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#NTM17 - Challenge & Photoshoot (6)

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14 days 21 hours ago
Hi guys, before we get straight to your challenge this week. Let us see first the two models who will be exchanging camps. Now, if in case of any tie on who's the most voted, the model with the lower placing will be the model to be exchanged. If you didn't vote, it would consider a self-vote.
14 days 21 hours ago
Camp Whiteboard Votes:

Marie - 3 votes
Lupita - 2 votes
Joohyuk - 0 votes
Milla - 0 votes
Suzy - 0 votes

Moving to Camp Goal Diggers - Marie Avgeropoulos (SennaRichards)
14 days 21 hours ago
Camp Goal Diggers Votes:

Violet - 2 votes
Avan - 1 vote
Dua - 1 vote
Lucien - 1 vote
Taylor - 1 vote
Mia - 0 votes

Moving to Camp Whiteboard - Violet Chachki (Ajathekween)
14 days 21 hours ago
Camp Whiteboard 6.0:

- Nam Joo-hyuk (SeongWoo)
- Lupita Nyong'o (smallchild99)
- Milla Jovovich (humanwebjet1)
- Bae Suzy (SharonMaItems)
- Violet Chachki (Ajathekween)
14 days 21 hours ago
Camp Goal Diggers 6.0:

- Avan Jogia (Hunty)
- Dua Lipa (spinfur)
- Lucien Laviscount (Neme91)
- Marie Avgeropoulos (SennaRichards)
- Mia Goth (nateclove)
- Taylor Swift (tswiftlover13)
14 days 20 hours ago
Omg at those votes from camp Goal Diggers 馃ぃ
14 days 20 hours ago
Challenge #6

"The Past, The Present and The Future"

Hello guys and welcome to your sixth challenge. As I've said at the panel last night, you'll meet this week a guest judge. Please welcome, the winner of the Next Top Model Cycle 14: Art of Redemption, also one of our former judges, Jon Kortajarena (tast519)!

This challenge is a familiar one for our guest judge since he - along with his teammates Lizzo and Miles won this at week 5's challenge of #NTM14. So what is it? First, You will be put in teams of three (this time you'll be divided amongst your camp - with one of Camp Whiteboard having only 2 members).

As the title say, you'll be doing an interpretation of the past, the present, and the future. One of the members of your team must put it in a collage (it's up to you who will make the collage), and give us an explanation behind it. Now beware, you need coherence since it is a collage, if you will have your theme, it's up to you.

Now, if by chance you'll be posting late because a member is not participating, you'll let me know, if you'll submit individually (not in a collage), deductions will apply as well. This will be a 36 hr challenge so you must post before April 27, 6 PM EST.

Posted below are the teams for this challenge. Cooperation is a must, so goodluck!
14 days 20 hours ago
For some references of the challenge in the 14th season of the same title, click the link below:
14 days 20 hours ago
Team A:
- Avan
- Marie
- Taylor

Team B:
- Dua
- Lucien
- Mia

Team C:
- Joohyuk
- Lupita
- Milla

Team D:
- Suzy
- Violet

For Team D, Suzy and Violet, one of you needs to have 2 photos in the collage.
14 days 20 hours ago
Love this!
14 days 20 hours ago
Updates are posted on your camp, check below:

Camp Whiteboard -

Camp Goal Diggers -

The Camp is too quiet. Speak up more guys!
14 days 12 hours ago
Milla (Past) | JooHyuk (present) | Lupita (Future) |

The theme that our group portrays for this challenge is depression.

Milla represents the phase of despair and neuras, when you are at the bottom of the well. For this reason, it is in the darkest point of the image gradient.

JooHyuk represents the present, the person who has learned to control his little inner monsters, but who has not yet completely escaped. For this reason it is found in the border of the color spectrum between dark and light.

Lupita represents the phase desired by all, to get rid of that burden and bring happiness and light back into your life, the smile that illuminates your life and that of people around you. For this reason, Lupita is in the clearest spectrum of the gradient and is totally in the clear.
13 days 12 hours ago
Violet and Suzy: The Evolution of Fashion

Past(Violet): Violet is representing the style of a vintage Vegas Showgirls that performed an had their flashy and sparkly style.

Present: Suzy is representing the everyday fashion today which is very modern and commercial. It suits the retail brands today like Forever 21 and H&M.

Future: As seen and newer trends of fashion it always picks up and references from the past trends. So in this photo it is reminiscent of past trends yet while keeping it fresh and new.
13 days 12 hours ago
Future is Violet btw
13 days 11 hours ago
TEAM B: A Journey Through Fashion

DUA LIPA | Future

In our collage, we're showcasing fashion throughout the years. We're not talking a couple of years, we mean fashion between HUNDREDS of years.

We begin our journey with Mia, who's showcasing fashion in the 1600's. She's dressed as a more fashionable interpretation of a pilgrim. Before you ask, yes she most likely would be accused of being a witch, and what about it?

Next up we come straight to the present, with Lucien showcasing the fashion trends of today. He's rocking his simpler clothes with the statement leather jacket, very in tune with today's trends.

Lastly we skip forward to the future with Dua, and we don't mean like 2025... we're talking the year 2550. We believe the fashion in the future will be weird, funky and abstract. Geometric shapes and exaggerated clothes will be all the rage, mark our words.

We hope you enjoy our presentation and collage, Judge Jon!
13 days 9 hours ago
TEAM A: Nature

Collage Discription:
Our collage is our interpretation of the Past, Present and Future of Nature.


Nature is the foundation in which we all depend on. Throughout time, Nature's ability to support us has dwindled.

In the past our ecosystem was flourishing and nature was at its highest peak, we had millions upon millions of trees and all types of nature. This was right before we started tearing down millions of trees to build malls and other types of buildings.

As the human population increases, our natural resources are being depleted. In this photo, the sky remains a beautiful blue, but you see Marie is surrounded by rough terrain and yellowing foliage. This is Nature's attempt to warn us that it is suffering and we should take action to preserve it.

The future of our ecosystem has crashed and nature is finally depleted. Our sky is now a white orange tint and humanity is fighting to survive. Now that nature is suffering we are suffering as well.
Without trees around to provide oxygen it's just a matter of time before we all perish.

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