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Degrassi: New Start

Friendship, Relationships, Dances, and a whole lot of drama are what’s in store for the new students of Degrassi. Friendships will be tested, people will cry, and no matter what nobody is safe from being the center of attention.
Logo credit: Kaylee21

Jayden "Jay" Garcia (Demgirl6)
Craig Nivison (Coolbrandonman)
Saffie Oularé (Kinggeek)
Dane Moses (Cyrus)

Trenton Hatfield (Bigdizzleyomama)
Nova Scott (Symmetry888)
Jonathan Young (Camell22)
Ryan "Blaze" Aldrin (Spinfur)
Chase Spellman (Rain848)
Kassandra Cane (Maya10)
Jaline Taylor (Lizzydizzy)
Chen Li (Kgamer2218)
Suki Kim (Pennytrationstan)
Grayson Todd (Scarelet)
Thomas "Tommy" Falasco (Tizian)
Helena Cole (Chromatica)
Kameron Jones (Hazbez94)
Yvonne Davis (Turkeylover)
Adrian Michaelson (Coolkat)
Celica Doyle (Mitsuki)
Cameron Mason (Giraffez)

Layla Palmer (Bigdizzleyomama)
Ravit “Ravi” Bellow (Ajathekween)
Naomi Blake (Dvs194)
Kyle Myers (Txashaun)
Beth Bice (Highnoon)
Zion Blake (Bad18life)
Xavier Ohira (BarbraStreisand)
Luke Handson (Dylangover1)

Archer Burke (Bigdizzleyomama)
Tyler Revin (Sirniceguy)
Alexa Knight (Tommy123)
Diem Beckett (Kaylee21)
Jenifer “Jenny” Thompson (Zankie16)
Hopscotch Siddall (Ribbons)

Featured Players 30 playing

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Degrassi: New Start

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