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197 days 9 hours ago
Challenge #7

"Greek Plays"

You may have expected this week is all about Greece's settings and history, and yes your right. For this week's challenge, you will be judged by Carly - and she also picked what you are doing tonight. For your challenge you'll be studying dramas and comedies, as you all will be interpreting a play.

It is important while you stay here in Greece that you learned something about them, their love for classical works. Below will be the plays you can pick and do understand that once a play is picked, you cannot pick that same play anymore. First come, first pick basis.

It is very important that you explain your photo constructively and creatively. 24 hours to do the challenge, Goodluck!
197 days 9 hours ago

"Oedipus Rex" by Socrates
"The Oresteia" by Aeschylus
"Prometheus Bound" by Aeschylus
"Antigone" by Sophocles
"Medea" by Euripedes
"Alcestis" by Euripedes
"The Persians" by Aeschylus
"Ajax" by Sophocles
"The Frogs" by Aristophanes
"Lysistrata" by Aristophanes
197 days 8 hours ago
Kang Daniel | Alceste | https://prnt.sc/mi607p

In the tale of "Alceste," Admetus who is the main character, marries Alceste and at a certain point in the story finds his room full of snakes for forgetting a deity at his wedding party.

Finding his room full of snakes, he makes a deal for his life with the Fates and manages to stay alive, even though it cost his wife's life that even when he lost his life he was spared by the enormous love he had for him.

Well, for this shot I decided to focus on the part of the snake, and how Admeto had no problem with them, thus doing no danger to him. Representing the snakes by the gum snake, I am representing the little problem that they would cause it after having made an agreement with the Fates.
197 days 7 hours ago
Paul Wesley/ Lysistrata

This tale is about how Lysistrata told the women to withhold their sex with the men which the men truly desire it

So my shot is to focus on the sexual attention between a man and a woman

197 days 7 hours ago
Garrett Neff//  "Prometheus Bound" by Aeschylus


The denouement is hidden in the main character Prometheus who knows who will oust Zeus. Zeus’s servants Kratos/Authority and Bia/Violence take Prometheus to the Caucasus where Hephaestus chains him to the mountain. Hephaestus felt sorry for Prometheus even though he knew what he had done. So in this photo, I am using Garrett as Prometheus who is laying chained on the mountain field. I think was a little tough to pull off but I tried to make it work as best as possible.
197 days ago
Naomi Smalls/ Oedipus Rex

The first play in the trilogy. This Greek tragedy was about a king who had a son with his wife, Jocasta. His name was Oedipus. The king was told one day he would be killed by his son. So, he sent Oedipus off to another land. When Oedipus grew up he became king and went to the land of his father not knowing who he is. Oedipus killed his father and married his mother and had 4 children. My photo will show the love of Jocasta, the mother, and Oedipus. #FamilyRelations

Photo: https://i.reddituploads.com/d8cc4e57d74042bc8ec28999612b984e?fit=max&h=1536&w=1536&s=5534dc09e9dea02b16703188e66e326d
196 days 12 hours ago


'Medea' embodies the saying, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned".

The play follows the unraveling of Medea & Jason's marriage.
Medea is a barbarian girl while Jason is a normal guy looking for the Golden Fleece in Corinth.
While there, Jason falls in love with the Princess of Corinth, Glauce. Glauce's father, the king of Corinth, arranges for Jason & Glauce to get married. At this point, Jason breaks the news to Medea and leaves her basically saying how  he couldn't pass up marrying a princess. The king then plans to exile Medea so Glauce & Jason can live happily ever after, Medea manages to post pone her exile for one day.

This is when the story gets interesting. Of course, Medea wants revenge, but she takes it to a whole diffrent level. She manipulates Jason into letting her see Glauce & her father so she can give them special robes in order to re consider her exile, in reality the robes are poisoned and she murders Glauce & the king. Jason is distraught but she wants him to feel as much pain as possible so she then kills the two kids she had with Jason, shows him the bodies, then fleas to Athens.

As you can see with this photo, I am channeling killer wife on the run. My expression is blank and my stare is cold, very unremorseful.. The red head scarf/the reds in the shot have two meanings, one if just I am portraying Medea who is on the run and does not want to be recognized. The second meaning is less literal, the head scarf is red. This represents all the blood that will constantly be on Medea's mind. She killed the king, the princess, then her own two children. This is something she will never be able to forget or clean from her mind as hard as she tries.
196 days 11 hours ago
Adriana Lima | "Antigone" by Sophocles

At the time of when the play was written, Ancient Greece was a male-dominant society. Men are the ones who are supposed to be in "power" while women are seen as "weak". Just like in this play, gender stereotypes take place.
We have Antigone who believes she is capable of making her own decisions regardless of what the "law" tells her to. For example, she convinces her sister, Ismene in burying their dead brother, Polynices in which she refuses to because their uncle Creon said that whoever buries him will be punished to death. Antigone however, goes with her heart and buries the body because she thought it was immoral and disrespectful not to. Creon, who is completely infuriated (especially when it is a woman who broke his rules) tells Antigone who is in charge and punishes her. Antigone is still determined that her actions are not wrong and isn't ashamed about breaking Creon's laws. She is shown to be strong and courageous and isn't afraid to stand up for herself and voice her opinions even against a male which was not a norm at this time.
I decided to represent that for this challenge. I wanted to show a strong, confident woman who isn't afraid to be herself and make her own decisions even around other men. There may be other men in the picture but Adriana is the one who is in the spotlight because it doesn't always have to be men who are "in power".

196 days 9 hours ago
Iveta Mukuchyan | The Frogs by Aristophanes

This is supposedly about the story about the god Dionysus.
I really don't understand this story or any of the stories left, so I just chose this one.

196 days 8 hours ago
196 days 4 hours ago
- Adriana Lima (ParvatiS) - Antigone
First off, I very much appreciate the detail you gave your description. It shows the hard work you put into this shoot. I’m not really a fan of the shot itself. It is a bit blurry, but I think the idea of how it connects to your play is there.

- Garrett Neff (Brandonh1) - Prometheus Bound
I know this was a tough play to base your shot off of. However, I think you did a solid job with it. The only thing I don’t really like it that half of you is cut off on the edge of the shot.

- Iveta Mukuchyan (SharonMaItems) - The Frogs
At least you’re honest. The shot itself is good, but without context there isn’t anything for me to go off of.

- Kang Daniel (SeongWoo) - Alcestis
Your description itself is great and I loved the meaning behind your shot. However, the shot itself is not model material. It’s a candid and blurry shot as well.

- Madison Beer (Survivorgame1) - Medea
I absolutely love the detail you gave this shot. It gives it so much of a deeper context. The shot itself is good, but definitely enhances with your explanation.

- Naomi Smalls (Ajathekween) - Oedipus Rex
Dark and twisted story, but I love the connection you made with your shot. It’s provocative, sexy and a stunning shot with the black and white filter added. One of my favorites of yours this season.

- Paul Wesley (Tommy123) - Lysistrata
Aside from the text in the shot, this was a really nice depiction of the play. It’s sexy and seductive. You draw my attention in and overall this is one of your best shots this season.
196 days 3 hours ago
Unfortunately I could not find the original photo with quality, I'm sorry :(
195 days 12 hours ago
195 days 12 hours ago
Now it's time to reveal the results.
195 days 12 hours ago
Judge Carly already sent me the scores.
195 days 12 hours ago
The winner of this challenge is going to have an additional +2 points for his/her total score.

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