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226 days ago
Name: Jaline Taylor
Age (15-18): 17
Grade (9-12): 11
Gender: Female
Bio: Jaline isn't just ignored at school, but at home too; her parents are always away on work and being an only child doesn't help. To make up for the lack of attention at home she tries to get some at school, by being a tryhard. Ever since she started attending Degrassi shes been obsessed with the popular teens, trying to find a way to wiggle her way into their group. Maybe she digs a little too deep and trys too hard to figure out her classmates; but she doesnt know that. Her interests are in all the wrong places, but the motivation is there to say the least.
Extracurricular: Theater
Clique: Stoners
Fc: Barbie Ferreira
225 days 22 hours ago
Name: Chen Li
Age (15-18): 16
Grade (9-12): 11
Gender: male
Bio: A good looking guy, great smile, perfect hair I mean what could go so wrong for this guy. During sophomore year however he made a hug mistake pissing off layla one of the queens of the school. He did this by when she reached out her hand towwrds him he said “Why do you look like that." and ruined his reputation forever. Being called blunt and a loser for disrespecting her he didn't really bat a eye since he didn't care that much. Having a dry and confused sense of humor and overall not really much care for others he dosen't have many friends, except the nerds who found out he played world of warcraft. Will Chen actually care about something and find a better since of humor or will he stay on the computer all school year. Also he has a nice radio voice :)
Extra curriculars: Radio and Basketball (on the bench)
Clique: nerds
Fc: Ross butler
222 days 15 hours ago
Name: Beth Bice
Age (15-18): 16
Grade (9-12): 10
Gender: a Lady
Bio: Beth is the big girl on campus and she is ready to be Degrassi's new hot slut. Sick of being fat shamed at the bus stop Beth is ready to do anything to change her reputation at school. Boys AND girls need to watch out for this heart breaker.
Extra curricular: idk drama?
Clique: the Goths.
Fc: JeriBeth Bice
221 days 9 hours ago
Name: Suki Kim
Age (15-18): 17
Grade (9-12): 11
Gender: Female
Bio: An extreme workaholic, Suki Kim is in a committed relationship with music ever since she was born. Having grown up in Seoul, South Korea, Suki has always dreamed of becoming an internationally renowned popstar all around the world by watching her favorite K-pop idols. She moved to Toronto two years ago after her father got a very tempting job opportunity and started attending the Degrassi Community School. Up until then, she had befriended a couple of girls and actually started her own pop girl group nicknamed "Chasing Juliet"??? Name pending... BUT that all went down the drain after a year or so of failed performances and her bandmates slowly getting tired of how... overbearing of a boss she could be. Nevertheless, Suki is a one-woman front band now, cautiously writing songs in her notebook from time to time. Although she can be really pushy and domineering when she's in charge of something, Suki is generally a good-hearted person, being really cheerful and joyful to most people she encounters. She's also very school-oriented, which made her known as one of the smartest students in Degrassi. Constantly on the go, Suki's never really been in love, although she's starting to wonder if her commitment to overworking herself is getting in the way of her love and social life.
Extra curriculars: Music
Clique: Nerds
Fc: Doyeon
221 days 9 hours ago
Apps are open for another week!
220 days 11 hours ago
Name: Grayson Todd
Age (15-18): 17
Grade (9-12): 11
Gender: male
Bio: Grayson tends to spend most of his time keeping to himself. It's not that he doesn't enjoy being around other people, but he suffers from social anxiety and being a little awkward. His grandma encouraged him to join Theater to help him get out if his shell but honestly Gray would rather just spend his time reading or playing the piano, which makes him feel closer to his mother who passed.
Extra curriculars: Theater and Music (Not a band but he plays piano)
Clique: Loner
Fc:Brenton Thwaites
220 days 6 hours ago
Name: Zion Blake
Age (15-18): 16
Grade (9-12): 10
Gender: Male
Bio: Zion is the fraternal twin of Naomi Blake. While she is more of an athlete, he's more of a rebel. He likes to get into trouble with law enforcement and cause havoc around town and school. Zion is involved with a local gang, but that shouldn't be too surprising. The one thing in the future that he is hoping for is to get out of the gang and focus on becoming a rapper.
Extra curriculars: Music ( Rapper )
Clique: Rebel
Fc: Trevor Jackson
220 days ago
Name: Thomas "Tommy" Falasco
Age (15-18): 17
Grade (9-12): 11
Gender: Male
Bio: Thomas is a little bookworm with a golden heart, as most at Degrassi would describe him. He grew up in a nice, above-average household with his parents, his two sisters and brother, his grandma, and their three dogs. Thomas enjoys learning, doing his school work, helping around the school with student council, helping the theater department and eventually joining theater, plays a few instruments in band, and in the spring he plays soccer because his dad "said so". Although he is a nerd, he is surprisingly pretty good at soccer, however as expected he doesn't get as much recognition as others do. Other than that, Thomas enjoys his time at school and helping others.
Extra Curriculars: Theater, Student Council, Soccer, Music.
Clique: Nerds
Fc: Joe Keery
219 days 23 hours ago
Name: Diem Beckett
Age (15-18): 14, turning 15 in the season.
Grade (9-12): 9th Grade
Gender: Female
Bio: Diem is a very shy, meek girl. She's always been a smart girl, always gotten good grades and followed rules. She's never had a boyfriend & up until now, wasn't really concerned about it. Diem is nervous about going into her 1st year of high school, nervous about making friends & finding the right clique for her. She tends to be a bit blunt and has a dry sense of humor, but that's just her personality. She's quirky at times & a little bit awkward. She wants to be seen as a woman & not a girl and she will do anything need be to get that attention she's craving. Diem isn't a little girl anymore. Her family life at home is anything but stable, Diem has an older sister who got pregnant at 16 & is now living at a home for young mothers due to her parents kicking her out. Diem's mother is very overbearing & thinks Diem will become her sister & get knocked up as well. Diem wants to be an actor when she gets older.
Extra curriculars: Cheerleading, Theatre, Youth Group
Clique: Nerds... for now ;)
Fc: Zoey Deutch
219 days 13 hours ago
Name: Helena Cole
Age (15-18): 17
Grade (9-12): 11
Gender: Female
Bio: Helena is known as the school's gossiper. She knows the dirt on everyone. I'm the radio she has the gossip segment and she spills the tea. Helena is also very manipulative as she has a reputation for blackmail. Helena has the power to ruin you and help destroy you so be on your best behavior when near her. On the other hand, she is very funny and easy to get along with and she is a loyal friend to have.
Extra curriculars: Radio, Dance
Clique: Popular
Fc: Keke Palmer

(Hi I'm Chromatica)
219 days 10 hours ago
Name: Kameron Jones
Age (15-18): 17
Grade (9-12): 11
Gender: Non-binary
Bio: Kameron keeps themselves to themselves in terms of friendships, they're outgoing and individual something which others sometimes don't understand. They recently joined the track and field team to help the school win at the national championships, however they're very reserved and slowly are falling into despair about where this could lead them. Kameron does not care for friendship and is cool riding solo, having recently come out as non-binary the concept of high school is still a hard struggle.
Extracurricular: Radio, Theater, Track and Field
Clique: Loner
Fc: Adore Delano aka. Danny Noriega
219 days 6 hours ago
Name: Yvonne Davis
Age (15-18): 17
Grade (9-12): 11
Gender: Female
Bio: Sharp-witted and having an incredible talent for writing, the newspaper club seemed like a perfect fit for Yvonne Davis as a sophomore last year. Unfortunately she just ended up being a friendless loner who got stuck with all of the boring columns for the school newspaper. But now as a junior, everything's about to change for Yvonne! You see, she's still a loner who still gets stuck with the boring columns for the school newspaper BUT she ended up befriending Suki Kim over the summer, and was a member of the now defunct "Chasing Juliet", using her writing skills to help Suki write songs. Now that there's no girl group, Yvonne still hangs out with Suki, and you can often spot the two friendly bickering over meaningless stuff. As the school year progresses, Yvonne is still trying to find who she really is. But one thing's for sure, she isn't destined to be Michelle Williams to Suki's Beyoncé anymore.
Extra curriculars: Music, Newspaper
Clique: Loners
Fc: Diamond White
219 days 3 hours ago
Name: Xavier Ohira
Age (15-18): 16
Grade (9-12): 10
Gender: Male
Bio: Xavier is a polite and cheerful student, yet comes off as shy and lonely. He is dressed very preppy and dapper, so it looks like he may be a part of either the Populars or the Nerds....nope. He keeps to himself for some odd reasons that he himself cannot explain. He is very active in many activities, and has few friends due to that. Will Xavier finally come out of his shell and make friends, or will he always be stuck in the shadows?
Extra curriculars: Theater, Swimming and Dance Team
Clique: Loner
Fc: Darren Criss
216 days 16 hours ago
Name: Adrian Michaelson
Age (15-18): 16
Grade (9-12): 11
Gender: Male
Bio: Adrian is from a very Christian background, though his family delved from the traditional Christian norms it was still very Christian. Strict parents and rebellious teens. No one knew what it was like growing up like this besides his sister, at least that’s what he felt.... But sadly, at least for Adrian- they grew apart. Adrian remained rebellious to his parents however did good in school and had a very active social life. Where as his sister went down a path more full of danger where she rebelled against everything and everyone. Adrian hopes one day he and his sister can rekindle their relationship but he knows deep down that will take some time.
Extra curriculars: He does theatre  :)
Clique: Adrian doesn’t really fall into a clique, Hes not a typical rebel, or a loner so I’d say popular
Fc: Zachary Gordon

(If we can have a second app)

Name: Adriana Michaelson
Age (15-18): 16
Grade (9-12): 10
Gender: Female
Bio: Although her and her twin Adrian were alike when younger, they slowly grew apart due to Adriana seeing her brother as too much of a goody two shoes and someone who couldn’t be trusted with her troublesome life. Adriana got held back her sophomore year, last year so she’s still stuck there- and she’s not to phased by it. Adriana Can tell her brother wants a relationship again but Adriana still hasn’t got trust for him, especially not now since he’s gained popularity and there was a rumor going around that Adriana smokes weed in the bathroom and she had her locked searched and it was found to be true. She blames her brother for that due to him being the one who happened to catch her smoking at their own house. Adriana has no intentions on getting better and honestly doesn’t care about her brothers intentions any more.
Extra curriculars: She has a role in the newspaper where she mostly puts her poems and such, but it’s all anonymous so no one really knows it’s her, though they suspect it’s her anyways
Clique: Stoners and Rebels
Fc: Chloë Grace Moretz
216 days 14 hours ago
Name: luke handson
Age (15-18): 15
Grade (9-12): 10
Gender: male
Bio: luke lives with his two moms how happen to own two of the towns biggest stores he is one of the most populer kids in school his is a kind person but do not mistake his kindness for weakness he will not be walk over 
Extra curriculars: Theater,Cheerleading and Music
Clique: Populars
Fc:Billy Lewis Jr.

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