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#NTM15 - Task 4 (from Cycle 14)

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DENIMS & DIAMONDS: The goal is to present us a photo of you involving and selling at least one from the two garments involved - denims and/or diamonds.


HIGH SCHOOL STEREOTYPES: We would be hitting cliche characters we would see in our school/universities, "stereotypes" are labels given to individuals generally during high school years, to categorize them, the goal is to portray one of those char


OPULENCE: Opulence means of great wealth or luxuriousness, So the goal of this shoot you need to give us a photo that showcases that, beware with over-the-top or anything that may outshine yourself.


  1. haycsclairHigh School Stereotypes. Also one of my fave photo shoots back in Cycle 8.
  2. RubesHard one, all are great!

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