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#NTM17 - Challenge & Photoshoot (7)

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7 days 19 hours ago

Chocolates in Forrest Gump are exactly what they are illustrated as in the quote: "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." They represent the variety and unpredictability of life. Like how there are many different versions of chocolates, life has different surprises in store for us, and it is up to us to decide which chocolate we'd like to choose.

My photo follows a similar concept. Like chocolates, flowers can also represent the different pathways we have in life; there's so many different varieties which grow in different places and is a reminder to us of what life we've chose. I surrounded myself with so many different types of flowers because I feel like that resembles a box of chocolates in the sense that there's so much variety and unpredictability with that (like maybe being allergic to a certain flower or being attracted due to its color) which I feel resembles a box of chocolates and its uncertainty.
7 days 11 hours ago
==PHOTOSHOOT #7 - Billboards==

The billboards in the movie that I was assigned indicate a sign of grief that Mildred had for her daughter, as Mildred recently lost her daughter in such a terrible way she's trying everything she can in order to get justice. These billboards are essentially a cry for help when it comes to Mildred's grief, and how hurt and pained Mildred is in after losing her daughter.

In my photoshoot today I decided to show that pain, show that grief, just show the hurt I truly am in. I feel the wonky camera angle and the overall mood of the photo really adds to how pained and hurt, and not prepared I was to lose my daughter, symbolizing the grief Mildred had suffered through the movie.
7 days 11 hours ago
I'm sorry but I'm not posting, good luck to everyone else though
7 days 8 hours ago
Mia Goth - Peach

The peach in call me by your name is significant because it shares a level of vulnerability and intimacy between the two men. Elio originally uses the peach as a fuckin sex toy (that poor peach) and later Oliver discovers the stank mess of a peach and he actually like takes a lick outta that shit (in the book he actually eats the peach whole).

Anyways, to get to the point, the peach signifies Elio's vulnerability when Oliver catches him and is a symbol of Oliver's love for Elio because he doesn't judge him for it and actually takes a taste. Good for them!

In my picture I'm lying in a vulnerable position, and I'm sharing an intimate moment with the camera with my gaze. I'm giving you peach realness hunny.
7 days 7 hours ago
Milla Jovovich - Camera Flash

Get out is a popular movie due to its controversial plot about an interracial couple, Chris, a black man, gets into a relationship with Rose and since their relationship reached an all time high she thought it was time for Chris to meet his parents. However, throughout the movies we discover that something strange is going on in that household ... the family for generations has been transplanting their brains into other people's bodies, they preferred black people.

This camera flash is an important symbol because during the movie it is noticeable that whenever there is a camera flash the mind of the original owner suddenly regains control and finds themselves in the psychological shackles that they are going through at the hands of this family. It seems as though this flash can bring back the owner's body's mind back to consciousness from a brainwashed state.

Here I am trying to portray that state of shock and being brainwashed because during this state you're unable to move and you feel like there's no way out of this. I interpreted this assigned symbol as black and white because I feel as though when you're in a trapped state, colours do not represent that terror or ominousness at all. It's like all the colour or joy is sucked out from you and you're in a psychological limbo.
7 days 6 hours ago
Violet Chachki-Rock

As soon as the stone arrives in their lives, the Kim family’s luck begins to turn for the better. But a selfish use of their newfound good fortune, throwing others under the bus as their circumstances improve, comes back to haunt the Kim family, almost like a wish from a cursed monkey paw.

At the start of the film, the stone appears to promise so much but the hollow promises of the stone only go so far and it delivers very little, even going as far as betraying the Kim family, almost resulting in the death of Ki-woo while helping to cause the death his sister, Ki-jeong.

The promise of the Scholar Stone to bring wealth and good fortune to the Kim family is linked strongly to the belief that wealth also brings with it happiness but as we see when the Kim family are left alone in the lavish surroundings of the Parks’ house, their faux lives quickly unravel back to where we joined them at the start, leaving them with nothing.

In this photo just like the rock there is a sense of something appearing as something that it is not and that there is a reveal of truth. Two-faced of you will as the rock of meant for something but it actually gives you nothing at all.
7 days 6 hours ago
Lupita Nyongo

Hermes - The Martian

The Hermes spaceship represents power and hope. It represent human achievement, and our drive to keep moving forward. Hermes is named after a Greek God that is used to represent travel as well. In the movie, the Hermes ship moves through space to save Mark.

In my shot, I am looking out towards the future. I am looking forward with hope. I am willing to travel through space itself to achieve what others think of as impossible.
7 days 5 hours ago
Joohyuk - Lifeboats (Dunkirk) |

As i researched:

"The lifeboats of Dunkirk are a group of between 700 and 850 small boats that departed from Ramsgate in England to Dunkirk in France between May 26 and June 4, 1940, as part of Operation Dynamo, thus helping to save more than 338,000 British and French soldiers held at Dunkirk during World War II."

In my opinion, lifeboats have become the refuge and safe haven for the crew, and that is what I offer in my shot, an environment that is not comfortable, but that gives me a certain security.

To complement, I still tried to use clothes from that time in this reinterpretation.
7 days 5 hours ago
🟣Taylor Swift🟣

Symbol: Clown 🤡

The image of Arthur as the clown symbolizes his marginality from society, the fact that he is a freak and a pariah. He is a clown who has been pushed to his limits and now has a completely demented sense of humor that hinges on violence.


In my photo I'm using his iconic red suit for inspiration in my outfit while taking my own approach to a more feminine look with dark makeup. Very outlandish and makes me stand out like any clown would want. The evil clown is starting to come out....   You better run.
7 days 5 hours ago
Marie Avgeropoulos - Moth (The Silence of the Lambs)

In the film, the serial killer Buffalo Bill uses the moths as calling cards, stuffing them into his victims' throats.

Hannibal Lecter analyzes the significance of the insect just as we would, saying, "The significance of the moth is change. Caterpillar into chrysalis, or pupa, from thence into beauty. Our Billy wants to change, too." But the death's-head moth isn't beautiful. It's creepy, making it the perfect pet for the even-more-creepy killer.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about change a person can make is Physical Fitness. Changes caused by Physical Fitness are something that we have the ability to control based on how determined we are and how much time we put into the transformation. In this photo Marie is demonstrating the transformation caused by physical fitness.
7 days 4 hours ago
7 days 4 hours ago
I will be seeing you at the panel on May 5, 6 PM EST. Thank you and goodluck! x
5 days 20 hours ago

Suzy (Chocolates from Forrest Gump) - Suzy, this feels like a breath of fresh air, a good one. I like your interpretation of the symbol it really felt like you know what you are doing and you've reviewed the film enough to give such an idea. This photo is definitely one of your best submissions so far and I can't wait to see more of this from you.

Dua (Billboards from Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri) - I liked the styling and the tone of this photo. One thing I didn't like though is how the photo was cropped like it was supposed to be a wider shot. The mood, as you said is on point I can actually see this ambiance equals to some scene of the movie. The facial expressions I believe could've been more of grief.

Avan ("Heart of the Ocean" Necklace from Titanic) - I am really sad and at the same time disappointed about this shocking exit. That being said, I'd like to leave a note on what the necklace from Titanic symbolizes as per the links I've posted above:

“The Heart of the Ocean is a symbol of Rose's heart and her love for Jack, as conveyed by her line, "A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets." For Rose, the diamond's value is not determined by its magnificent size, but rather by the context and meaning it holds for her as a memento of her time with Jack. This is why Rose decides to drop the jewel back into the North Atlantic, rather than turn it over to treasure hunters. By doing so, she symbolically reunites with Jack, and dreams that night that she is back with him aboard the Titanic."

Milla (Camera flash from Get Out) - One thing I liked about you is how you interpret things. It tells me a lot about you being smart and witty. With that being said, you in the littlest of things incorporated the movie through your shot. But I have to be honest, it did kinda have me expected more from what you've delivered here. It's not a bad shot, but again it doesn't scream "wow".

Violet (Rock from Parasite) - First of all I really liked the colors popping out on this shot. I do hope that it somehow captures the tone of the movie. Other than that, I really like how you took on the task today, the mask was such a smart idea. The posing looks really fierce, the expression however could've given more. But still, I think you did a good job overall.
5 days 19 hours ago
Mia (Peach from Call Me By Your Name) - This is such a great shot, Mia! First of all, that green dress or shirt (or whatever you are wearing) was a nice touch for this very monotone photo, in a good way of course. Now your facial expression really was on point on speaking vulnerability and really does make us wonder what happen or what will happen. It speaks story in short.

Lupita ("Hermes" spaceship from The Martian) - Lupita, I am actually 50/50 about your shot. While I think you presented an incredible shot, this for me shared little to no connection on what you've wanted us to see. Well, that's for me at least. Now it is obvious that you are one of the competitors to watch out for, I still think you are holding yourself back.

Joohyuk (Lifeboats from Dunkirk) - Joohyuk, you might as well be the perfect choice for casting in the next film. You also studied the given film even though you had the disadvantage of getting a completely different film for the shoot. In my opinion, you actually turned that disadvantage into an advantage by presenting this shot. This also felt a completely different tone to what you've submitted so far.

Taylor (Clown from Joker) - First of all, congratulations on winning the challenge. I actually thought you would actually change your symbol for I think you would've had an easier task with the other movies that were in the options. But you did take on the challenge and I am glad you did. It wasn't as good as your first interpretation, but this presents us with a different image.

Marie (Moth from The Silence of the Lambs) - Marie, I personally think that your given symbol has the tendency to give you one of the easier to move/think around with. I appreciate you going that physical fitness route which I didn't expect at all. But comparing this shot from the shots I've seen so far, this just doesn't scream "Top Model".
5 days 17 hours ago
Lenox's Comments:

Suzy- This was a great shot for you! It felt subdued without being safe. This shot is very interesting to me. I love the approach you went with it and i feel that it might just pay off for you this week. Your facial expression is nice in the shot and the vibe of it gives off exactly what you were aiming for! Good job!

Dua- I disagree with Jerard here. I actually didn't mind how the photo was cropped. The vibe i'm getting from the photo fits what you defined very very well and i think that I can definitely see the grief you described. The shot itself is great and i think you did a great job this week!

Mia- I like this shot. I think you sell it incredibly well in your description of it. This is a shot i wish was a bit wider as it feels it cuts off at a weird point, but your facial expression is killer and i do sense the vulnerability for sure! Overall i'd say it was a great job!

Milla- Your interpretation of the camera shot was a bit different from what I expected it to be, but that doesn't mean it's wrong. I think that I was just expecting something else. With that being said, your interpretation drew me in a bit and had me excited for what was to come. The shot itself felt a bit safe to me. It wasn't anything WOW, but at the same time was by no means a bad shot. I think you did a solid job!

Violet- The posing seems a little awkward, but in the best ways! I love it. I think that the concept you went with was killer and hits it right on the head. I don't think that your shot 100% catches the tone of the movie, but, to me at least, it doesn't have to because your shot hits every other mark perfectly. I get exactly what you were going for and I'm super proud of you this week! Great job!

Lupita- I like this shot a lot. You talked a lot about hope in your description and i see nothing BUT hope on your face! The styling could be a bit better, but like i said to violet, if you can sell it, i'm buying it. This shot is another great one for me and i'm excited to see what else you can pull out if you stay! Goodluck!

Joohyuk- This is a side of you that i don't think the judges have gotten to see yet. It shows true versatility, and this shot might just be my favorite of the night. It shows exactly what was described while still, in my opinion, somewhat fitting the tone of the movie. VERY great job this week!

Taylor- I didn't know what to expect from you going into this photoshoot, especially with the movie given, but GIRL. This is it! One of my favorites of the night honestly. You have shown so many layers of what the movie is and what it means to be Arthur. And we haven't even talked about the shot itself yet. The posing, the facial expressions, the styling, all of it is fantastic! Great job!

Marie- I have to agree with Jerard here. While it was definitely not a choice i would've expected, it was cool to see you relate the two, and they did definitely fit what was asked. I just think the photo itself wasn't as good as some of the others we've seen tonight.

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