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287 days 2 hours ago
Challenge #1


Hello and welcome to your very first challenge for this season of Next Top Model. For this week, you probably know that it should be something related to the tagline. Today you will set the tone for the competition.

For this challenge, you are to give us a photo that represents the definition of redemption - the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil. Which means you are to fight your own evils.

Your judge for the challenge is Judge Lenox, the winner of the Next Top Model, Cycle 11.

24 hours to do the challenge, failure to submit on time means a 2 point deduction. Thank you and Goodluck! x
287 days 2 hours ago
“I want it to be one picture, so not like the photo shoot where it’s good vs evil but one where they are actively battling themselves.” - Lenox
287 days 1 hour ago

Sometimes redemption means leaving a place you once knew to start your life somewhere else, so therefore the photo I have presented you today is me looking back at this place that corrupted me. A single last look before heading on my new adventure with only a backpack of my stuff to my name.
287 days 1 hour ago

In my eyes, one must embrace their past in order to be able to redeem themselves for the future. I am accepting myself for who I am to be able to bounce back.
287 days 1 hour ago

We all make mistakes, and everyone can fix or improve them, no matter how. I think and reflect on the actions I did in the past, and how I should fix them, as I look at the horizon. This photo represents well how I am and how I intend to redeem myself.
287 days ago

This to me embodies a soul who feels trapped in their past life of sin, the look to me shows that said soul looking for a way out of their own darkness
286 days 23 hours ago
Rosie - https://www.gotceleb.com/wp-content/uploads/photos/rosie-huntington/whiteley-elle-uk-magazine-january-2017/Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley:-Elle-UK-2017--02.jpg

Redemption to me is going from something you didn’t like to improving yourself, wether it be your body, your looks, your intelligence, your creativity. Anything that you want to improve about yourself to make yourself feel you total best and however you want to get there, take yourself from the bad place and make it a better place.
286 days 20 hours ago
*confessional* I used to have an eating disorder when I was younger, so this photoshoot means a lot to me.


Redemption for me came in the form of me seeking help and slowly becoming more confident in myself and my body, only then was I able to clense myself from my demons.
286 days 12 hours ago

The three step key to happiness when everything is down - Redemption, Reconstruction and Recover.
286 days 11 hours ago
my photo is like over the top saying packing away to go somewhere else to get away from the evil things and what made her evil but what made her evil before she left sees her and she tries to hide by a book
286 days 11 hours ago
Bella Hadid {Redemption}

My interpretation of redemption is changing for the better. When I think of redemption I think of Scrooge and what did he have to do to redeem himself of his malicious ways? The three ghosts took him on a journey and made him reflect on his past, present and future life choices. You cannot redeem yourself unless you reflect on your flaws and that’s what I’m telling in this photo. I’m taking a moment to reflect and process all the negativity and throw it all away. The use of black and white is to enhance the thought of reflection of the good and the bad. The strap half way down my arm suggests that their is still some imperfections that I need to work on in my life. I’m redeeming myself through reflection but I’m not fully pure yet.
286 days 11 hours ago
Nyakim Gatwech


Redemption is something important to me. Black people have been abused in the past, and to show my black body to everyone shows how proud I am of being a black woman and that's how I get my redemption.
286 days 7 hours ago
Kylie Jenner - https://pmchollywoodlife.files.wordpress.com/2016/06/kylie-jenner-new-shoot-lip-kit-dead-of-knight-ftr1.jpg?w=600

This photo represents redemption because I’m looking into the mirror and thinking about what my life will be like in the future if I stay the evil witch that I am. I’m covering my face to indicate the bad side of me while I’m showing some insecurity/innocence to present the good that wants to come out
286 days 4 hours ago
Jon - https://i.pinimg.com/originals/54/21/89/542189c6858edd2a74203ab22170944c.jpg

My baby is my true redemption. He made me go from being cold and selfish to being the most vulnerable and giving I've ever been. Thus, I give you a picture of me and my pride and joy, and how he always makes me feel (vulnerable and emotional, yet stronger than ever).
285 days 11 hours ago
Results will be posted tonight! :)

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