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#NTM18 - Challenge & Photoshoot (3)

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18 days 4 hours ago
Challenge #3

"Inside and Out"

Hello Top 12, welcome to your third challenge. This third challenge will be hosted by none other than our resident judge, the winner of the Next Top Model Cycle 14: Art of Redemption, Judge Jon Kortajarena (tast519)!

Your task this week is very familiar, it was also featured on Week 5's Cycle 16 challenge which was also judged by Jon. That said here's what happened - the Top 4 first call-outs for Week 2 were tasked to choose their own teammates (by rankings), and the results of the trio will be posted below. Now, your challenge today will require effort and more importantly cooperation because for the first time this season, you will be doing a GROUP CHALLENGE.

In Jon's own words he stated "In trios, you should do a neck up photoshoot stacked next to/on top of each other that have the same corresponding theme. Your goal should be to have a photo that's both cohesive and striking."

Here's the original challenge from Cycle 16, you may want to take a look for some inspiration:

I'll be posting the groupings below, 48 hours to do the challenge (future team challenges will be 36 hours, but since it's first I'll let you have this). Thank you and Goodluck! x
18 days 4 hours ago
- Jourdan
- Luka
- Malaika

- Reece
- Cong
- Barbie

- Sasha
- Nastya
- Shanina

- Tanya
- Yibo
- Gigi
18 days 4 hours ago
FAQs for Group Challenges:

1.) I have talked to my teammates, is that enough for me to avoid deductions?
- NO. The least thing you could do is to find yourself a photo and submit it to your teammates.

2.) My teammates did not talk to me and my time is running out, what should I do?
- Post your own creation of collage with both your members on it. Remember, they will still be getting deductions because they did not submit their own photo.

3.) One of my team members chose to submit individually, what will we do?
- You must still pursue a three-person collage with your original members and pick the photo for the one who submitted individually. Only the member who submitted individually will get a deduction, failure to submit a three-person collage will deduct the whole team.

4.) We are late because my teammates did not message/reply quicker?
- Late submission is late submission.
17 days ago
Group 4 |

"Angel's face"

To our team shot we're playing with the angel theme. We know its only a face shot but we all have this angelic face but we r still strong. Our group played really well together and we discussed a lot about this challenge. Now a music to listen while seeing our photo. ♥

16 days 17 hours ago
Group 3 ||||| Team Uniquely Similar

Team Members:
- Sasha
- Nastya
- Shanina


Description: We want to show the white (Nastya), the black (Shanina) and the between which is the rainbow (Sasha). This means the good things, the bad things and the beautiful we get from both of them. Therefore, we have all managed to showcase our personalities and individual uniqueness while still managing to be a cohesive unit.
16 days 16 hours ago
== Group #1 - Malaika, Luka, Jourdan ==

Theme: A Fairy Tale In Three Photos

We went with more abstract theme coming into this group challenge and so we decided to craft our own fairy tale with the three main tropes that we are portraying here today

Malaika is the villager girl that lives a rough life trying to make ends meet (though we all know she's going to be a princess one day), however she doesn't know the happy ever after that awaits her at this current moment.

Luka is the suave and regal prince looking for the perfect person to call his princess, searching the land far and wide

And Jourdan is that nefarious evil queen, be it a magic apple, or a long lasting curse, she is always trying to stop that happy couple from getting together.

These photos together tell a fairy tale that's been told several times over but one thing is certain. Everyone has a role to play here.
16 days 15 hours ago
Group #2: Reece, Cong and Barbie!

Theme: ~Mystery~

Here are these beauty shots that we all individually took, but cohesively came together on. Although, it's early on to this competition we feel as though that we are the mysterious bunch! By going off of that we provided shots with minimal makeup but with a certain execution on showing curiosity through our facial expressions. In a way this collage is of one that you would take in a photobooth and anxiously wait for it to come out and be AMAZED at how great they came out.
16 days 14 hours ago
15 days 16 hours ago
Almost 24 hours waiting. We're hungry Jon!!
15 days 13 hours ago
Jon:  The audacity! Jerard, where did you find this cast?

Anyway, I got other errands to run, so let me judge this photoshoot right quick.

Group 1: this is creative! All three of you are delivering. You look stunning and are each so on point with being your disney archetypes. Amazing job.
Group 2: this is a prime example of why less is more sometimes. This is a theme you didn't need to overthink and I think you guys keeping it straight to the point made this a very strong effort. This looks like a cohesive group photo. All three of you look magnificent. Barbie, I think this is my favorite photo of yours this entire competition!
Group 3: This one's so fun and vibrant! All three of you look beautiful, but something about Sasha's photo is throwing me off. I think it's because her angle, colors, and photo size differ from the other two ladies. I think that critique's fairly minor though and this theme and the composition are so interesting to me.
Group 4: All three of you look like fiery angels. I think this is a solid cohesive group shot and the more I look at this photo, the more I love it.

This was such a strong set of photos, so I have some thinking to do on the results!
15 days 7 hours ago
15 days 7 hours ago
Challenge results and the photoshoot will be posted at 6 AM EST.
15 days 7 hours ago
Good luck y'all 😊
15 days 5 hours ago
I have to post the results now since I have matters to attend to at 6 AM EST. That said, good luck.
15 days 5 hours ago
The winners of this challenge will enjoy an additional 2 points for their total scores this week.

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