- Livingston/noobsmoke13 - I've seen him play before, I believe he's a pretty good player, but someone I see myself aligning with.
- Ben/MilkIsGood - Someone I don't know, but from our brief convo seems like a good person! Another I want to work with.
- Dana/TotsTrashy - Alrighty a legend, we've never played before and rarely talk, but a legend soooooo
- Zach/ziggyzaggy16 - I played once with Zach before, but we voted him out for like 6th? 5th? Considering that was relatively early 2018, I hope and think we've moved on.
- Romeo/BritishRomeo17 - I like Romeo!! Last time we played together, it was a big brother and to be blunt it didn't go well. But I'd for sure love to try work with him.
- Chandler/Chandelier - Idrk Chandler, we messaged each other, but other than briefly doing a cutthroat Christmas together, we've not played before.
- Josh D/Joshbb17 - I don't really know Josh, but I think I could work with him. Ig I'll speak to him more to find out.
- Jay/Jaybirdnifty - Ok so I probably know Jay the best out of the tribe. In summer we played S5 of youtube survivor together, and were in the same F3 alliance who made it to top 4, he got 2nd I got 3rd (an F2), but we bonded well so I definitely think he'll be a good ally.

So literally on the whole, it's a tribe of people I don't really know, and generally have played 1 game with tops. Hoping for a fun game, great to meet some new people!
509 days 22 hours ago
Josh D:

This game is so interesting and is a human chess board. To find areas of opportunities, fork two positions and place opponents in lose lose situations. That’s how I plan on playing this game. The first 2 days are always the hardest for me. I try to be extremely honest and vulnerable and hopefully people don’t abuse it.

I want to find “true” allies, not allies who are temporary blocs who are using each other for means of day to day in game survival. I want to avoid small talk and people who used cliches. I often see people they are “nice” and they don’t reveal a lot, just to fit in and address themselves and avoid being targeted, but they aren’t loyal to you.

I need soldiers, whether they are super threats or mere pawns, I need people who will fight with me.

People who scare me off the bat are jay, Richard, and James. Jay and James are as phony as they come. They come off as nice but they are plotters, they are only loyal to themselves. I have no interest in working with them. Richard from what I’ve seen in other series is extremely vindictive and irrational.

I really want to work and lock it down with Livingston and chandler. Livingston was very sincere, credit to him, he sold me. And I told him, I want to play aggressively and I need someone else who can too. We can do this, and I’m going to say the same to chandler. If I get 2 hardcore loyal guys, come say 3 I will be running the show.

I’ve got quite a few allies on the other side ready for me if I make it. Dan is a very good friend of mine, he likes to cause trouble and I like the way he thinks. Keizo is someone else I would like to work with.

Avoiding tribal council is most likely my best bet, because I know there will be people gunning for me early on. My first target in this game will be jay or James.
509 days 21 hours ago
My name is Chandler, i'm brazilian, i'm 17 years old, i'm young, i'm a baby, i'm american sweetheart and i'm the 3nd from this season. Ops... Did I said 3nd? I mean, I'm the winner. Sorry.

I have a reputation around this shity world that we call tengaged group games that i'm a annoying person, that i put boring gifs on my confessionals, that i'm a goat, you know... people have jeoulous of me so they spreed some bullshits about my beaultiful person to fuck my name around but i'm the queen of this website. I dont care if i dont speak english correctly sometimes, i dont care if u are a xenophobic person who hates brazilian culture which includes a lot of my perfect gifs, i dont care  if you dont like my shine personality because i'm awesome. Dude fuck off.

Queens will always be queens has you like or not!!!-:strip_icc-!!-/2014/09/10/779/n/1922283/53ed70ecdfc3f740_sharp-sharpay-evans-31761060-448-235/i/Own-Your-Unyielding-Hotness.gif

Coming into this game, i didnt liked much of my tribe because im getting sick to find people that i already play with on my past. I like to play with new peole and i like to meet new people so the I would love to be on the other tribe but since im stuck here, lets go to business.

Caroco tribe seems to be a strong group on challenges but we didnt get to a challenge yet so we never know when your perspective at something could be wrong. The people is kinda boring because i already meet a few on past games but Josh is nice and he wants us to make a trio alliance between me, him and Livingston which i dont disagree because i like Livingston from our past game but i voted him out there so i hope he doesnt keep some regret on his heart.

Romeo is nice and i think we can work together so is Dana. So on my mind in a perfect little world, Josh, mel, Livingston, Romeo and Dana could work together and vote the others bitches out but im pretty sure that theres people that is really close to James on this tribe and tbh i dont see myself and James working together since every time that we talk he is kinda like normal. I mean he talks with me in a way that seems he doesnt wanna work me. Maybe that is his way to deal with people but i dont like that at all because i'm a paraonoid person and if u dont talk with me in the way that i expect i kinda think that you dont like me so you become my target.

Jay works all day and this sucks because i hate busy people, i mean why cant u be like me? a person without a life!!! DUUUUH and didnt talked with Zach and Ben yet so screw those bitches.

My plan so far is put myself in a good spot and work from that. I dont want to be a crazy overplayer as I was on my last game because even if this is really cool it always doesnt work  out and you end being a pre merge. I'm not here to get my 3° pre merge boot so lets play this in a good way.

That's all I want to say right now.
509 days 14 hours ago

My tribe won the first immunity challenge and I have several solid bonds, so I am comfortable for now. Dana, Jay, Ben, Josh, and Chandler have all talked to me. I just hope none of them end up talking about me. I am thinking of a final 3 pact with Chandler and Josh. Josh doesn't trust Jay, although Jay and I have been bonding over Mortal Kombat. I would like to find the idol and further solidify these bonds.
509 days 13 hours ago

So, so far I’ve talked to Jakub, Dan, Nicky, and Grace, and I’m trying to get a majority alliance going with Jakub, Dan, and Grace, and maybe Matt (Dan said we might can work with him). I’m also considering adding Nicky to it if Matt or Grace aren’t interested. And I’m, like, really nervous that I’m trying to play too hard right now, but I’m gonna try to play slightly aggressive.

Also, Jakob just told me that Max, Josh, and Jimmy have made an alliance and added him too it, and now Max is trying to talk to me. If he invites me into the alliance, I definitely won’t be opposed considering we’d have majority, but we’ll see how things turn out.
509 days 13 hours ago

I pitched an alliance idea to Romeo and Richard/Dana(?) and they seem for it, although we haven't spoken extensively so I'm not sure how great it will hold up
Josh came to me with an idea of working with him, Chandler, and Livingston which is fine with me because it takes the heat off my name for the first few rounds. I haven't spoken to Livingston but the other two seem fine so I can see it working out.
509 days 13 hours ago

509 days 12 hours ago
Josh D:

Wow i just found the hidden immunity idol on my first try, this is flipping fantastic. This is just one more weapon that I can use to my advantage when the time comes.

So far Ive played straight up, and ive been wanting to set up a quiet yet effective force to have majority. Me, livingston, chandler, and ben. Us 4. None of them seem shady, extremely self-interested, or irrational. I individually went to each of them and laid it out.

If we all play strategically and socially yet remain loyal to eachother, we have nothing to worry about for a very long time. The mistake people make is they play very solo and never form true bonds, and it works, but it isn't a winning approach. I want as many bullets in the chamber as I can get.

I know i just know my name has to be thrown out there. Richard, James, Zach, i have zero interest in working with. Jay is a snake, but even a snake will play with you for a short time if you say the right words to them. So i think ill have to pick my battles.

Richard is on my hit list first.
509 days 10 hours ago

I feel decently confident that my vote will go through. I'm pretty sure I have 4 people voting for Matt Barn tonight. Those 4 being myself, mahal, bb5lover, and koolness. I'm pretty confident that the whole tribe should just be doing Matt, but I'm not 100% sure. I wouldn't be shocked if I left, but I don't think it's going to happen. If I get through this vote I know I'll be in a great spot moving forward, and will be surviving to the swap, or merge if there is no swap. People see me and mahalpin as a final 2, which we are. I think he will be a shield for me because I am closer to most people than he is. Honestly won't be shocked if Barn votes for him tonight. That's all for now (:
509 days 8 hours ago

So i feel pretty comfortable going to this tribal which is weird because usually i get super paranoid when i do go to the first tribal bec no one wants the title of first boot. But anyways i start talking to jakub bec i was just played bigbens allstars with him and he didn't vote me off when i got voted off so i knew i can trust him. Anyways i know i was talking to matt because at this point even with no one going yet i know he's the ultimate goat but whatever. Anyways i know i could get matt while jakub could get Grace making a 4 person alliance so I was the one that stood up and made the chat together. But apparently there was an alliance I was not apart of that I heard through Jakub. There’s a 4 person alliance between Max Nicky Josh and Jimmy. But you know for those 4 on the tribe that have the most experience on tengaged they sure were dumb and not cautious enough to know that when they brought in jakub not  to let jakub know he was #5 . So basically he spilled the beans to jakub. Anyways we need dakota as a 5th. I knew out of the 4 of us I had the best connection with Dakota, So i started talking to Dakota. Obviously I’m not gonna be like hey wanna join this alliance I originally created without you? So I casually ask Dakota is there anyone want to work with ? He brings up working with Grace. So i was like yeah that’s cool. Then i say i can get jakub as well and us 4 can run things. Then Dakota asks me who i can get as a 5 for a majority. I then say why don’t we get matt since he seems loyal. Anyways i go back to my 4 person group and basically told most of what i said to dakota in order to gain trust. So then it was my idea instead of just adding dakota to the group make a new group with us 5 (me dakota grace jakub and matt) this way Dakota doesn’t know he is #5 in the alliance. Anyways So us 5 was talking about who we should vote for. Usually i would be the main decision maker here but i don’t want to risk being first boot so i figure why not just talk about it with the others and make just be a little bit conserve this vote. Anyway we weren’t voting Nicky because we all feel like we can work with Nicky down the road. But my gut doesn’t have good feeling about Nicky but that’s about to bite us. Anyways we didn't target Jimmy because we in all honesty forgot jimmy was in the game lmao. So that left Josh and Max. Originally we were all decided on voting Josh and probably would have voted Josh if he wasn’t excelling in this nonlive challenge so we decided on Max. Anyways since there so sure they have Jakub, which i love bec all of the bad blood is gonna be on Jakub’s hands, is that we knew that their side is voting Matt, and also Nicky is pretending like he hasn’t talked to anyone but is even trying to convince me to vote Matt lol. I find it funny how those 4 don’t think us 5 misfits aren’t gonna figure out what they are trying to do but i hope this max blindsides work which will be hilarious. Also i got to be careful because if i had to guess we are swapping to 3 tribes at 15 and the reason i say that was when i was reading the rules and regulations for idols it mention what happen if there were three tribes. So considering this is the first season the only reason why to mention for 3 tribes is if we are going to swap into 3 tribes down the road.
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Conf 1:
Hey hey first of all I want to say that I'm really excited to play this game.

I came to this game on the tribe where I don't know anyone except Dan and Grace. From the start I knew I wanted to work with these two. Talking to Dan and convincing him that working with Grace is a good idea wasn't hard at all. Dan wanted to work with Matt as well and I happily agreed to that cause at this point I had a pretty good connection with Matt after just few hours.

I actually quickly connected with everyone on my tribe except for Josh and Jimmy. I immediately was put in the position as a swing vote I could either vote with Max, Nicky, Jimmy and Josh or vote with Matt, Dan, Dakota and Grace.

That decision wasn't hard at all because It was like choosing between friend or a stranger. At first the plan was to vote Josh but after we saw what the challenge was we decided that keeping him for now is actually a pretty good idea and instead we targeted Max who I think is the one behind creating this 4 person alliance.

Lastly I want to make something clear. I'm here to win even if it means backstabbing or lying. I'm tired of being seen as a nice guy that only know how to follow someone else lead.

With that being said I hope I'll stay around long enough to get the title of Sole Survivor. And please forgive me for any misspelling or shit like that... English is not my first language.
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