Chapter Four [Murderous Life]

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286 days 8 hours ago
*inside they find an exploded oven the bodies are gone except for the blood and body parts of Josie thrown across the kitchen*
286 days 8 hours ago
-End of murderous life-
283 days 9 hours ago
-The Oven-
The exploded oven has a strange layer of burnt plastic at the bottom.

-State of the Kitchen-
The kitchen seems to be rather messy. It seems that someone may have been cooking during the explosion.

-Josie's Body-
Josie lays on the ground, dead. Her charred body parts lay in disarray around the room, leaving a rather bloody mess for someone to clean up. She also seems to be holding something in her left hand.

-Small Sheet of Paper-
Josie's hand is holding a ripped sheet of paper. The writing on it reads: "Recipe for v"

-Josie's Journal-
Josie's journal is lazily thrown onto her bed, bending the spine out of position. Otherwise, nothing seems to be wrong with it.

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