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121 days 3 hours ago
But for the following weeks:

For each challenge, they will gain a certain money (for starting it is $5,000).

Then there comes photoshoots. In each shoots there would be 4 groups - the best photo/performance (will gain $20,000), the top performers (will gain $10,000), middle ones (for $5,000) and the bottom ones (will deduct $10,000).

In some points there would be an increase and decrease of money depending on the stage of the competition, once you go bankrupt you will get eliminated.
121 days 2 hours ago
*Megan smiles*
121 days 2 hours ago
This is going to be the most exciting season yet! I can feel it! Good luck, models! < 3
121 days ago
Only an underestimated boy
120 days 17 hours ago
wtf is tht picture you used for me in the intro, THIS IS SABOTAGE
120 days 13 hours ago
119 days 10 hours ago
what a load of shite

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