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#NTM17 - Camp Whiteboard

Topic » #NTM17 - Camp Whiteboard

13 days 23 hours ago
Joo Hyuk

CF: Well, i'm start thinking i'm not good enough for this competition and i keep asking myself "Should i continue fighting?" wel... i think i should, maybe its just a bad starting game. I will understand if my teammates send me to the another camp like... i keep losing and losing, i feel bad about this.
13 days 8 hours ago
*The models can see Lizzo performing in the Camp Goal Diggers house from the window*
12 days 22 hours ago
Suzy | CF

"I really don't know who keeps voting me but it's fine I guess.. but I am SO happy that I did really well in the photoshoot last week! I hope this week goes smoothly."
12 days 22 hours ago
*Suzy says her goodbyes to Marie, feeling bad for her frequent moving, but knowing she'll still be someone who was on Camp Whiteboard. She encounters Cody bringing his bags in, and welcomes him in.*

"Welcome to Camp Whiteboard!"
12 days 22 hours ago

CF: Whooooaaahh, i'm soo happy that i'm not in the bottom this time, i was really anxious about this shot, and i do think Marie should leave this competition, i dont know why she is still here after recycling the same photo.

Joo Hyuk walks to the kitchen.

- Hey Guys, IMPORTANT reunion! Everyone here please! And also, Welcome Cody! (Everyone see your mails PLEASE)
12 days 21 hours ago

Congratulations to Milla for having the best performance this week and to everyone who made it to Top 14!

Best Photo of the Week:

Call-Out Order:


Always share your thoughts in the house, make friends, confessionals, etc. It is an aspect in the game. Thank you!
12 days 21 hours ago
Camp Whiteboard 3.0:

- Cody Calafiore (Tommy123)
- Nam Joo-hyuk (SeongWoo)
- Lupita Nyong'o (smallchild99)
- Milla Jovovich (humanwebjet1)
- Bae Suzy (SharonMaItems)
- Kim Tae-hyung (stuartlittle16)
- Violet Chachki (Ajathekween)

For Cody, kindly pick the bed you are staying in before proceeding to the challenge/photoshoot.
12 days 21 hours ago

Bedroom #1 - Milla (1 spot left)
Bedroom #2 - Lupita (1 spot left)
Bedroom #3 - Joo-hyuk and Taehyung
Bedroom #4 - Suzy and Violet
12 days 21 hours ago
*Cody walks in with his stuff and looks around*

Cody: Hey guys, i am excited to be on your team


Cody: Okay I am kinda confused on why Camp Gold Diggers chose me to switch onto Camp Whiteboard. I wasn't annoying anyone, I was being nice to everyone
12 days 12 hours ago

Milla: Yaayyyy I got POTW.

CF: Slayyy I'm so excited that just in week 2 I was able to snatch POTW. I might have been last pick or been overlooked but this is just a sample of my potential :) *giggles* TBH I would have been surprised if I didn't get it, I put in so much work in the challenge and photoshoot because I need to show my modelling talent. ANYWAYS I'M SO EXCITED!
9 days 12 hours ago
Lenox's Advice of the Week:
Both teams did wonderful this week! I enjoyed them all! I'm currently judging you as individuals and I'm hoping to see stellar shots! Don't disappoint ;)

You don't get to the top by being safe! Remember that! Stay Gorg!
9 days 10 hours ago
*hears Lenox's advice for the week and says aww*

CF: That's so sweet of Lenox to drop in like that every week!! From the comments, I think I did well enough *laughs* But that's still one judges opinion, yea but I think my plan to get back to back POTW isn't gonna happen. *sighs* anyways I'm still happy to show what I can do since I'm able to follow directions well.
8 days 21 hours ago
*Joohyuk Wakes up to cameras in her face*
8 days 12 hours ago
*Milla starts getting ready for the panel*
8 days 12 hours ago
CF: Getting top 5 and obtaining immunity would be a pretty sweet advantage, but if I get it or not I'm still gonna try to slay every week anyways and hopefully produce shots that all the judges like. *sighs*

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