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Episode 3: Look At Me I’m Sandra Dee

Topic » Episode 3: Look At Me I’m..

168 days 23 hours ago
Grayson: "What? No. I only told him that so he would stop questioning about you."
168 days 23 hours ago
Oh...I’m such a dick I broke his glasses literally moments after he told me
*He looks away and fiddles with his keys*
You didn’t have to say that though. You could of said something about Layla or something
168 days 23 hours ago
Get better jordan :()
168 days 23 hours ago
Grayson: "I panicked, I didnt even want to say anything about you."

*he pauses*

Grayson: "wait you broke his glasses cause you thought I really liked him?"
168 days 23 hours ago
Because he was kind of testing me also and yes..why wouldn’t I be mad I fucking blew cover and then the next day you tell someone you like Em.
*He shakes his head*
You just don’t understand...I care but just so much will fall out if this gets out. Just know I care ok
*He glances around taking a step closer kissing him briefly before backing away towards his truck*
168 days 23 hours ago
*Grayson smiles super wide*

Grayson: "I- wow okay I wasnt expecting that...I'm sorry. I wont do something like that again. I promise."

*he giggles softly running his fingers through his messy hair*

Grayson: "I hope you know I care too."
168 days 23 hours ago
(Rain I’m pm’d you.)

*Vibes to Chase and Grayson*

168 days 23 hours ago
*Craig is walking out of the school. He passes by some of the cars when he sees Chase and Grayson kiss he smirks and takes a picture before he walks in the opposite direction whistling. The camera pans to Helena cracking her knuckles getting ready to type up a new story the camera doing a freeze frame on her*

-End of Episode-

(Thats all the closers I got it was a very last minute thing, but I hope everybody had fun this episode even if there wasnt much to do in an event stance. Next episode will happen when I’m feeling better and have the time so I will keep you all updated. I really appreciate the activity even when I couldn’t be around yall killed it 😭😭)
168 days 23 hours ago
(Thank you so much for hosting! I hope you feel better soon! ❤)
168 days 23 hours ago
(Omg Jordan ur amazing. I hope you feel so much better and remember to slay all day.)
168 days 23 hours ago
(Feel better soon!!!!)
(Also, Episode 3 is the best episode. Purely because #Navier or #Xova now exists. Bow down to the diva power couple of Degrassi!)
168 days 22 hours ago
😘😘 dont fret jordan. Your the best host and you got amazing player here)
168 days 19 hours ago
replacing closers with forcibly assigned animal crossing characters for the cast members

Jayden "Jay" Garcia // Bam
Craig Nivison // Eugene
Trenton Hatfield // Stinky
Nova Scott // Marshal
Ryan "Blaze" Aldrin // Lopez
Chase Spellman // Tybalt
Kassandra Cane // Alice
Chen Li // Kiki
Grayson Todd // Wolfgang
Thomas "Tommy" Falasco // Punchy
Helena Cole // Vivian
Kameron Jones // Tasha
Celica Doyle // Pecan
Cameron Mason // Ed
Layla Palmer // Bitty
Ravit “Ravi” Bellow // Fuchsia
Xavier Ohira // Raymond
Luke Handson // Bluebear
Archer Burke // Ketchup
Tyler Revin // Biskit
Alexa Knight // Pekoe
Jenifer “Jenny” Thompson // Bonbon
168 days 18 hours ago
(these r absolutely iconic. legendary. we love to see it)
168 days 18 hours ago
Aww im such a cutie koala xDl

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