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Survivor Cape Verde ~ Jury Questioning

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81 days 4 hours ago
Let's bring in our jury members... Matt, Cameron, Raul, Eli, Brittany, Absolita, Zach, Andrew, Rubes, and Ahmad.

Ethan, Britt, Nathan... congratulations on making it as far as you can go in this game. You three have outlasted everyone else, now you must convince the jury who you had a hand in voting out, why you deserve to win this game.

This Tribal Council will be an open forum between the final three and the TEN members of the jury. You all are welcome to post statements or speeches as you wish and jury, you are free to ask questions. Please keep everything polite and respectful between one another.

Jury votes will be due at 8:00 PM EST tomorrow, January 26th. We will reveal the votes right away and begin a live reunion.

Being that it is not possible for a 3-way tie due to having eight jurors, if we have a 2-way tie, the third place player will cast a deciding vote.
81 days 4 hours ago
Don’t bother writing whatever bullshit you think is going to convince anyone to vote you

I have questions and I want answers though to be fair they don’t really matter

Britt I get I tried murdering you once but was there any other reason to become obsessed with me for 1/4th of this game when every single other person in my alliance was actively targeting me except me

Nathan, lol

That is all
81 days 4 hours ago
you* but I guess u get it
81 days 4 hours ago
Congratulations Britt!!!! Girl, you deserve it ❤️
81 days 4 hours ago
Raul did you mean it to read like this...?

Britt I get I tried murdering you once but was there any other reason to become obsessed with me for 1/4th of this game when every single other person in my alliance was actively targeting YOU except me?
81 days 3 hours ago
Well if so..
Raul I must say it was impressive how much your name got tossed around this game. From my standpoint you seemed like an easy target for one "side" of the game, and the one at the bottom on the other side. Early on in the game you told me that you and Absol were close and that stuck with me, so I knew if you were probably not likely to "flip" even after the others had you lock in solely me that time. I do also feel that your side was using you as a sort of "shield" in a way, because you kept getting targeted and they were not. I think my decisions to lock you in, if I am being 100% honest, came from us just going back and forth after Praia and me not exactly knowing how to trust you. At the end of the day I felt like I was someone you'd vote for and the way the numbers were looking, I couldn't afford that. I hope you don't take that personally because all the non-game talk we did was genuine.
81 days 3 hours ago
hi. im not going go play by play or whatever since most of you have your minds made up and tbh i just want to write this for the sake of it ig. this will just be about my mindset throughout the game and unless asked i wont go extremley in depth cuz yall dont care ik that.

i dont think i was an underdog this game, but i dont think i was an overdog either. every step of the way it would seem i was on the bottom, but i will be honest when i say i really cant call myself an underdog because i always managed to get myself into a great position. ill start with noahs voteoff

i really didnt think noah was getting voted off here. matt flipped the votes last minute and i was excluded. i wont lie this kinda made me mad and my entire game revolved around this voteout. from this moment onward, i knew who i could trust ans who my targets were. really, during the swap that was what soley dictated my decsisons. the people from praia i deeply wanted to work with while not so much the people from mindelo, save for a few.

early merge i knew i wanted matt and cameron gone. they were essentialy two of the main people who got noah out, so they were the people i wanted out. there was majority alliance created the round cameron went and it got leaked like.. immediantly. uh honestly idk who leaked but it wasnt me and i got accused automatically. this tbh showed where i stood with those ppl and i really knew i couldnt trust them. i wasnt sure about flipping before this but this made it easy. eli was the main one who pushed for me being the leaker, but i pushed for him to go at 10, but it was a double tribal so i couldnt do much in that aspect though.

honestly the endgame was just brutal because i was aligned with everyone of them at some point. of course though, i still had to do what was best for my game. i did feel like if ahamad went at 7 and andrew at 6, i was at the mercy of rubes at 5 and i did trust rubes, but she was giving me weird vibes so i couldt truthfully rely on that so britt or zach had to go and rubes self voted and caused zach to go home. this was when the f3 of myself, ethan and britt was made. i really didnt know if going to the end with britt was the best for my game, but i did know it was one of the better options and so i did go with it in the end.

yeah essentially my game in a nutshell i didnt go too deep for obvious reasons so if you have any questions lmk
81 days 3 hours ago
nothing taken personal, good job and I hope you win tonight, thanks
81 days 3 hours ago
I don’t want to sit here and advocate for the game. And I know I will probably get scrutinized for this but I really just wanted to take the time to apologize to everyone I have hurt. I know intention isn’t impact and I know for a lot of you, I left a rather shitty taste in your mouth. I am going to own that and all I want to say is I am sorry, especially to Brittany, and especially to Zach, and anyone else in the process. I am happy I got to know you all and I don’t want this to reflect on me, tho I know it has, and I hope you can forgive me.
81 days 3 hours ago
Britt you played flawlessly girl and I’m so proud of you❤️

Nathan I genuinely thought we had something good but you obviously wanted me out from the start for whatever reason so good job I guess?

Ethan - I messaged you and you ignored me but congrats on f3
81 days 3 hours ago
bald i didnt rlly wanna vote you the first tribal but it was you and someody else i dont remember tbh and i apparently wanted to keep them more and after that i just felt like u didnt trust me
81 days 3 hours ago
Hi jury…
I think the best thing for me to do here is explain my views and side of the game. My main strategy for this game was building relationships. I knew I couldn’t always rely on competition wins. I knew if I were to get far in this game, it needed to be because I made friends and was honest. For a LONG time in this game I felt “out of the loop.” At times, did I also feel targeted, sure, but that didn’t compare to how I felt about the information that was being given to me or mostly NOT given to me at any particular time. Let me explain…
I came into this game knowing some, but not really knowing a large group of you. I didn’t see this as a disadvantage, yet I saw it as an opportunity to make new friends.

When I swapped on to Praia is when I noticed that there was possibly a big alliance forming that I was not a part of. This was due to me being targeted the second I swapped, LOL, and I heard that Absol was the one who was trying to get me out. This was not great for me because I felt that 1 – this hindered any information coming to me from people I had not yet spoken with, and 2 – I felt blind as to who was more loyal to who in the game. It was a very confusing moment for me… lol.. but I got to work.

My closest allies in the game were Zach, Cam, Smu, and Rubes. I knew we could trust each other, but when Cam and Smu left, I needed to rethink my strategy.

My main goal was to build friendships and trust. Andrew was someone I knew in the game, and I promised him I wouldn’t target him, I kept him in the loop and anytime his name was thrown out, I diverted it, hoping he would do the same for me on his “side.” Eli was also someone I knew that wasn’t directly working with me, but I made him the same promise. I am proud that I upheld both of those promises until Andrew left at 6th. ☹ Andrew, I am sorry to have voted you but what you didn’t know is that I knew who had an idol and who had a nullifier, and because the others had locked you, I felt it best for my game to lock you with them. I am sorry.
Next, was Ethan. Ethan and I just clicked and honestly I think when you hang on a pole with someone for 24 hours straight, you just get to be really good friends (shout out to Nathan, too). I think it was mutual for Ethan and I, that we needed to build our friendship and trust as the game progressed before we solidified our allegiance to each other near the end. Brittany was another person that I am so grateful I got to know. I never asked her not to vote for me, and she never asked me not to vote for her, we knew we were on opposing sides, but again, a friendship gained. Ahmad, we had a friendship before as well and I knew he was an extremely honest person. And Nathan, Nathan had lied to me a couple of times, but when I tried to get him out, the cast was having none of it, so I knew I had to tread lightly there.

When Raul left (I explained my relationship with Raul above), an alliance was formed. By this point I was sort of at the mercy of this alliance and my own gameplay. To be honest I was scared much of the time. I felt left out of the loop. I felt lied to. Even through all that, I tried my very best to play the most HONEST and genuine game possible. I am really proud of the way I played. It got super hard at the end, as I had made many great friends.
When it came to voting, I voted with the people who had proven to me I could trust them. The numbers were SOO TIGHT this game and I couldn’t afford to be the person who flipped. I also couldn’t afford to place a bigger target on me than was already there. So, I hope that this explains enough for you all to award me the win. If not, it’s okay, because I truly believe I made new friends through this experience and for that I am grateful.
Much love xoxo

*hangs onto pole*
81 days 3 hours ago
Thank you @Matt ilysm
81 days 2 hours ago
This game went successfully
I love every single one of you inside and out...
I have no question to ask.
Nathan you played a great game. Ethan U did also; U played a very cutthroat game and I respect that so much.
However, me and Britt was also my f2 just like U Ethan and Nathan.
So No hard feeling for not voting for you guys

Britt girl, congratulations 🎉🍾🎊🎈
80 days 22 hours ago
All I have to say is Britt slayed this so hard.... She is the winner we deserve.


Nathan, idk why you were obsessed with lying about me and trying to get me out but glad you accomplished your goal ig????
80 days 14 hours ago
Thank you @Ahmad and @Cam <33

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