Danganronpa: Untitled Unmastered

Today, we need a special kind of courage. Not the kind needed in battle, but the kind that makes us stand up for everything that we know is right.

Minho Junji, Ultimate Kickboxer (Bigdizzleyomama)
Haru Haruka, Ultimate Meteorologist (Noxity)
Naoyuki "Nao" Suzuki, Ultimate Cuddler (Symmetry888)
Shizu Uchibayashi, Ultimate Gossiper (kgunzrok)
Sayako Kaga, Ultimate Streamer (SirNiceGuy)
Isei Soma, Ultimate Drifter (z3ro)
Seong-Joo Park, Ultimate Private Eye (RyanAndrews)

Ah you died so sad 馃槶:
Koito Fujiwara, Ultimate Dramaturge (UnicornGoddess98) (Head smashed by Haruto)
Haruto Kita, Ultimate Aviculturist (Bigdizzleyomama) (Executed bitch)
Reika Tsukamoto, Ultimate Wagashi (Absol) (Murdered by Yorio)
Yorio Anabuki, Ultimate Military Tactician (AintItFun) (Executed bitch)
Kannon Tanizaki, Ultimate Physical Therapist (Logie56) (murdered by Mimi
Shiina Takaichi, Ultimate Haiku Poet (ccwagu) (murdered by Mimi)
Mimi "Kyu" Rai, Ultimate Gambler (pikaplayer) (Executed)
Josie Shiro, Ultimate Anglophile (Ribbons) (Murdered by Chikata)
Chikara Arakawa, Ultimate Nutritionist (Absol) (executed)
collage: https://imgur.com/IUpIG97

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Chapter Five [Murderous Life]
29 postsCreated by bigdizzleyomama on 411 days 9 hours ago
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396 days 10 hours ago
Chapter Five [Daily Life]
294 postsCreated by bigdizzleyomama on 414 days 11 hours ago
Last post by bigdizzleyomama
411 days 9 hours ago
Room List
7 postsCreated by Absol on 467 days 8 hours ago
Last post by bigdizzleyomama
414 days 11 hours ago
Chapter Four [Class Trial]
179 postsCreated by bigdizzleyomama on 415 days 8 hours ago
Last post by bigdizzleyomama
415 days 5 hours ago
Chapter Four [Deadly Life]
236 postsCreated by bigdizzleyomama on 418 days 7 hours ago
Last post by bigdizzleyomama
415 days 8 hours ago

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