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Episode 3: Look At Me I’m Sandra Dee

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125 days 11 hours ago
*Tons of students are standing outside the theater doors all screaming and acting like wild animals waiting for the theater director to post the roles people got.*

Ravi: Okurrrrr Lets get these roles posted I’m dying to know here!

Celica: Ya we demand the roles be posted right now or we riot!

*the theater kids all starts chanting post the roles, utter chaos is happening as the theater director comes out*

Theater Director: Alright everybody calm down or I rip this list to shreds!

*Everybody quiets down as the roles are posted. When the theater director moves out of the way everybody pushes and shoves to see the list*

Danny Zuko- Xavier
Sandy- Ravi

Rizzo- Nova
Frenchy- Celica
Jan- Beth
Marty- Kam

Keneckie- Chase
Doddy- NPC (if someone applies for the role they can have it)
Sonny- Luke
Putzie- Adrian

Patty- Alexa
Teen Angel- Blaze

Crater face- Tommy
*Start of the episode people involved in theater will be reacting to the list anyway you want your character to. Sorry if you didn’t get the role you wanted I had to give them away to somebody and not everybody can have top pick*

Sunday: School Lock-In everybody hangs out around the school there are places to sleep set up, food, music,etc.
Monday: Radio is holding a dance off in the gym! Come show your support or even sign up yourself!
Tuesday: Fun day to just hang out, the episode will end pretty early for election.
124 days 12 hours ago
(Grayson has taken the role of Doddy. I’m gonna be in and out this episode since I have gotten sick and cant stare at my screen for too long. So please bear with me and have fun.)
124 days 12 hours ago
*luke looks at cast list*
luke: sonny
*for a min luke is disaponted  but then thinks maybe it for the best danny is a romantic lead and he not really in a romantic mood after brakeing up with my girlfriend *
124 days 12 hours ago
Aww take care hun)


*gets to my locker and gets the stuff*
124 days 12 hours ago
*Ravi looks*

Omg I got SANDY!!!!!!
124 days 12 hours ago
(get some sleep)
Nova shoves through the crowd of theater kids, staring at the name Rizzo and seeing himself right beside it. "As it should be," he says, then checks for Ravi and Celica on the list. He pauses, seeing Chase's name as Kenickie. ^Are you fucking serious?^
124 days 12 hours ago
*archer is at the back of the crowd waiting to see what roles his friends got*

*layla is chilling around school*
124 days 12 hours ago
luke: congrats ravi
124 days 12 hours ago
*jenny unlocks her locker and gets her things*

"What else do I need?"
124 days 12 hours ago
*Looks to Nova and laughes*

124 days 12 hours ago
(Don't push yourself on our behalf!)

*Celica, still beaming from the cast reveal, speaks in a whisper yell to her Kate Bush poster.*
I always knew I was destined for for great things, Kate. It was divined long before I was born.
*She puts her cheek against the poster, still whispering.*
My star debut!
124 days 12 hours ago

*shuts my locket and walks down the hallway seeing the ruckus*
U-turn *turns to another hallway*
124 days 12 hours ago
Xavier has been having a rough few days via the rejection, so he just knew disappointment was around the corner regarding the cast list.

He approaches the cast list and as soon as he read it, the dark circles and sadness in his eyes changed into pure shock and hope.
124 days 12 hours ago
*luke is things out loud*
i wonder where alexa is i need to find her we need to talk
124 days 12 hours ago
Nova squints at Ravi. "Just enjoy being Sandy and don't laugh at my suffering." He pushes through the crowd again, watching Celica have a private moment with Kate Bush. "Celica, what are you doing."
124 days 12 hours ago
*archer claps*
“Woo! Yay ravi you did it!”
*archer smiles at nova*
“You got your role too!”

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