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#NTM18 - Challenge & Photoshoot (2)

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23 days 4 hours ago
Challenge #2


Hello, Top 13 and welcome to your next challenge. For today you will meet, still our guest judge, 2nd runner-up on both NTM Cycle 5: Fans vs. Favorites and Cycle 8: Back to Basics, Guest Judge Francisco Lachowski (rahrah).

Fashion Models know how to set a trend, and that's the test you will be put on in this challenge. Guest Judge Francisco stated that he wants to see you post a photo showcasing an unusual fashion. Unusual, which is something you won't see every day. Something unconventional, that doesn't follow any type of rules.

If you have any questions regarding the challenge you can message our guest judge.

This will be a 24 hr challenge. Again, with our first model being eliminated heavily because of time, you don't want to make the same mistake. Good luck guys!
23 days 3 hours ago
Sasha Pivovarova serving you some truly interesting fashion choices
23 days 3 hours ago
Tanya approached this by taking the common love for “vintage” and popularity in “old fashion” trends and took it to an extreme that shows very old fashion that’s long been extinct can still be fashion forward.
23 days 1 hour ago
23 days ago
How´s this for unusual?

Nastya Zhidkova:
22 days 17 hours ago
==Mailaika Firth | Unique Fashion==

I'm a bouquet of flowers
22 days 16 hours ago
Shanina Shaik:

I wanted to show an editorial potrayal of unconventional fashion, the overtly jewelled and flourished costuming isn't something you would see everyday and yet I still push through in the image, juxtaposing the unusual styling with my traditional beauty.
22 days 14 hours ago
Luka Sabbat:

I’m going with a very minimalistic approach to this theme. Keeping the attention solely on the clothes, not letting your eyes get distracted by any crazy filters or clouded backgrounds. I’m keeping it super natural in this photo to direct the attention to the unusual nature the clothing presents.
22 days 12 hours ago
Jourdan Dunn | U N U S U A L |
22 days 8 hours ago

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