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172 days 15 hours ago
Apps close tomorrow at 6pm est
171 days 13 hours ago
163 days 17 hours ago
Name: Celica Doyle
Age (15-18): 16
Grade (9-12): 11th
Gender: Female
Bio: Celica only has one notable achievement in her life, that being the legendary ' how many jellybeans can I fit in my nose' incident that ended in a trip to the hospital and a permanent ban from the local candy shop. Ever since then she's sort of floated along in school, not really making waves or being the center of anything scandalous or earth shattering. Heavy is the crown of the Jellybean Queen, but part of her can't help but wonder if this is all really it? People say these are the best years of your life but that can't be true can it? In the last few months she's developed a sort of hyper fixation on musical theater. The theatrics, the drama, the absolute opportunity to be yourself uninterrupted is all so appealing to her but it's not as though an absolute nobody can break the social hierarchy this late into her high school career right? The only thing Celica knows for sure is it's gonna take a whole bag of jellybeans to see her through this year.
Extra curriculars: Theater
Clique: Loner
Fc: Saoirse Ronan
155 days 3 hours ago
Name: Hopscotch Siddall
Age (15-18): 15
Grade (9-12): 9th
Gender: Female
Bio: Hopscotch got into a car accident when she was 9 years old which left her paralyzed. This has left her to live her life like it could end at any moment. She lost her virginity at 12, she currently sells drugs to methheads and she steals her sisters allowance money by knifepoint to buy luxury headbands. She joined the Newspaper club to attempt to become popular and meet new kids, as well as have a large impact on Degrassi High. Don't mess with her or she'll run over your toes. But if you're kind to her she'll be the best friend you could ever have. She has bipolar personality disorder too if you couldn't tell.
Extra curriculars: Newspaper
Clique: Rebels
Fc: Ali Stroker
152 days 4 hours ago
Name: Dane Moses
Age (15-18): 18
Grade (9-12): 12
Gender: Male
Bio: The Moses Family Farm and watching over his siblings weighs heavily on Dane's shoulders, but it doesn't shake his strong spirit and soft-spoken cadence. He is a gentle giant whose school performance suffers because of his home life. Knowing his current path isn't sustainable, he seeks to balance his home life with his social life and academics to make it through the year.
Extra curriculars: Youth Group
Clique: Loners
Fc: Callan McAuliffe
144 days 5 hours ago
Name: Cameron Mason
Age (15-18):16
Grade (9-12): 11th
Gender: male
Bio: Cameron is just your stereotypical little closted gay kid at home the picture of straight at school he lets his true self be seen and and heard.
Extra curriculars: theatre and degrassi radio
Clique: popular
Fc: Mark Indelicato

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