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108 days 4 hours ago
Challenge #3


For today, you are going to be having partners, it is to represent your origin (or somehow, close to your origin). You are to be partners with someone who is somehow closest with your origin (determined by how close countries are). What I need you to do is to make a collage with your photos, the photos you are to put is a photo you think best represent your origin - what makes your origin standout from the rest? what makes your people unique?

Adrien (France) & Romee (Netherlands)
Arthur (Russia) & Seongwoo (South Korea)
Augusta (Austria) & Kit (England)
Don (US) & Harry (Costa Rica)
Duckie (Australia) & Jordan (Australia)
India (US) & Tyra (US)
Jourdan (UK) & Naomi (UK)

You have 36 hours to do the collage, so basically you need cooperation - mail each other on who will make the collage. Goodluck!
108 days 3 hours ago
So, basically, models from the same country have a little advantage, right? Since they can do a very similar photoshoot (Clothes, scenery, make up and lights...)
I think thats a little unfair for some couples
107 days 5 hours ago

Posting my photo here I won’t be here for critiques gl to my partner
Sorry I got a lot going on right now
107 days 3 hours ago
Ong Seongwoo & Arthur Kulkov: https://i.imgur.com/tWWbmxE.jpg

Arthur: Since the early Soviet Union Russian Men would wear shirts without ties and sweaters without ties. This stereotype and way of dressing could often still be seen today, This style is very unique in comparison to how other cultures often call “formal” or dress. If you paid attention to these fashion trends in the 50’s you’d often be labeled as “stylish”.

Seongwoo: Since Korea its a famous country by her music aka K-Pop, Korea has an unique style of fashion, with colorful clothes and natural make up. Our clothes it is tight at the bottom and baggy at the top. We cherish for the natural beauty and we try to demonstrate this in our style.
Korea is also famous for containing a cute style, thus attracting many looks.
106 days 23 hours ago
Augusta & Kit --> https://imgur.com/a/lOK0f

Our challenge theme is "Surviving The Elements." Kit and I bundled up in our biggest, warmest coats for this challenge because we're both from countries known for precipitation! Austria (my home country) gets a ton of snow, so I'm usually wearing a hooded jacket. Kit is from the land of constant rain (England / UK), so he needs a lot of coverage all the time. But even in these treacherous conditions, we still place a strong emphasis on looking fashionable!

We enjoyed working together this challenge & hope you all appreciate us highlighting the commonalities between our diverse cultures.
106 days 21 hours ago
Mine and Naomi's collage represents the UK in quite a few different ways. British people are very diverse in the way that they style. Sometimes the clothing can be very cool and casual but at other times it can be very posh/royal. We are giving you the cool and casual side of things and the posh/royal side of things. Also the UK always has changing weather so we are showing you that by having some pictures that relate to hot weather and cold weather. While doing these points we are also channeling black women power through our facial expressions and body language.

106 days 16 hours ago
Double Trouble
"Don't mess with one of us cause you will get a double trouble"
I hope you can see a story behind that photo and not just a photo that is being collaged together

Harry- I go with any typical costa rica kind of formal for outdoor party. Typical costa rican hat for formal
Don- Typical american formal clothes
106 days 15 hours ago
Good Coast Inspired!
Duckie and I wanted to explore the true beautiful sunshine from the extremely hot country we are both from! We were inspired by the Gold Coast in Australia and decided to choose photos that highlighted the beauty of our beaches!

Duckie is giving true elegance and high-fashion running on the beach where I am wearing a organ body suit to show the vulnerable side of our beaches! With our population growing our beaches are becoming damaged so I was inspired to show my insecure side!

Sorry if we are late, I just didn’t know how to post two photos together!

106 days 12 hours ago
Deductions will be given to those:
- Late submissions
- Not cooperating with their partner (just mail me if ever)
- Not following the format/rule

Late submissions will still be accepted, though you need to hurry up.
106 days 12 hours ago
Anyways, I am not the one to decide the challenge winner, for this week, it will be Judge Lucky. I will see you in your next photoshoot :)
106 days 11 hours ago
Update: India left the game, which means she already quits the competition. For her partner, just post a photo of yours. Photoshoots will still occur this week though :)
106 days 9 hours ago
106 days 8 hours ago
ROMEE STRIJD & ADRIEN SAHORES (Netherlands & France) -  https://i.imgur.com/2lE9I7S.jpg

Both countries are known for their eccentric and royal-esque styles. France, being a very current country when it comes to fashion, with Paris being one of the most well-known places with modern and upcoming garments. The French are always regarded as "fashion icons" due to their ability to to wear fashion inspired by their country's history, such as medieval prison-wear.

Netherlands, on the other hand, is a lot more loose when it comes to clothing. Women, specifically, tend to lean towards floral skirts and dresses and exaggerated accessories. Dutch women are often a staple in the fashion industry due to their bizarre and floral-esque fashion. These women also result in wearing typical female garments as a way to express their femininity through fashion, such as casual dresses and aprons. 

The French are often known for being heavy speakers, as well as being heavily polite. They are also known for their cuisine, their culture and their taste in fashion. Netherlanders are known for their very odd and specific tastes, especially in the fashion world. What makes them special is their love for floral patterns and their breath-taking scenery. Dutch people, however, are very reserved and they won't go out of their way to become a visitor's friend, but they’re a thoroughly decent bunch, with a secret soft side and a cracking sense of humour, which can be seen in their sense of style.
106 days 8 hours ago
all these pictures are absolute shit. i can't believe i'm getting SHADE for researching my country and ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING RELATIVELY IN SUBJECT OF THE THEME.

Most of these people's pictures could literally pass for American fashion, good bYE
106 days 8 hours ago
im probably gonna quit because we were better than every1 else and we're getting SHIT for being like an hour late
106 days 8 hours ago
Actually deadline is extended till 7

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