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37 days 17 hours ago
Challenge #6

"Music Video Shoot"

So, hello Top 9! For Laith, congratulations on being saved this week, then again comes the catch - you need to perform atleast top half of the models currently here for this coming week (which means atleast Top 5) or you'll be in danger again of elimination as the twist stated - "HOWEVER it is in the saved model hands on how he/she will be getting redemption as it is needed for him/her to place at least higher than half of the model in the game for the next week. If he/she failed to placed higher, the model will be eliminated (if he/she will not be saved again)."

Your challenge judge this week is Judge Lucky. He specifically stated this:
Every music video ever put out by an artist is different in design and everyone has a different artistic appeal to it. For today's challenge you will all be taking part in the reshoot of several music videos. The goal for the challenge is for you to emobody the wardrobe. THE CHALLENGE IS NOT FOR YOU TO FOCUS ON THE SONG, LYRICS, ETC. The goal is as a model you want to get casted into this music video, show that you have what it takes to be in this video. There will be 9 music videos for your choosing. It's first come first serve. NO RESERVING!!

You have 24 hours to do the challenge. Goodluck!
37 days 17 hours ago
TONES AND I - Dance Monkey

Lil Was X - Old Town Road

Marshmello ft. Bastille - Happier

37 days 17 hours ago
Becky G - Shower

MKTO - Classic

Doja Cat - Cyber Sex

37 days 17 hours ago
Madonna - Bitch I’m Madonna

Panic! At The Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies

Gotye ft. Kimbra - Somebody That I Used To Know

37 days 17 hours ago
Additional comment from judge Lucky: "the main point is that i want to see a photo of them that can easily be taken as if they were in the music video themselves as an extra"
37 days 17 hours ago
Luka Sabbat - "Shower"

Yes I know I have a fur coat and that and water don't really match however I still want to bring it all together and add my own spin on it because I'm wearing a mesh shirt and some shorts which you would normally find in a pool setting which shower is based off of, if fact I'm sure Becky G wore a similar thing in one of the outfits during the music video, of course I'm not trying to be Becky G but I am serving the music video to a T.
37 days 14 hours ago
Picking bitch I’m madonna
37 days 14 hours ago
Jhonattan Burjack-Bitch I’m Madonna


This video was filled with bright colors, over-the-top outfits, some sexual innuendos and just overall seemed like a crazy ass frat party gone wrong. I feel like this photo of me could have definitely fit right in with the people in the music video from my clothing to even how I’m sexually licking his lollipop. I think I fit right in 😁.
37 days 14 hours ago
Efren Perdomo ― Classic


A lot of elegant and old-fashioned attire, which is why I wear a white tuxedo with black pants and shoes. The song happens mostly at a party and a stage, so I would fit in perfectly as an extra or as the singer, on both sides I look good! Long live the music!
37 days 14 hours ago
If you read I said no reserving so it’s still first come first serve
37 days 14 hours ago
But my photo is valid?
37 days 10 hours ago
Lizzo - Cyber Sex (Doja Cat)

Okay, so the song is obviously about camming with someone, and in the music video she is pretending to be one of those girls who cam on a website for cash. The song has a bright aesthetic and is pretty campy (funny). So that's why I'm taking a humorous yet sexual approach to this!

37 days 8 hours ago
I chose the song happier

In the video it's seen that she is getting a new dog and I took that in inspiration and modelled with a dog I know it's not like the dog in the music video

37 days 8 hours ago
Jon (Old Town Road):

Here I am with my Old Town Road outfit. I have my cowboy hat, pants, and jewelry like Lil Nas has. I'd be cast as the shirtless cowboy that I think would compliment and fit right in with Lil Nas and Billy Ray in a trio.

37 days 4 hours ago

The song I chose was I write Sins Not Tragedies

All the characters in this music video are at a wedding and are dressed soooo outrageously (besides the bride) it almost gives me circus vibes. So I decided to model the outrageous Style and the circus feel to the clothes
37 days 3 hours ago
Bella Hadid {Music Video Shoot} (Somebody That I Used To Know)


In this shoot I really feel like I captured the essence of the music video! It’s a really cool design that they’ve used and have obviously put makeup on to match the wallpaper and I feel like I’m displaying that in a different yet similar way! The only thing that’s missing is the colour but just imagine if the music video was in black and white I think I’d get casted!

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