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79 days 21 hours ago
79 days 21 hours ago
Name: Kimon Almos
Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: Bisexual
What God are they? (Don’t apply as one someone else has taken): Hypnos the god of Sleep
Personality: Helpful, Caring, Timid, Calm
Bio: Kimon lives on the outskirts of the city, finding it too noisy for him to get a peaceful sleep. He works as a sleep specialist helping those who has trouble falling asleep, and as far as the people of the town are concerned he’s a miracle worker. Recently though things have gotten out of whack and with bizarre creatures attacking the city he knows something needs to be done to protect the people. What he doesn’t know is why someone put them in danger in the first place?
Fc: Deniz Akdeniz
16 days 10 hours ago
Name: Niall Brontes
Age(20-30): 36
Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: Pansexual
What God are they? (Don’t apply as one someone else has taken): Zeus the God of Sky and Thunder.
Personality: Arrogant, Stubborn, Leader, Hot headed
Bio: Niall is the god of all gods and he takes that with pride making sure he is respected by others. He is the type to give orders and not take them thinking he knows it all, and if you try and correct him you better be ready for a fight. Being the most powerful he finds himself to be untouchable, which might not be true with all these creatures attacking the city. It’s making Niall mad and if he finds out who did this he might just kill them.
Fc: Jason Momoa
15 days 17 hours ago
Name: Dinlas Hellverent
Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: He doesn’t really care
What God are they? (Don’t apply as one someone else has taken): Dinlas the god of Chaos
Personality: Calculating, Secretive, Resentful, Loner
Bio: Not much is known about Dinlas, people don’t even know he’s one of the gods he is that forgotten. He lives his life alone and in quiet hoping that his time to shine is soon.
Fc: Curran Walters
5 days 10 hours ago
Name: Gunter Alver
Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: Bicurious
What God are they? (Don’t apply as one someone else has taken): Ares The God Of War
Personality: Moody, Unpredictable, vengeful, independent
Bio: Gunter is the god of war and this has taken a toll on him. He has gotten involved in Gangs in order to feed off the hate inside them, and he himself is a bipolar guy. One minute he can be friendly, but don’t let it fool you cause he can snap and bring out his angry side. The constant negative energy in his life has made it hard for him to control his rage and he is definitely not happy about all these creatures in town.
Fc: Tom Hardy

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