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Topic » #NTM18 - HOUSE

3 days 23 hours ago
Top 4 in a challenge again! Keep getting so close but can't snatch a challenge win or 1st callout. I'm hopeful this week I'll snatch the 1st callout though.
2 days 23 hours ago
*Cong wakes up to go sip some tea*

CF: I think some models here have misunderstood the theme *cackles* ... I don't think the host mentioned u can create ur own magazines or just say magazine, he explicitly said to pick one of the listed ones and it wasn't a first-come first-serve thingy. *wonders* This week is going to be very interesting ...
16 hours 37 min ago

I started this competition off strong, But I have lost myself these past few weeks and landing in the Bottom 3 this week has ignited a fire within me to push myself to get back to being the Jourdan I was during week 1 & 2. I'm ready for this next challenge. Lord be with me.
16 hours 9 min ago
Slowly moving up. So close to that first callout but just out of my grasp!
15 hours 19 min ago
*Barbie enters back in the house*

14 hours 52 min ago
Luka CF:

I guess yay at the fact I didn’t go. One of the judges said my face looks bored, and I’m not bored that’s just my face. And I feel like the facial expression I make is kind of my brand lmao. Very rarely will you see me make any sort of emotion in my modeling photos. Now maybe if you took a picture of me standing next to my bestie Yibo. My face would show intense emotion!
14 hours 12 min ago
*Shanina walks back into the house shouting*

Shanina CF:
So we're back to the top ten *eye rolls* that being said I've had my best week to date and I feel very confident with my placing in the competition. I think one of the top competitors going, clearly sends a message to some of the top dogs to watch out. Don't count me out yet folks *smiles*
12 hours 29 min ago
CF: Top 3 in this challenge like I get what the judges were saying about my photo but I'm glad I maintained the top 3 spot and can't wait to do it again! I think I'm becoming a strong contender here

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