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#NTM17 - Challenge & Photoshoot (7)

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13 days 7 hours ago
Hi guys, before we get straight to your challenge this week. Let us see first the two models who will be exchanging camps. Now, if in case of any tie on who's the most voted, the model with the lower placing will be the model to be exchanged. If you didn't vote, it would consider a self-vote.
13 days 7 hours ago
Camp Whiteboard Votes:

Violet - 3 votes
Lupita - 1 vote
Suzy - 1 vote
Joohyuk - 0 votes
Milla - 0 votes

Moving to Camp Goal Diggers - Violet Chachki (Ajathekween)
13 days 7 hours ago
Camp Goal Diggers Votes:

Dua - 2 votes
Marie - 1 vote
Mia - 1 vote
Taylor - 1 vote
Avan - 0 votes

Moving to Camp Whiteboard - Dua Lipa (spinfur)
13 days 7 hours ago
Camp Whiteboard 7.0:

- Dua Lipa (spinfur)
- Nam Joo-hyuk (SeongWoo)
- Lupita Nyong'o (smallchild99)
- Milla Jovovich (humanwebjet1)
- Bae Suzy (SharonMaItems)
13 days 7 hours ago
Camp Goal Diggers 7.0:

- Avan Jogia (Hunty)
- Marie Avgeropoulos (SennaRichards)
- Mia Goth (nateclove)
- Taylor Swift (tswiftlover13)
- Violet Chachki (Ajathekween)
13 days 6 hours ago
Which disgusting piece of trash voted for me... I will find them and make them pay
13 days 6 hours ago
*rolls her eyes*
13 days 6 hours ago
Challenge #7

"The Oscars - Part 1"

Hello my beautiful Top 10! As we all know The Oscars 2021 have recently concluded as Chloé Zhao's Nomadland won the best picture at the ceremony. In top model, we will be having our very own ceremony for this whole week. Your challenge judge today would be me, and I am really excited about how this will play out.

I assigned each of you to a character from some of the Oscars nominated films in the 90s up to the present. Now I did not assign you to a complete likeness you have with the character but rather somehow really far away from who you are and what you have brought so far.

I want you to go outside your comfort zone on this one so I decided to assign you to a certain character. I want you to think about the characters' if you have not watched that film you were assigned, you are missing out on a good movie, but of course the internet has every description of them so you can do that too.

This was not supposed to be easy, it's Top 10. I need to feel you deserve that spot. You have 24 hours to do the challenge. Below are your assigned film characters. Goodluck!
13 days 6 hours ago
Film characters:

Avan - Rose DeWitt Bukater (Titanic)
Dua - Mildred Hayes (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri)
Joohyuk - Belle (Beaty and the Beast)
Lupita - Mark Watney (The Martian)
Marie - Hannibal Lecter (The Silence of the Lambs)
Mia - Elio Perlman (Call Me By Your Name)
Milla - Elisa Esposito (The Shape of Water)
Suzy - Forrest Gump (Forrest Gump)
Taylor - Arthur Fleck (Joker)
Violet - Kim Ki-woo (Parasite)
13 days 6 hours ago
Updates are posted on your camp, check below:

Camp Whiteboard -

Camp Goal Diggers -

The Camp is too quiet. Speak up more!
13 days 6 hours ago
==Challenge #7 - Mildred Hayes==

For those of you who are unaware of the story of Mildred Hayes, she serves as the protagonist of the story, after her daughter was raped and killed by a man, she strove towards justice, and seeked revenge throughout.

She even goes as far as setting the police station on fire and buying billboards to protest the justice system because her daughter is not getting the justice she deserved to get, it ends with Mildred going out with Dixon to kill a man that was known to kill and rape woman, which the ending is ambiguous on what her final decision is.

I decided for my photo here there are going to be multiple layers, first the facial expression which reads anger, vengeful, wanting justice for a daughter I lost. The flowers I hold are representing the daughter, both representing her when she was full of life but now dead like the flowers look, but also representing the justice she doesn't have. As in they were full of life when placing it on the grave, but do to how long justice took, they have wilted and died.

The final addition I'd like to point out is the paint smudges in the background, to represent the smudges how many sexual assault cases go without justice because of the times, and even nowadays. Showing the messiness and the truthfulness of what reality is.
13 days 4 hours ago
Mia Goth as Elio Perlman

Elio Perlman is a 17-year-old Jewish-Italian boy. He spends a great deal of time playing piano, learning classical pieces as well as composing his own. He is the protagonist of the coming-of-age story, a teenager on the brink of manhood, experiencing love for the first time.

The son of Jewish scholars, Elio is trilingual, well-read, and a talented musician. He spends his summers working on classical scores, playing the guitar and piano, reading and swimming with friends. He is initially attracted to and in a sexual relationship with Marzia. When he meets Oliver, his attraction eclipses his other interests. During Oliver's stay in his family's house, Elio tries to spend as much time as possible in his presence. Although he understands he's attracted to Oliver, it takes time for Elio to decide if he wants anything to happen between them.

If we ignore the fact that this movie is about an old man falling in love with an underage teenager, I can actually kind of find myself relating to Elio's character.

My photo is totally giving Elio realness! I'm giving you young, sweet and innocent, but there's definitely a bit of sexuality in my gaze. I believe the photo itself is also artistic with my outfit, pose and the overall angle of the photo, which is a homage to Elio's natural artistic tendencies.
13 days 2 hours ago

Forrest Gump was an extremely lucky man; he may have not been born normally like other kids as he was born with a curved spine so he had to wear leg braces, and he also was born with a relatively low IQ of 75, but he didn't let anyone tell him he was different. As his mother told him, "Stupid is as stupid does."

His character exudes a compassionate, optimistic, and tenacious attitude in the face of countless setbacks and he strives to help every person he meets despite his strong naivety.
He is an endearing character and shows devotion to his loved ones and duties. These traits cause him to encounter many historical figures and events throughout his life.

The photo I've chosen is supposed to represent his character. Forrest Gump wasn't known as one of the smartest characters in media so I'm attempting to look "dumber" per se in my photo, giving off very ditzy, silly and stupid expressions. As well, I've gone for this more sweet, innocent concept because it exudes the idea of optimism, and looking for the good in others. I am showing how loving and endearing I really am in my photo and I hope that translates well with the judges.

"Life was like a box of chocolates; you'll never know what you're gonna get."
12 days 19 hours ago
Avan Jogia - Rose from Titanic

She likes jewelry and so do I
12 days 19 hours ago
Lupita Nyong'o

Mark Watney "The Martian"

The Martian is a film about an expedition to Mars gone wrong. Essentially, Mark is stranded on Mars and thought to be dead. He has to find ways to communicate back to Earth that he is still alive, keep his sanity in isolation, and stay alive when he only has enough for for a couple of days (when it is likely he will be stranded on Mars for years). Mark begins planting crops on Mars to sustain his time there. I am showing that in this shot. I have planted and grown crops, and they are the only thing that is keeping me going as I wait for someone to rescue me. I'm trying to keep my spirit, even though you can see that I am mentally struggling on my face. These plants are going to keep me going, and keep me from giving up on Mars.

"They say once you grow crops somewhere, you have officially colonized it. So, technically, I colonized Mars. In your face, Neil Armstrong!"
-Mark Watney
12 days 19 hours ago
Violet Chachki:

Kim Ki-woo

Ki-woo is the son of the Kim family, a smart and ambitious young man who feels held back by poverty. After getting referred for a tutoring gig, he orchestrates a plan in which his whole family begins working for the same wealthy family. He has good intentions, even if he is dishonest about how he achieves success, and just wants to create a better life for his family.

After the run-in with Moon-gwang and her husband, Ki-woo becomes exceedingly attached to the lucky rock that his friend gave him, and carries it around as a totem. After Geun-sae bludgeons him with it, Ki-woo emerges from a coma all the more motivated to ascend the class ladder, buy the Parks' home, and reunite with his father, who is living in the subterranean bunker.

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