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#NTM18 - House (Tokyo)

Topic » #NTM18 - House (Tokyo)

44 days 22 hours ago
And we are here in this beautiful and majestic city of Tokyo, Japan!

House Front:

Living Room:

Dining Room:


Bedroom #1 (1 slot):

Bedroom #2 (1 slot):

Bedroom #3 (1 slot):

Bedroom #4 (1 slot):

Bedroom #5 (1 slot):

Bedroom #6 (1 slot):

Bedroom #7 (1 slot):

Bathroom #1:

Bathroom #2:


Enjoy your stay in this cozy and amazing view. Make every moment count, send in confessionals, interact with your co-models, and live the best life a contestant should.
44 days 21 hours ago
*Malaika runs ii to claim bedroom 3*
44 days 21 hours ago
*Luka glares at Malaika for picking the best bedroom and decides to pick bedroom 2*
44 days 21 hours ago
*Sasha throws herself down in bed 7*
"Now this is my style!"
44 days 21 hours ago
Also, hopefully once I get your theme from our challenge judge, we will proceed at your challenge immediately.

Arigato gozaimasu!
44 days 21 hours ago
*Shanina runs to bedroom four*

CF: This house is absolutely stunning! I can't wait to explore Japan
44 days 21 hours ago
*Yibo pick bedroom 1*

- Well, i think this bedroom really suits me! Loved it
44 days 20 hours ago
*Reece claims bed 6*

I'm surprised this was still available. Lucky me.
44 days 20 hours ago
Bedroom 5 for me :)
44 days 19 hours ago

Bedroom #1 - Yibo
Bedroom #2 - Luka
Bedroom #3 - Malaika
Bedroom #4 - Shanina
Bedroom #5 - Tanya
Bedroom #6 - Reece
Bedroom #7 - Sasha
41 days 19 hours ago
Reece Cf:

Top seven!!! I am so happy to be here. We have a great group of models left and anything can happen with such fierce competition remaining. As for this photoshoot, I had a lot of fun creating an origin story for my shoot. I think I got carried juuuuuust a tad but hey, I had fun. I think my picture can speak for itself without my explanation so I'm hoping my narrative directions can do it justice.
39 days 7 hours ago
CF: I got second in the photoshoot which was cute! I'm super excited to make top 6 HOWEVER I know that the second wave of comebacks is slowly approaching so i can't get TOO comfortable!
39 days 4 hours ago
*Luka watches Yibo pack his bags and leave and cries very very ugly tears*
38 days 22 hours ago

Congratulations Top 6 and of course Tanya for Week 8 Best Performance, and Reece for Week 9 Best Performance

Best Photo of Week 8:

Best Photo of the Week:

Call-Out Order:


Always share your thoughts in the house, make friends, confessionals, etc. It is an aspect in the game. Thank you!
38 days 21 hours ago
*cheers that she is still in the competition*
I'm suprised I made it this far... well, not really but I'm super happy. Im really wanting to get best photo and genuinely impress the judges. These models best be prepared, because I'm not giving up my seat in this competition.

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