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339 days 12 hours ago
Prologue: The students are currently residing in the basement of one of many Hope's Peak facilities. Access to the rest of the building is limited.

Classrooms-- There are four classrooms in the basement with four cots each, otherwise filled with various learning materials, desks, and chairs moved aside to make enough room for the beds.
Kitchen-- Although there is not an actual kitchen, General Fuko has moved a small stove, toaster, and a fridge down into the basement with an appropriate amount of rations for all sixteen students.
Fire Escape-- This fire escape leads to the launch pad, as well as the ground control station that must be monitored during the rocket launch. Unfortunately, the door leading to the launch pad is locked.
Hallways-- Most of the rooms are locked, but the hallways in the basement reach far and wide, making them very easy to get lost in.

First Floor:
Front Office-- General Fuko's room to keep lookout for potential entries to the school, as well as where all of the documents and resources for the project are kept.
Bathrooms-- The bathrooms are on the first floor, separated by gender.
Lounge-- The teacher's lounge is where General Fuko makes his announcements, but can also be used for socialization during the rest of the time.
337 days 12 hours ago
Chapter 1: The rest of the facility is closed off, but there are still many amenities available.

Dormitory-- The dormitories consist of 8 well-furnished rooms, numbered 1 to 8. Each has two beds, two desks, and a small coffee table with two chairs. As well as this, there is a plaque in the center of the room that students are encouraged to read.
'You can use your student tablets to claim a spot in one of these rooms, but after you claim a spot, it cannot be changed. Please exercise caution when choosing roommates.'

Store-- There is a small store with many toys, decorative items, and snacks that can be purchased using currency. Everyone has much more money than they will likely ever spend.

Kitchen-- Instead of the makeshift kitchen in the basement of the school, the kitchen on the satellite is furnished with any possible cooking tool and ingredient you could ever ask for.

Lounge-- The lounge is an area for students to socialize and relax. There are a few board games, video games, and movies for leisure.

Bathroom-- There are two bathrooms, one male and one female. Both feature toilets, sinks, and showers.

Gym-- There is a large gym available for all of your exercising needs. The gym features two different settings: one indoor court for sports such as basketball, volleyball, or weight-lifting, as well as an outdoor field with artificial turf for sports like football, and American football.
Observation Deck-- The Observation Deck is your only window to the far expanses outside of the space station. The large window also acts as an interface that can be used to teach the students about astronomy.

Large Door-- There is a large, metallic door that leads to nowhere in the middle of one of the hallways.
333 days 10 hours ago
Room 1-- Kannon & Seong

Room 2-- Nao & Haruto

Room 3-- Haru & Koito

Room 4-- Yorio & Minho

Room 5-- Mimi & Reika

Room 6-- Shiina & Josie

Room 7-- Shizu & Sayako

Room 8-- Isei & Chikara
327 days 9 hours ago
Chapter 2
Beach- A cool play with beach towels, umbrellas, and other beach stuff like volleyball and shit to just relax and play on.

Infinite ocean- a huge cool ocean with no animals in it to be afraid of. The ocean extends on forever so you can’t escape that easy!

Water park- a cool water park full of vending place, swimming pools, and different water rides for people like water slides

Ski hill- a hill for skiiing with real snow. There is equipment at the top of the hill and there are different levels for hw comfortable you feel skiing

Water vehicle and sports storage (Jetskiis, boats, surfboards, water skiis, etc)- lots and lots of water equipment to take to the ocean to have even more fun in the water!

Tanning place- get a tan to look good and stuff.

Locked Door- wow! It’s locked!
317 days 11 hours ago
Kickboxer- a giant boxing ring with robots with human strength are inside along with first aid. A mini lockerroom is there to store his stuff and wash up after training.
Nutritionist- tons of fruits and vegetables along with charts and graphs on nutrition
Gambler- A giant poker table with tons of fake money and other casino things like slots.
Anglophile- there is a giant double decker bus that doesnt work anymore. There is a private chef robot who will make any british food along with a bookshelf full of british stuff.
Meteorologist- A cool room with fake grass on the floor. There is a weather machine to create any weather conditions but be careful or else things might get chaotic
Cuddler- A giant bed full of cute animals plushies and comfy blankets and pillows
Physical Therapist- set up like a normal therapist office but there are also mats for physical rehibiliation
Gossiper- lots and lots of secrets from back home to spread throughout the satellite. even some paper to create new ones there are also tons of gossip magazines to read.
Streamer- a video camera is set up along with a gaming computer with tons of games. However there is no internet and nobody can see to contact earth.
Military Tactician- a huge room set up with robot soldiers and plans for war.
Drifter- a cool racetrack is set up. too bad there are go karts but you can still get a good drift with those!
Haiku Poet- a nice quiet place with a mini fridge and a desk to write poems. there is also a bookshelf full of haiku poems throughout the years!
Private Eye- a cool spy place with like spy stuff and weapons
Dramaturge- a large stage with tons of costumes and other drama stuff.
Aviculturist- birds fly throughout this room and has incubators and other bird stuff like feeders and water fountains
Wagashi- a large kitchen filled with more cooking supplies than the kitchen and tons of ingredients
303 days 10 hours ago
Chapter 4
Overgrown library- a library that is run down with plant life and books are thrown everywhere is bad shape.
Alien petting zoo- a zoo full of weird creatures unlike anything seen before.
Controlled environment garden- a garden with all types of fruits and vegetables even some that are foreign to earth
Storage room- it’s a storage room so like it has storage stuff in it
Gardening Shed- full of gardening tools and such.
Aquarium- a large aquarium with fish from earth and space. Every animal has its own tank
286 days 15 hours ago
Chapter 5
Research facility- A building with tons of science and research books for well research.
Monokuma operating station with a passcode system so you bitches cant try stuff!
Locked escape pod
Home simulation room- Show people your home before you came here :D
Futuristic Spa located in the 4th area rooms- a place to relax after all the death everyone has gone through!

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