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101 days 13 hours ago
101 days 10 hours ago
Cody Christian as Tom Cruise. Inspired by Toms infamous interview on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2005 and the outfit her wore.


101 days 9 hours ago
Aquaria as Lady Gaga


Inspiration: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Lady_Gaga_-_Joanne_(Official_Album_Cover).png

Lady Gaga is an inspiration to gay culture. She challenges you to be yourself always and to never be the same as anyone else.
101 days 5 hours ago
Sui He as Julie Andrews

My inspiration for this one is the famous Julie Andrews' character, Mary Poppins. The photo shows a classy, stern lady and the black-and-white filter gives off a vintage vibe.

101 days 4 hours ago
100 days 20 hours ago
Valentina: something as general as "refined woman" doesnt really do it enough by itself you needed to explain more, its not even a stunning pic just ok, weak expression and boring posing

Jon: Yeah nothing about this says elvis to me, its kinda bland as a picture to unfortunately

Yoonyoung: This was a really smart choice, cant say the photo itself is top tier but you did a good choice fir the theme

Victoria: This... is a papparazzi shot, the themes fine bit this photo is really an awful choice

Chanel: I see an outfit in there that matches this but you fail to really feel like them when the song is so high energy, the photos nice but nothing spectacular

Shaun: gotta say i think you nailed this, a unique choice that i think you portrayed excellently in a fun and interesting photo

Pietro: honestly you did decently here, my main worry for you is you wont diversify but this is a perfectly servicable choice for week 1

Marina: A similiar costume does not make this challenge work, you fail to embody any of the strength and defiance that defines merida and your left with just girl with bow, its not even a good photo, feels more like a screenshot from a tv show

Calefiore: where to start, this is a random instagram photo, you are not modelling here, your not even the one in the batman gettup

Natasha: Its a very safe and straightforward choice, its a solid if bland photo and all in all servicable for the challenge

Bryce: This... feels very messy, lighting is awful and your expression is goofy and yeah.. nothing really much to say

Yaya: Honestly took me a second to realise they were different pictures, its really not vad but not wonderful either, your expression is weak and you its a very direct comparison

Christian: so... you both wore a turtleneck its a decent shot but the way you said the theme means this could just as much be steve jobs or someone else

Aquaria: This is very literal and while its fine the photo feels rather lifeless and i dont feel like you embodied the weird lady gaga is known for

Sui: I gotta say i love this photo, brings the feel of old hollywood, coulda really described it more but really a great start
100 days 18 hours ago
Valentina (MISSmogen) As Audrey Hepburn: I would’ve seen the Audrey Hepburn in this photo if maybe it was black and white because most of her photos were black and white and your mouth was closed because again that’s the expression she mostly had on her face professional photos. I can though see where you were trying to go with this photo so it’s wasn’t all the way bad but I can also see where you could’ve done better in a sense of portraying Audrey.

Jon (Russell11) As Elvis Presley: I am on the fence with this one. I can see Elvis Presley with the pose and the hair a little but that’s about it everything else screams James Bond to me.

Yoonyoung (KingGeek) As Billy Porter: I think this was a pretty fair attempt at Billy Porter but it didn’t really work out and this is why. I personally wouldn’t have gone with an outfit specific interpretation. I think this photo needed a little more to make me say “Yep that’s Billy” like a pose or facial expression without looking for a reference picture I wouldn’t have known what you were interpreting.

Shaun Rose (hazbez94) As Grace Jones: This was another that didn’t work without a reference or explanation to what you really were trying to interpret. I don’t see Grace Jones in this image as far as the pose and facial expression is concerned the only thing I can see is the hair cut but that’s about it.

Victoria (Gay_Horse_) As Halle Berry: I think you missed with this one Victoria. I see where you tried to show Halle Berry cat woman or just cat woman but the costume just didn’t work for me. The only thing present is the catsuit that isn’t really a catsuit but not Halle berry which was ultimately the objective so this one missed the mark for me.

Chanel (SeongWoo) As Twice: I don’t really see Twice in this photo at all other than the dress the pose wasn’t there the facial expression didn’t correlate this was just very off for me.

Pietro Boselli (Tommy223) As Muhammad Ali: I don’t see Muhammad Ali I do however see Harry Potter without the glasses with a little mix of Michael Phelps because of the swim trunks and hoodie. I think you tried to portray Muhammad mainly with the use of the hoodie but it just didn’t convey all the way to Muhammad instead I kinda saw Harry Potter in the face and Michael Phelps with the rest.

Marina Ruy Barbosa (Nat_31br) As Merida: I see the use of the bow and arrow the pose the outfit everything reminded me of Merida the only thing missing is the ginger hair and you would’ve been spot on but this was a pretty good interpretation I liked it a lot!

Cody Calafiore (thefox111) As Batman: I think you played it very safe dressing in a Batman suit. I think it would’ve been a whole lot better if you were dressed in all black on top of a building doing a stunt or something but instead, we got this and it didn’t really pay off for me it looks very safe and nothing screams Batman other than the suit.

Natasha (Delights) As Naomi Campbell: I actually like this one I think the explanation photo definitely helped your photo the outfits, the pose everything looked very strong and it worked.

Bryce Thompson (Wade) As Dracula: Despite this being another Instagram picture I think it worked slightly more because it was still a professional picture and I can see where you were going with the teeth and the paint everything I can see the direction you were going in despite this still being a Halloween costume.

Yaya Dacosta (Rubes) As Pam Grier: I really like this, the two were virtually identical with one another from the pose to the facial expression, to the outfit and props everything was spot on and this is something I was expecting to see from everyone so amazing job!

Cody Christian (MJFJUNE) As Tom Cruise: I guess he did have on a turtle neck but I think that’s about it, I wouldn’t have known Tom Cruise was who were you going after had you had said it and provided a video.

Aquaria (Ajathekween) As Lady Gaga: This was identical to the actual and I like this one a lot as soon as I see this photo I automatically without having to think knows this is Million Reasons Lady Gaga the outfit pink outfit with the cowboy hat, the pose was decent but overall I can see Lady Gaga in this photo.

Sui He (hayesclair) As Julie Andrews:  This is another that I can definitely as soon as I see it see who you were going for. The working woman Mary Poppins the outfit the pose everything screams Mary Poppins with it being black and white enhanced the photo and made it that much better.
99 days 14 hours ago

- Aquaria Palandrani (Ajathekween) - Lady Gaga
Even though this is a copy of what she did previously, I can still see her shining through without the sample image. She embodies confidence and being bold. I also love the overall styling for this.

- Bryce Thompson (Wade) - Dracula
This is not a professional shot.

- Chanel Iman (SeongWoo) - Myoui Mina
Not fully aware of who you’re trying to be, but I think the styling of this shot is great. The only issue is that you want to embody the star beyond just an outfit choice similar to something they already wore.

- Cody Calafiore (thefox11) - Batman
This is not a professional shot.

- Cody Christian (MJFJUNE) - Tom Cruise
The image is too small and again is based on what the star has worn before. I do think you could have made a stronger connection if you just left out the interview you were referencing.

- Jon Kortajarena (Russell11) - Elvis
Lose the text. Other than that, I like this image and the styling you have going on. Honestly, you could have also went with Johnny Cash.

- Marina Ruy Barbosa (Nat_31br) - Princess Merida
This is literally just a screen cap from a scene.

- Natasha Poly (Delights) - Naomi Campbell
First, I love the styling and how powerful it comes across. I don’t fully see Naomi when I look at this, but your example helps make that connection.

- Pietro Boselli (Tommy123) - Muhammad Ali
I’m not seeing how this connects with Muhammad Ali other than you being shirtless and looking ready to box. Again, you want the star to shine through beyond just some styling choices.

- Shaun Ross (hazbez94) - Grace Jones
I’m not fully clear on who Grace Jones is, but I am clear on you are slaying this high fashion shot! I absolutely LOVE the styling and you just proved you’re in this to win.

- Sui He (haycsclair) - Mary Poppins
Minus the text, I think this is a solid shot to make the connection you wanted. I’m not fully seeing Mary at first glance but I love the styling.

- Valentina Sampaio (MISSimogen) - Audrey Hepburn
I can see the icon in your facial features. I love the pose and the styling is on point. Remove the text and you would have a stronger shot.

- Yaya DaCosta (Rubes) - Pam Grier
You recreated a look. That’s it. Again, the star must shine throughout beyond styling choices that is a copy of what they’ve done.

- Bae Yoon Young (KingGeek) - Billy Porter
Don’t get me wrong, I like the styling as it’s bold. However, you want to embody the star beyond just their fashion choices.
99 days 14 hours ago
Ok but when did Jerard say that we can’t recreate a look? He didn’t say it was against the rules at all. We were asked to portray a celebrity and I did exactly that so I don’t see the problem in doing that and until I’m told otherwise I will keep doing so. Thanks for the critique Carly <3
99 days 11 hours ago

Welcome to a new season with a very interesting and ACTIVE cast so can't wait. Like the usual I try to strand away from the common critics and basically be point out blunt. After consulting with the other judges as well as my own personal opinions I make a ladder on where I personally believe you hit the mark. Your placement reflects the score you got from me as well as in my eyes who you competition is. It may not reflect the official placement order but usually I'm always right.

--Blew the assignment away --

Natasha Poly
Sui He
Yaya DaCosta

--Well Done--
Chanel Inman
Cody Christian

--Okay but next time be more in depth, maybe explain more to help us hit the mark--
Shaun Ross
Bae Yoon Young
Jon Kortajarena

--Honestly wtf is this--

Pietro Boselli
Bryce Thompson
Cody Califiore
99 days 11 hours ago
Ty Neme <3

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