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#NTM17 - Camp Goal Diggers

Topic » #NTM17 - Camp Goal Diggers

20 days 21 hours ago
Welcome to your house located right here in the neighborhood of Hollywood, in Los Angeles, California. As you go to the house, you'd only be seeing 4 bedrooms which are only good for 2pax per room.

Happy hunting!
20 days 21 hours ago
Models do not just showoff with photoshoots, their personality should shine as bright as well. So what better way to do that? Let us know what you are as a person, hang out in the house more, talk with your co-models, I assure you it will help you in the future.

Welcome to your house!

Living Room:

Dining Room:


Bedroom #1 (Two Slots):

Bedroom #2 (Two Slots):

Bedroom #3 (Two Slots):

Bedroom #4 (Two Slots):

Bathroom #1:

Bathroom #2:

Pool Area:

Enjoy your stay, and please be ACTIVE - make this game more interesting, send in here your thoughts, confessionals, interact with others, etc.
20 days 21 hours ago
*Taylor moves into bedroom 2*
20 days 21 hours ago

OMG I'M so pumped to be here!!! I'm thrilled to be on Team Camp Goal Diggers! We work well together and we slayed that first challenge!!! I hope that will continue!!!
20 days 21 hours ago
*Mia also claims bedroom 2*

*screams and hugs Taylor while jumping up and down*

"We freaking killed it! I was super nervous we would lose but we slayedddd!"
20 days 21 hours ago
*Taylor hugs Mia back*

Taylor - Omg hi!! I'm so happy you chose to be my roommate!!! We are going to have such a great time together!! And yes we won, We killed it!!!
20 days 21 hours ago
*Cody claims bedroom 1*

Cody: Wow this bedroom is much nicer then the ones on big brother
20 days 21 hours ago

Cody: I am really excited to be here and that we won the first challenge but I did feel like it wasn't my best

Cody: But don't worry, I am still in it to win it for my Big Brother fans
20 days 20 hours ago
*Dua heads into bedroom 3*

CF: You know I'm absolutely glad we won the first challenge, I was a bit nervous my editing was gonna have an issue but I'm glad we I was able to secure the challenge win for us. I enjoyed how both Mia and I got a special shout-out for standing out that's always nice. Let's just hope our team and keep up the momentum.
20 days 16 hours ago
*Ryan moves into bedroom 4*
20 days 14 hours ago
*Marie also Moves into bedroom 3*

Your editing skills were great, thank you for taking the time to put everyone's shots together :)
20 days 12 hours ago
*lucien claims bedroom 1*
20 days 12 hours ago
Oh no mention it! It may not have been the cleanest edit but at least I know the difference between 7:5 Ratio and 5:7 Ratio
*I giggle*
20 days 10 hours ago

Avan: Yes, we won the first challenge! I'm so happy about it and ready to give my all in this competition!
20 days 9 hours ago

Bedroom #1 - Cody and Lucien
Bedroom #2 - Taylor and Mia
Bedroom #3 - Dua and Marie
Bedroom #4 - Ryan and Avan

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