The Ghoul School

A high school for Monsters, Freaks, and Ghouls where only the most popular of monsters succeed. This year the students of this school are up to a lot of tricks and scares to make it through to graveuation. Everyday is full of murder, chaos, and potentially the end of the world for the students who try at every corner to avoid school and the work that comes with it.

Gary Goyle (Bigdizzleyomama)
Vernon Flytrap (Bigdizzleyomama)
Gloria Venezula (Bigdizzleyomama)
Maximum “Max” Taurus (Bigdizzleyomama)
Wilhelmina "Mina" Mere (Symmetry888)
Nyx Scythe (Maya10)
Marshall Mossimer (Unicornchicken)
Tia Brown (Ajathekween)
Gertrude “Gerti” Goyle (Ajathekween)
Everest Polaris (Tizian)
Davina Deamonne (Tizian)
Calix Byrde (Kgamer2218)
Venusa Flytrap (Coolkat)
Rachel Lukasiak (Tommy123)
Jason Rollins (Tommy123)
Orev “Orry” Haelstrom (dvs194)
Alvah Haelstrom (dvs194)
Abrial Granger (Happiwildflower64)
Julia Grace (Rain848)
Hunter Lion (Rain848)
Polly Phemus (Crocadilly)
Wesley Wright (Cyrus)
Wyatt Wright (Cyrus)
Aidan Ignis (Pokepat)
Elliot Adabi (Pokepat)
Matthew Harris (Hazbez94)
Djinnifer Ina Bottle (Finnick)
Minor Characters
Principal Scaredy-cat
Cafeteria worker Hellga
Jose The Small Magic Latino Cat
Sarah Slayer

Featured Players 17 playing

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